Custom Robots Header Tags Settings for Blogger

Wondering, why we should add or Setup Custom Robots Header Tags Setting for Blogger?

I think you knew it already because you are here for learning How To Setup Custom Robots Header Tags Setting in Blogger.

Some of the new Bloggers who does not know the importance of custom robots header tags in blogger, so let me explain the importance of custom robots header tags for Blogger.

Custom Robots Header Tags Settings in Blogger

Best Custom Robots Header Tags Settings for Blogger

Custom header tags are all about crawling and indexing your Blogger blogs so a single mistake in your custom header tags section can remove your entire traffic from the search engines.

That is why I have decided to write a post with optimized settings in custom robots header tags to increase the search traffic for your blog.

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What are Custom Robots Header Tags?

Inside Blogger settings under custom robots header tags, you will have the following options that I will describe here.

  1. All: If you have selected this option for a page into your Blogger, it means there are no restrictions to robots for crawling and indexing to that page. It is also a default value for all pages and posts inside your Blogger if you don’t have enabled this option.
  2. Noindex: This is what we want to use custom header tags, but a mistake to choose this option can vanish your blog from the search engines. If you select “noindex” option for any page in your Blogger, then the robots can not crawl and index that page. It means you would not see this page into search engines.
  3. Nofollow: Let you have a post that contains internal and external links. By default, Google crawler will follow each link inside your posts and consider for rankings. If you don’t wish to follow your link to a particular page or post, only add nofollow robot meta tag on that page or choose this option in your Blogger.
  4. None: It means you are selecting both “noindex” and “nofollow”.noarchive: Choosing this option will remove “cached” link from the search.
  5. nosnippet: It will eliminate the snippet (meta description) from the search result pages.
  6. noodp: Selecting this option will remove the metadata (title or snippet) from open directory projects like DMOZ.
  7. notranslate: It will tell to spiders not to offer translate into search engines pages.
  8. noimageindex: If this option selected, your post will remain in the search results, but the images on that page will not show up.
  9. unavailable_after: You also have the choice to noindex a page after a particular time.

How to Setup Custom Robots Header Tags Setting for Blogger?

Just follow the simple steps to make your custom robots header tags completely SEO friendly.

  • Login to your Blogger Account >> Select your blog.
  • Settings >> Search preferences  >> Edit (under custom robots header tags) >> Now, click “yes” to enable this option.
  • Now, select the options as per the screenshot into your header tags, and finally, click on “Save changes.”
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  • You have done.

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In Conclusion of Best Custom Robots Header Tags Setting for Blogger

So above I’ve shared Best Custom Robots Header Tags Settings for Blogger.

Hope you will like this article. Blogger team is continuously working hard to make Blogger SEO friendly.

We should use custom robots header tags to handle the crawling and indexing for the different section of Blogger.

You may tell us about this feature via comment. Do share.

Thank You!

Stay Blessed & Stay Happy!


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