How To Create a Full Width Page and Remove Sidebar on Blogger

Wanna learn how to create a full width page in blogger blog and remove its sidebar. Being a blogger user, sometimes you thought to create a full with page having no sidebar that looks more professional. If you are thinking in blogger platform you can neither hide a Sidebar nor can create a full width page? then the answer is : Blogger is not a flexible platform though, with the help of XML and CSS we can remove the sidebar and can even increase the width without facing difficulties whatsoever.

Create a Full Width Page and Remove Sidebar in Blogger Blog

 You will often have a contact us page or about me page even though some of have advertise us page on their blog/ websites then you may sense a massive difference between these and normal pages. The main intention behind increasing the width and hiding sidebar on certain pages is to transform your blog into a gorgeous looking website. If you are thinking to stretch the width of your site by removing sidebar, then you have landed on right destination because today we will be learn how to create full width page in blogger blog and remove its sidebar to make it more professional and attracts a lot of visitors.

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Where And Why We Should Use Full Width In Pages?

Before we could jump onto our tutorial, let us first quickly rap up, where we can utilize the full-width pages. Now you may have seen those WordPress websites which uses stretched in size, whenever they want to add an Infographics to their posts. In that same way, you can either use them in about us or advertise here pages, so that you can gain maximum attraction out of your every visitor. Lets start the tutorial.

How To Create a Full Width Page and Remove Sidebar On Blogger?

1. Go to >> Add NEW Page/Post

    2. Now select HTML TAB on Blogger Post Editor

      3. Paste the following CSS and XML Code:

      <style>#sidebar-wrapper, #midsidebar-wrapper, .gapad2, .blog-pager, .post-header-line-1, .post-footer { display:none !important;} #main-wrapper { width:98%!important;} .post { width:98%!important; }</style>

      4. Replace width:98% according to your needs, you can even uses pixels instead of percentage i.e. 960px.

      Additional Tips: If you want to exclude Titles from a certain page, then just paste the following code before </style> in above coding. Bots and crawlers will continue to fetch your Title, but human visitors will not view them because with the help of CSS we have concealed them.

      .post-title, .post-labels, post-icons, post-author {display:none!important;}

      5. Now Publish it and then visit your site to witness a perfect full width page without sidebar.

      If you have noticed, we have also customized our 404 Page to Full-width and soon will be revealing its secret. Our developers are busy to create some marvelous widgets for blogger that will be released once the work got finalized.


      So above guide is about How To Create a Full Width Page and Remove Sidebar in Blogger? If have any difficulties during this tutorial then don’t hesitate to drop your comments. share this post with your friends and write your feedback about this post in the comment box. Till then peace blessings and happy stretching.

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