How To Build High Quality Backlinks For Your Blog

Wanna build high quality backlinks for your blog? Don’t worry guys today we are here to share some techniques which we have used in past for our blog and get good result. We always do practical first on our self before sharing with all of you. Today this post is also after 2 months of research and guys in previous 2 months we have increase our backlinks 107 to 1300+. This is the introduction of this article only. 🙂 Lets start understanding what are backlinks, what are benefits of HQ backlinks and how you can build? 🙂

Build Backlinks, Get Backlinks, How To Build

Actually backlinks are backbone of a blog not only for blog it is also backbone for your blog’s SEO. Whenever we research about SEO then backlinking is the most used formula to optimize SE for your blog. Some of newbies does not know what are backlinks and how they can get it from high profile domains? So for those newbies we are here to share our techniques.

Believe me guys, Backlinks are the basis of SEO but not only backlinks you have to get high quality backlinks. 🙂 In technical words “A backlink is a hyperlink from an external domain that comes to any page of your blog.” I thinks this one line is enough to understand what are backlinks and how they can increase traffic to your blog. Okay now read beneficial of HQ backlinks.

Beneficial of HQ Backlinks

There are many advantages of backlinks for your blog. Some of them are given below to understand how backlinks are important for your blog.

  1. As we have mentioned above backlinks are backbone of blogs because it is very helpful to get good rank score.
  2. Backlinks driven more traffic to your blog means without any search engine you can also get huge traffic to your blog.
  3. You will always rank higher on search engines (SERPs) if you have quality backlinks.
  4. Backlinks are also a great factor to know reputation of any blog.
  5. HQ backlinks also increase trust about your site to google.
  6. If someone read an article and find a link which is redirected to your blog then there are many chances to get new readers and create new relationships.
  7. When someone read content online then they can find the visible links within the content very quickly and do you know when someone see your blog link on reputation sites then they impressed and started to read regularly your blog content too.

So these are the benefits of Backlinks and now we are going to discuss about what you should avoide before start link building strategies.

Things To Avoiding Before Building Quality Backlinks

  1. Always avoid BlogRoll links.
  2. Do you know article directory link building strategy also not working anymore so ignore it now.
  3. You should avoid buying bulk links ( selling links too ) from sites like Fiverr. (This is personal suggestion because according to us this strategy is harmful for SEO)
  4. Always avoid linking to those sites who had bad reputation. i.e. spam sites, duplicate content sites, porn sites, illegal sites etc.
  5.  You should avoid dropping a link on sites who are serving nofollow links.
  6. Always avoid dropping a link on low PR sites.
  7. You should avoid getting backlinks from irrelevant niche sites.

So these are the things which you should avoid. Now we are going to share main topic of this article how you can build HQ backlinks for your blog.

How To Build High Quality Backlinks For Your New Blog?

There are infinite ways to build quality backlinks for a blog but we are going to share here only some solid ways ( Which we have used in past on My Blogger Guides. ) from those infinite because following all link building strategies are not worthy. So here is listed our some solid ways to get high quality backlinks.

Submit Posts To Blogging Communities

Communities, Build Backlinks

Blogging communities are excellent way to get high quality backlinks for a blog and get good traffic from them. Sites like Inbound, GrowthHackers, Bizsugar and Blog Engage offer access to a wider and can help you get high quality backlinks in a great amount.

As we have mentioned above you should always avoid to dropping link on spam sites and on those blogging communities which have not good reputation on google.

Now a days is the first choice of everyone (Newbie to Professionals). So we will recommend you inbound because it is one of the best community who also has a good reputation.

Do Guest Posting

High Quality Backlinks, Guestpost BacklinksGuest posting is also one of the best way to get link back for your blog and now a days this technique guest post is more powerful than others if you are doing guest posts on that sites whose niche is relevant to your niche.
is going viral. The backlinks which is generated through

So first you have to search for blogs which are relevant with your niche with having good domain authority, A higher alexa rank than your blog and always select those sites who are serving dofollow links with having a author profile which shows your profile after publishing your blog post on that sites. 🙂 Also you have to understand about dofollow and nofollow links.

Use Of Social Bookmarking Sites

Build HQ Backlinks, Backlinks through social bookmarkingDo you know you can also get high quality backlinks from bookmarking sites like Stumbleupon. Many of us think this trick is not working but you ever think why google crawls and index submissions to digg very fast. According to us this is one of the best working trick.

So if you want to get index your new blog post in few hours then we recommend you to always submit your blog post on social bookmarking sites which has also good reputation on google. So to generate high quality backlinks you have to submit your blog posts to these bookmarking sites –

  1. Digg,
  2. StumbleUpon,
  3. Reddit, and
  4. Delicious.

Blog Commenting

Build Backlinks, Do Comments on BlogsYes, Blog commenting is also best technique to get link back but you have to understand which blogs enabled dofollow links. So we recommend you to search commentluv enabled blogs because they are giving you backlink with showing your recent posts and yes links are also dofollow. 🙂

Always keep in mind not comment for only back link because it can be very dangerous. Believe blog author to you are doing comment not for backlink purpose and you only want to ask him/her question and want to make relationship online. 🙂

Writing Quality Content

Build High Quality Backlinks, Write Quality Content, Quality Backlinks

Do you know writing quality content is also can give you some back links to your blog posts? Don’t
know, how? Okay we will tell you. Actually when a blogger start writing article for their blog then he/she always research for it on google and if they find you on google with good explained article then there are many chances to linking your article on their next blog posts for giving an example to their readers. 🙂 So always try your best to write easy to understandable high quality content for your blog readers and for search engines.

Participating On Forums

Building Backlinks, Forums Backlinking

Participating on forums is also a solid way to get backlinks but not only backlinks you can also increasing reputation of your blog and increase organic traffic. Are you thinking how it is possible? Actually we are saying you have to do participate on question and answer based forums like Below we are going to explain how to do participate.

– First go to or any other forum which have a lot of active users.

– Find some topics which is relevant with your blog niche.

– Start participate with giving solutions to users with attaching a link for example of your blog.

Easy, Right?

Broken Link Building Strategy

Backlinks Building, Broken Links

Yes guys broken link building strategy is also one of the best way to get high quality backlinks from high quality pages. To follow broken link building strategy you have to search for broken links blogs which are relevant with your niche and email the content owner to notify them about broken link and also offer them a similar link from your website and ask them to update their post.


So above are the “best techniques to build high quality backlinks” along with what you should avoid before building high quality backlinks and beneficial of high quality backlinks. We tried our best to make this article understandable to all newbies. According to us these are best techniques to build high quality backlinks.

Do you know any other trick? Are you using any other method? We love to hear from you if you know any other working trick for building high quality backlinks for your blog.

Now its your turn to give your valuable feedback and suggestion. Have you any query related to this topic. Don’t feel shy guys. Ask us via using comment box. We will help you out of sure.

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Thank You! Stay Blessed! 🙂


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