Why Google Indexing Next/Prev in Post Titles of Blogger

If google is indexing Next & Previous with Your Blogger Post Article then today we are going to share a big solution with all of you. By using below technique we can say google to not index Next-Prev in Article Title. So before applying condition to blogger site we should understand something about it. We must have to understand why google is indexing it and what should we do next for not face this problem again. “We can also say it Google is Rewriting our articles in search result.”

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Today’s tutorial will thus amend one such SEO mistakes made by developers of Blogger widgets and plugins. These errors could also be found in some WordPress plugins and therefore the solution below can be applied across all CMS platforms.

Why We Face This Problem?

If Google is rewriting your titles in search results by adding “Next” , “Prev” or “Previous” text before your webpage titles then know that you have mistakenly added rel=”Next” , rel=”Prev” or rel=”Previous” attributes to links in an un-paginated page on your blog or website. That’s why google is showing Next and Previous just before of your article title in search results.

Can We add Next/Prev Link Elements in Blogger?

Yes, we can add next/prev link elements in blogger blog. rel=”next” and rel=”prev” are called HTML links elements that acts as a string hint for duplicate contents just like rel=”canonical”. They indicate the relationship between component URLS in a paginated series. To divide a large articles into small component pages, many CMS systems makes use of paginated content.
Paginated Content, Next Previous System

If you want more detail on paginated content then read this Google’s official Post.

Since there is currently no support to create paginated pages within a post in blogger blogs so it really makes no sense to add these link elements in widgets such as to display Next and Previous topics or Numbered page navigation.

Why Google Indexed New Keywords in Post Title?

Google Indexing Errors, SEO Error

Since each paginated content is interlinked and each page tells to search robots which is the actual first page, Google is able to pickup the correct title of the first post and display it in their search results. But when you add Next/Prev link elements inside a blog post or webpage which has no component pages at all, then you are confusing the search robot as a result of which you see your page titles rewritten in SERPs as shown below:

Checking Your Blog Titles are Rewritten or Not?

To check if your blog titles are rewritten in Google search results, apply this simple query in Google search box.

Rewritten Articles, Google Search Result


or for custom domains do this

site: www.yourblog.com

Removing HTML Link Elements From Your Blogger Template

If your blog titles are actually rewritten, then follow these steps to fix your blog’s SEO

1. Go to Blogger > Template > Backup your template

2. Click “Edit HTML”

3. Search for this code and delete them where ever you find them


Note that the above link elements could be located using single quotes or double quotes depending on your template’s code. They could even be written in escaped characters as shown below:


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So just find any code that resembles the ones We shared above. Once done resubmit your sitemaps to Google and wait when google refresh its cache and display the neat and clean page titles for you. Do let me know if you needed any help and further clarification. You can also give your suggestion us on our tutorials and what we should do next in blogging. Now share it on Blogging communities. Thank you Buddies!

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