Proven Ways to Index New Blog Post Super Fast (Quickly) in Google

Proven Ways to Index New Blog Post Super Fast (Quickly) in Google Search – Is your new blog post not indexed by Google? Don’t worry guys today we are going to share some great tips and tricks by using which your blog post automatically indexed on Google and showing on search results. Every blog owner wants more organic traffic to their blog (Including Us). 🙂 But what are the techniques they follow? Scroll down to understand. 😉

Sometimes our blog post takes too much time to index on google search result. This is the biggest serious problem of every blogger because if our new blog posts, not index, then we are wasting our time to writing content.

Actually, We are facing these problems when we are not doing right regarding SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Below we are going to share some techniques which we are using on our blog, and seriously we get a good result. Let’s start with the main reason of why new blog posts not indexed quickly on Google search results and how to get google to index it in the super fast way.

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The Main Reasons of Why Google Not Indexing New Blog Posts & How To Fix them?

Reason 1] When we are not writing attractive & meaning fewer titles for our blog posts than our new blog posts not indexed on Google or indexed but very late.

Fix 1] We have to write some attractive and compelling titles for our new blog posts using some SE Optimized keywords. You can see the title of this blog post. “How To Get Google to Index Your New Blog Post Super Fast?”

Reason 2] The second biggest reason of this problem is permalinks. When we are not using custom permalinks for each new blog post, then we are facing Google index problem.

Fix 2] We have to use custom permalink before publishing every new blog post. For example, you can see the link to this article. We have created a link to this blog post using custom permalink. “get-index-new-blog-post-by-google-super-fast”.

Reason 3] The third biggest reason is not passing the goal of quality content. You know Google is too intelligent. Google calls some of us it is God. So how you think that Google index your new blog post until you write a quality content.

Fix 3] Google is God, Right? According to us, This is true. 🙂 So we have to do hard work for impressing the God and attract them to you. You have to write some meaning full content using some magnetic and powerful keywords. For example “This post is too meaningful for our readers.” 🙂

Reason 4] Are you categorizing your post by using Labels in Blogger and Categories in WordPress? Do you know if you are not categorizing your blog posts in a proper way then Google can’t understand what about your post is?

Fix 4] Some of the professional blogger says there is not any effect of categorizing a post in blogger platform. But, According to us categorizing a post in a proper way is a good way to introduce Google to what about your post is. For example, you can see we have categorized this post by “SEO Tricks” label.

Reason 5] Are you using visual content in your blog posts or not? Do you know visual content is very helpful for SEO? We recommend everyone to use visual content on each blog post. In case you are using visual content but then again Google not indexing your new blog post then there is a reason behind this.

Fix 5] You are using visual content on your each blog post, but Google is not indexing your blog post because guys you are not using alt tags and title for your visual content in a proper way. So, edit each blog post and write alt tags and a title for your visual content (Pictures) related to the post content.

Reason 6] Are you using search description for your blog posts? Yes, this is the biggest problem for this reason because a newbie does not know the meaning of it. Google did not index our blog posts when we are not writing a search description for each post.

Fix 6] Go and edit your each blog post and write a search report for your each blog post of maximum 160 words. You have to write the description using some exact keywords related to the blog post.

Okay, these are the biggest reasons according to us. Now we are going to share some technique which we are using on our blog.

Techniques For Indexing New Blog Posts Super Fast (Quickly) in Google Search Result

We have described some reasons and how to fix them above in this article. Now we are going to share our own techniques which we are using on this blog, and seriously we have increased the search traffic for our blog, and after applying these tricks, we find Google to index our blog post in just a few minutes after publishing. Below we are going to attach a screenshot to prove it.

index new blog post super fast index, index new blog post quickly

Don’t agree with these screenshots? Okay, we will attach a screenshot of this post. After the hit on publishing, we check using “get index new blog post super fast” keywords on Google and find a great result. Do you know what? This article Google indexed in just 1 minute after of publishing on page number 1 with #3 rank. Look below screenshot.

index new blog post quickly in google, index new blog post super fast

Do you want to learn these techniques? Okay, let’s start.

Best Tips to Index New Blog Post Quickly in Google Search Result

Here are the best tips that can help you to index new blog post quickly and fast in Google search result. Let’s read and implement these tricks and don’t forget to tell us the result using below comment section.

1. Write Quality Content

We think there is no need to explain about it because heading says everything itself, but for your ease, we will describe it for sure. Do you listen “Content Is King” word? We hope you have heard it many times. Yes, content is king. You have to write quality content in each blog post. If you are writing minimal quality content then will not index it because they hate the content which is meaningless for their users. So always write a meaningful and quality content for your blog with a minimum of 7-800 words.

You have to do research related to the content which you are going to share on your blog. You have to write daily for your blog using some good SE optimized keywords.

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2. Be Original Don’t Fake

Many newbies start their blogging and share posts by copying the content from other blogs. Do you know it is harmful to both of you (Who is Copying & Original Too)? Google is too smart in this era. If they found any copied content on your blog, then they can block your website and stop showing your blog articles on their search results. Sometimes you get rank high on Google of your copying content, but it works not all the time and grows down the reputation of your blog.

So be honest and always write your copyrights content. If Google finds you are writing your copyrights on your blog regularly with meaningful content, then they will start showing your posts very fast after publishing.

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3. Build Quality Backlinks

Getting the high-quality backlinks for your blog posts is a more potent strategy to show your posts on Google search result with high PR. So always try to make backlinks for each of your blog posts after publishing. There are many ways which we are using to get backlinks for our blog posts.

  1. Do Participate On Forums.
  2. Guest Posting is also one of the best ways to find backlinks. (To be honest, we have not do any guest post till now.)
  3. Make comments on blogs who has high PR.
  4. Submitting the RSS feed to RSS directories is also a good technique.
  5. Do Interlinking.
  6. Write quality content which others love to backlink.

4. Use Social Networking Sites

You must have to use some popular social networking site like Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Linkedin and Google Plus. Google always consider how much times your blog post shared on social networking sites. So when you publish your next blog post then share it on social sites and ask your friends and readers to share your article.

Don’t be selfish. Your blogger friends must share your blog article if you give him back. So always share blog articles of your blogger friends if the article is meaningful for your followers. Do you know if you have real +1s of Google, Tweets of Twitter and Facebook shares for your blog post then Google can’t ignore your blog posts and index them very quickly?

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5. Make Comments on Other Blogs

This technique is very useful and very easy for everyone. You have to make comments which meant to blog owner on other blogs with attaching a back link to your new blog post. Comment on that blogs which are using comment Luv commenting system because comment Luv gives do-follow backlinks.

As we have told to make comments which meant to the blog owner. Don’t comment like as; nice post, nice article and thanks for sharing. You have to write few words which owner can’t ignore to publish. Do you know this technique does not only help you in giving backlinks as well as get high page rank too?

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6. Use Ping Tools

Last but not the least. You have to use ping tools which will tell Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines that you have published a new blog post and tell him to index it. So whenever you publish a new blog post then must use ping tools.

We are using Ping-O-Matic, and if you also want to use it then, we will guide you.

Go To Ping-O-Matic >> Enter your blog name, URL and feed URL.

Select all the services and click on SEND PING button.

Too easy, Right?

Update: Sumit brother, the owner of blog ( A Pro Blogger ), remind us about fetch as google option which I forgot to add and but now I’m going to add? Thank You, Sumit brother for reminding us by leaving a comment on this post. 🙂

7. Fetch As Google Tool

Fetch As Google is a feature which is available on Google for webmasters which allow us to input an URL, evaluate it and submit to Google index for a new crawl. There are two options available on Fetch As Google option first is “Fetch” and the second one is “Fetch & Render.” Okay, let us explain how to use Fetch as Google option.

You have to follow below basic steps to get index your new post –

  1. Go to webmaster tool >> Select your site.
  2. Look at let side bar and click on Crawl option and after that select Fetch As Google option.
  3. In the URL enter the link to your post which you want to get index by google.
  4. Click on Fetch or Fetch as render >> Select Crawl this URL and its redirect link option. (It is helpful than another choice).
  5. In the last click on submit to index button. That’s it.

In Conclusion of Index New Blog Post Quickly

So these are the techniques which we are using nowadays on our blog, and we got an excellent result. So we think why we are not sharing these techniques with our readers. Always follow these all above steps whenever you publish a new blog post. We hope you enjoyed this article and best wishes for your blog to get rank higher on search results very fast after publishing.

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Is there any other technique that you are using on your blog which is also giving you an excellent result? If yes, then also share that one with our readers and with us by using the comment box.

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Sumit - September 6, 2016

Hi Pramjot really nice article. It's definitely helps user to index their website faster. And as you say Quality content and High Authority backlinks are the most important key to index and rank your post. I'm personally using Directory/blog Submission, Social Bookmarking, and website pinging. For faster indexing I'm using Fetch as Google option.

    mbg - September 6, 2016

    Hi Sumit Bro.
    Thanks for your awesome feedback about this post.
    I know you are too busy on your site who has approx 35000 alexa rank. Right?

    Every newbie face this problem. Me too, when I start my blogging carrier.

    After applying these techniques on my blog and seeing a good result I thought why I'm not sharing with my blog readers. So write a article using 6 hours and publish.

    Google fetching is also one of the best and one of my favourite google tool. I've not added it on my this post because I've forget it. Don't know how it is possible.

    Thanks for reminding. I'll add it surely.

    Thank you so much for coming and share your knowledge with my blog readers.

    Keep coming and give me your suggestions. 🙂 Thanks buddy.

Pawan Phayel - June 5, 2017

Thanks for your suggestions… From your suggestions my website is growing. Thanks a lot.


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