How To Add AdSense Page-level Ads in Blogger for Mobile

AdSense Page-Level Ads for Blogger Blog Mobile View

Google AdSense, The Worlds best ad network for monetizing Blogs and Websites. Few days ago Google AdSense announced Page Level ads and almost every publisher got this feature in his/her AdSense account means you can enable this feature for your own blog. It helps you monetize your mobile templates just like you monetize mobile apps with Gooogle Admob ads. Currently AdSense offers two types of Page-Level Ads.

  1. Anchor/Overlay Ads
  2. Vignette Ads

How To Add AdSense Page-level Ads in Blogger Template for Mobile View

    1] Anchor/Overlay Ads

     Anchor/Overlay ads are mobile ads that stick to the edge of the user’s screen and are easily dismissible.

    2] Vignette Ads

    Vignette ads are mobile full-screen ads that appear between page loads on your site and can be skipped by users at any time.

    Why to Choose AdSense Page-Level Ads?

    There are many reasons to activate AdSense Page-level ads for your Blog’s mobile templates. All the reasons are given below.

    1. Increase Revenues
    2. Better User Experience
    3. Two New Formats
    4. Does not count against 3 ad limit
    5. Optimized and Responsive to mobile needs.
    6. Ads only shows on mobile-optimized sites.
    7. These Ads will not decrease the page load speed.

    How To Setup Page-Level Ads in Blogger?

    • Login to your AdSense Account.
    • Click on this link.
    • Click the two toggle buttons to switch on “Anchor/Overlays Ads” and “Vignette Ads” like below screenshot.

    Switch on Page-level Ads for Blogger

    • After that Scroll down and Click on the button which says “Get Code”.

    adsense page-level ads get code

    • Now, Copy the code.

    copy and paste page-level ad code inside blogger template
    • Now, Go To Blogger >> Template >> Edit HTML.
    • Search for </head> tag inside template code and paste below code just above of </head> tag.

    Note: In your Page-level code, make one modification. Replace the attribute async with async=”
    If you don’t make this change then blogger will give you an error message.

    • Once you have completed the process, then simply save your template.

    Test Page-Level Ads in Your Blogger Template

    1. After adding it, visit your blog to test Page-level ads on your favorite mobile device.
    2. In the address bar of your mobile browser add #googleads at the end of the URL so you can start to access them. For example in our case =
    3. Select the ad format from tabbed box that will appear above the body of the blog.
    4. Check out the ads. 🙂
    5. Ads looks like below screenshot.

    Actual look of AdSense Page-level ads on Mobile

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      So above guide is about How To Add AdSense Page-Level Ads in Blogger for Mobile? AdSense Page-Level ads are remarkably effective for mobile use and will help you build a stronger income base for your blog. We hope you like this article and have successfully install this feature on your blogger blog. If anyhow problem persist after following all above steps then ask us by dropping a comment here on this post via using comment box. Do Share.
      Thank You! Stay Blessed!

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