21 Free Blogger Templates to Start a Professional Blog (2021)

Hey, Looking for the best free blogger templates for your Blogspot blog?

Nowadays, blogging became viral day after day.

To start a blogging career, the best and free platform is Blogger, which is the property of Google Inc.

Blogger is one of the oldest and most useful platforms to start a beautiful blog, but the problem is the shortage of the best premium looking free Blogger templates.


Many web developers are helping us, like Mohammad Mustafa from MBT and Syed Faizan from MBL.

Now, finding responsive free blogger templates is not so tough.

Because you can get a lot of similar articles on this topic.

But the case is which are best and SEO Optimized blogger templates. Right?

A few days ago, Blogger added some new blogger themes which are free to use but not looking professional.

A blogger always wants professional blogger templates that can decorate his/her BlogSpot blog.

Not only professional looking but also many other things which we should check before using a Blogger template on our money-making blog.

Those things are given below;

  1. The template should be100% Responsive,
  2. A fast-loading web page is a key to rank any keyword. So, the blogger template should be fast enough,
  3. Blogger template should be fully SEO Optimized,
  4. AdSense Friendly blogger templates always help bloggers to make more money,
  5. The template should be free to use (If a blogger is a newbie.)
  6. Easy navigation system templates are beneficial to navigate to any web page of the blog,
  7. Overall, the template should be user-friendly.

So, these are the features that we should check before using any blogger template.

If the template has all the above features, it will help rank our blog on Google-like search engines.

Here is the list of best responsive free blogger templates of 2021:

Today, I came up with the 21 best free blogger templates selected from several internet sites.

I’m not claiming that these templates are designed by me or by any team member of MBG.

I collected this collection of free blogger templates from other sites to provide the best list at one point.

I hope you guys will like this collection of best Blogger templates, which is given below. 🙂

1. Elice Blogger Template

Elice Free Blogger Template

Elice is one of the oldest and most recommended blogger templates.

It is featured on leading sites like ShoutMeLoud, and on many others too.

Chandeep, who is the owner of BlogTipsNTricks, developed this template.

Not only Elice, but Chandeep has also coded much other SEO optimized and AdSense friendly blogger templates, which are listed in this list of best free blogger templates.

Here are the features that the developer integrated into this Blogspot template;

  1. SEO Optimized Blogger Template.
  2. AdSense Friendly Look.
  3. 2 Column Layout.
  4. An Opt-in custom form on the home page.
  5. Mobile Responsive Design.
  6. 4 Column footer column & Very Fast loading.
  7. Elegant Look & Replated Posts Widget in Post Pages.
  8. Custom 404 Error Page,
  9. Highly User-Friendly & much more.

Overall, it is the best & free template for Blogger users.

Demo | Download

2. Awesome Mag Blogger Template

Awesome Mag Free Blogger Template

The most prominent and famous web developer, Syed Faizan Ali, Who is running several sites for the BlogSpot platform, coded this template.

Syed Faizan Ali is the owner of MBL & templateism.com. There, you can find a lot of blogger themes, and I also have listed a few best ones on this list.

You can find many blogger themes, and I also have listed a few best ones on this list.

The official site claims that Awesome Mag is one of the best SEO optimized and fast loading template for blogger.

It is available in two plans; one as free, and another plan is US$30.

In the free version, the user is not authorized to remove blogger templated credit links, but another side, if you have purchased its premium version, then you can remove it without any issue.

Features of Awesome MAG Blogger template are given below;

  1. Very fast to load,
  2. Responsive look,
  3. Beautiful mega menu bar with featured images,
  4. Neat & clean design,
  5. Eye-Pleasant colors,
  6. Integration of Social share bars at the footer of each post,
  7. Random Posts button,
  8. 4-column footer area,
  9. Ads-Ready,
  10. Tabbed sidebar widget, and much more.

Overall, it is one of the professional blogger templates.

Demo | Download

3. BTNT Theme – A Responsive Blogger Template

BTNT Free Blogger Template

A well-known coder and blogger, Chandeep, made this cool design.

He was using it on his own blog, but he shared it publicly after many requests from visitors.

BTNT is one of the best SEO optimized, AdSense friendly, and free blogger templates.

I saw this free Blogger theme on many professional blogger blogs, and they’re getting thousands of daily visits on their blogs.

It will help you to rank your blog posts due to its SEO friendly design.

If you want to know the features of the BTNT theme, then read below;

  1. SEO Friendly and AdSense Optimized,
  2. Subscribe in the sidebar with social media icons,
  3. Beautiful, popular post design,
  4. Simple Footer Bar to add Page links and other widgets,
  5. Subscription Box below of each post,
  6. Integration of related post widget below of each post,
  7. Eye-pleasant colors,
  8. Cool read more button, and much more user-friendly features.

I think these are the features that a user wants in the Blogger template.

Demo | Download

4. BrandX Blogger Template

BrandX Free Blogger Template

BrandX Responsive Blogger Template is a fully responsive blogger template that comes with a modern portfolio layout interface.

It is another best in this list of free blogger templates, which is designed by Templatezy.

Its modern and crazy design makes it stand out from all the above blogger templates.

If your blog is about business, photography, or a personal portfolio, then it is best for you.

BrandX blogger template can make your blog more beautiful and attractive. So, if you want to attract your visitors, then you should try it once.

Features of the BrandX blogger template are given below;

  1. 100% Mobile Responsive Layout,
  2. Mega Menu & Drop Down Menu,
  3. SEO Friendly Design,
  4. Ads Ready Design,
  5. Related Posts With Thumbnails Below Each Post,
  6. Social Bookmarking Icons,
  7. Well-Designed Threaded Comments,
  8. 3D Effect on Few Elements.

Overall, It is one of the best on this list.

Demo | Download

5. Neue Template for Blogger

NEUE Free Blogger Template

For people who are looking for a unique and new design, then here it is.

Neue template is the MasTemplate.com team, and it is developed by using google’s newly launched material design concept.

It will look unique and can attract visitors to revisit your blog.

If you want a user-friendly design, then it is one of the best choices.

If you have little knowledge about coding and customize it as per your needs, you can customize it easily because of its neat & clean coding.

Do you want to know its features?

Okay, let me tell you its features;

  1. Material Design,
  2. Neat & Cleanly Coded,
  3. Elegant look,
  4. Integration of Eye-Pleasant Colors,
  5. 100% Responsivity,
  6. Ripple Effect (Material Design Effect),
  7. Cool Comment Section,
  8. Social Share Bars on Each Post and much more.

If you want to check its demo or want to download it, then use the links below.

Demo | Download

6. Android Mag Template for Blogger

AndroidMag Free Blogger Template

Android Mag is a multipurpose Blogger template specially designed for smartphone lover bloggers.

If you owned an Android niche blogger blog, then it is the best choice for you.

It has a lot of unique gadgets in the sidebar and a ready-to-use color scheme.

You can also customize it to make it look according to your needs.

This blogger template’s green color makes it related to the Android OS, and that’s why its name is Android Mag blogger template.

Mainly, this theme is for Android lovers.

If you want to know its features, then read below;

  1. Specially dedicated to Android smartphones lovers,
  2. Multi-drop down Menu bar,
  3. SEO-Friendly design,
  4. Author box below of each post,
  5. Magazine style,
  6. Threaded commenting system,
  7. Three columns footer bar,
  8. Custom Label Design, and much more.

Overall, It’s the best one for you if you want to start an Android-based blog.

You can see a live demo using the link below and do the same to download this template.

Demo | Download

7. RealMag Blogger Template

Real Mag Free Blogger Template

If you want a professional, modern, and free blogger template, then here it is.

RealMag is another best one in this list of free blogger templates with having some excellent features.

It is a cute and modern design for Blogger users, and it can attract your visitors for sure.

RealMag is developed by a well-known blogger and web developer whose name is Syed Faizan Ali, who is running several sites like MyBloggerLab and Templateism.

He is very expert in the Blogger platform and helping many newbies to start blogging on the blogger platform without spending a single coin.

Just like Awesome Mag, RealMag is another beautiful free blogger template.

In this template, You can find these features;

  1. 100% Responsive,
  2. SEO Optimized Blogger Template,
  3. Adsense Friendly Design,
  4. Static Homepage,
  5. Dynamic Fluid Layout,
  6. 4 Column Footer Bar,
  7. Multi-Drop Down Menu Bar,
  8. Custom Email Subscription Widget,
  9. Beautiful color scheme, and much more.

Overall, It is one of the best free blogger templates.

You can see a live demo of this template using the link below, and if you want to download it, then click on the download link.

Demo | Download

8. Vestro – Free Responsive Blogger Template

Vestro Free Blogger Template

The well-known blogger template designer, Chandeep, who is the admin of BlogTipsNTricks, made this template.

He already gifted many professional-looking free blogger templates to newbies, and still, he is doing his best to help youngsters.

Vestro is a simple but modern style blogger template having a 3 column gallery.

It also has a custom featured post widget on the Homepage, which is well-coded and helps you increase page views and reduce your blog’s bounce rate.

If you have or want to start a blog with photography, cooking, or any other niche, then it is the perfect solution for you.

Here are the main features that this blogger template have;

  1. Clean design,
  2. 3 Column gallery style look,
  3. Responsive design,
  4. 100% SEO Optimized,
  5. Ads Ready,
  6. Custom About Me Widget,
  7. Custom Popular Posts, and Featured Post Widget,
  8. Beautiful Threaded Comment Section,
  9. Custom Buttons,
  10. Custom Contact Form Widget, and much more.

You can see a live demo of this blogger template using the link below.

And If you want to use it, then click on the download link to download a copy.

Demo | Download

9. Activo – Best Free Blogger Template

Activo Free Blogger Template

Activo is another template for the blogger platform, which is designed by Chandeep.

He developed this Blogger theme after the request from one of his visitors.

He requests him to design a template like a Focus blog theme or like Backlinko.

So, he came with this template, which looks similar to Backlinko and Focus.

A web developer can not copy any theme because of the copyright issue, so he just made this template seem that WordPress themes.

So, no one can claim any Copyright.

It is primarily inspired by Focus, a genesis child theme.

It has all those features which a user wants, and it is neat and clean too.

If you want to know its features, then just scroll down and read below;

  1. Beautiful and clean design,
  2. 2 column Clean Layout,
  3. 100% Responsive Design,
  4. Fully SEO Optimized,
  5. Very Fast Loading Theme,
  6. Responsive Navigation Menu Bar on the header top and right,
  7. Custom About me widget,
  8. Opt-in subscribe forms in the sidebar,
  9. Custom Popular Post Widget,
  10. Beautiful Threaded Comments Section, and much more.

If you want to see its live demo or wish to download it, then use the links below.

Demo | Download

10. Viral Mag Blogger Template

Viral Mag Responsive Free Blogger Template

If you’re not a blogger expert and want a beautiful and easy to customizable theme, then go with the Viral Mag blogger template, which is designed by Syed Faizan Ali.

It is a multipurpose magazine theme for blogger users with having a beautiful and elegant look.

It is the best template for blogger blogs that are running as news, viral, magazine, and list websites, and it allows you to create a fully functional viral site in a few simple steps.

This Blogger template has all the features that a user wants in the theme.

If you don’t have money in your pocket, but you want an SEO friendly and professional looking blogger template, then this one is perfect for you.

Features of this free blogger template are given below;

  1. 100% Fully Responsive Design,
  2. Jumbo Share Counter Plugin,
  3. Featured Posts Listing Areas,
  4. Multi-Author Bio Box,
  5. Mobile Responsive Menu Bar,
  6. AdSense Ready Blogger Template,
  7. Related Posts Under Each Post,
  8. Social Icons and Search Box,
  9. Threaded Commenting System,
  10. Beautiful Color Scheme, and much more.

If you want to download it or want to see a live demo, then use the below links.

Demo | Download

11. Fasel News – Magazine Blogger Template

Fasel News Magazine Responsive Free Blogger Template

It is another best and free blogger template which is designed by Syed Faizan Ali, who is the owner of Templateism and My Blogger Lab blog.

He is a professional coder and a Blogger expert.

He creates this theme to help newbies start blogging on blogger platforms by using a professional-looking blogger template.

This template is specially dedicated to News and Magazine based blogs.

If you want to give a fresh and modern look to your website or blog, then this template is a perfect match for you.

It is a multipurpose blogger template with having a lot of features that are given below in the list;

  1. Fully Responsive Design,
  2. Powerful Admin Panel,
  3. Unlimited Theme Colors,
  4. News Ticker Plugin,
  5. Social Sharing Buttons,
  6. Best SEO Optimized Blogger Template,
  7. 2 Style Design,
  8. Simple to customize,
  9. Mobile Responsive Menu Bar,
  10. Eye-Pleasant Color Scheme and Much More.

If you want to have a look on the live demo or wish to download it, then use the below links.

Demo | Download

12. Techism Blogger Template

Techism Responsive Free Blogger Template

Techism is another template by templateism team and inspired by TheNextWeb.com and Mashable like popular blogs.

The template will give an elegant, stylish, and fresh look to those blogs who want to run a tech or news niche blog on the Blogger platform.

It does not only look better but also helps you to get a higher rank on Google-like search engines.

If you have a blog, but you’re not getting organic traffic, then try this template.

It will help you out of sure to improve search engine rankings.

It has in-built all useful widgets, and you don’t need to add any extra widgets.

Below, I’ve listed its features;

  1. 100% Fully Responsive,
  2. Featured Post Area,
  3. AdSense Ready Blogger Template,
  4. SEO Optimized Blogger Template,
  5. Responsive Mobile Drop Down Menu Bar,
  6. 2 Sidebars,
  7. 4 Column Footer Bar,
  8. Tabbed Sidebar Widget,
  9. Stunning Color Scheme and Much More.

You can see a live demo using the link below, and if you want to download it after watching its demo, then you have to click on the download link.

Demo | Download

13. ATB Blogger Template

ATB Responsive Free Blogger Template

ATB Responsive Blogger Template is designed by a well-known blogger whose name is Imran Uddin, owner of AllTechBuzz.com.

This template is fully responsive, SEO optimized, and also AdSense Friendly.

You will not find any encrypted script inside the ATB Blogger Template.

It means you’re free to customize and edit this theme as per your need.

Here are some excellent features of the ATB Blogger Template;

  1. Mobile Responsive Layout,
  2. Fully SEO Optimized and Adsense Ready,
  3. Related Posts inside The Post Pages,
  4. 4 Column Stylish Footer Wrapper,
  5. Sticky Post, and
  6. 2 Column Layout, and much more.

Demo | Download

14. ATB Eleven40 Blogger Template

ATB Eleven40 Free Blogger Template

ATB Eleven40 Blogger Template is the next version of ATB Responsive Blogger Template, which is Most Advanced SEO Optimized, AdSense Friendly, and a free blogger template.

It is designed by Imran Uddin, who is CEO of the AllTechBuzz.net blog, which is a popular blog in the blogosphere.

In this template, you can find a lot of extra features compare to ATB Blogger Template.

This template is also fast to load and used on many professional blogger blogs.

If you want to read more about this template and want to download it, then you have to read this post, which I’ve published before – ATB Eleven40 Blogger Template.

15. Sensational Blogger Template

Sensational Free Blogger Template

Sensational is one of the Most Advanced SEO Optimized, AdSense Friendly, and Free Blogger Templates.

It is professionally designed with two navigation bars. One is horizontal, and another one is vertical on the left-hand side.

Just like Elice and BTNT, this template is also created by Chandeep, but this template is the next version, which is designed by Rohit Asare (BloggerHero).

Due to its brilliant features, users can get a lot of visits.

Here are some more fabulous features of this template;

  1. 100% Responsive Template.
  2. 2 Navigation Bars,
  3. 4 Column Footer Bar,
  4. Fast to loading due to It’s neat & Clean Design,
  5. Highly SEO Optimized.
  6. AdSense Friendly Responsive Blogger Template,
  7. Flexible Popular Posts Widget,
  8. SEO Optimized Post Titles,
  9. Social Profile Icons Widget, and much more.

Demo | Download

16. 2016 Theme Xpose Blogger Template

2016 ThemeXpose Free Blogger Template

It is one of the best and professional looking blogger templates.

If you ask me which one is best according to me in this whole list, I’ll suggest using this template.

Actually, I’m in love with this design.

When I saw it the first time, I was shocked.

At that time, I was thinking, It is a WordPress design, but after looking at the URL permalink structure, I was shocked;

Oh! Really?

Is it on Blogger?

Is it a Blogger Template?

So, if you want a professional-looking but free blogger template, then go with it.

You’ll love this design for sure.

Features of this template are given below in the numbered list;

  1. Premium Looking,
  2. Best SEO Optimized,
  3. AdSense friendly design,
  4. Eye-Pleasant colors integration,
  5. Posts featured thumbnails size is impressive,
  6. Unique design,
  7. Very fast to load according to its size and much more.

So, this one is the best one from this free blogger templates list.

Demo | Download

17. FlexMag Responsive Blogger Template

FlexMag Responsive Free Blogger Template

FlexMag is another template from the Theme Xpose team after 2016-Theme Xpose.

They’re growing very fast and have shared a lot of cool looking template designs for the Blogger platform.

If you want to start a tech or food blog or you want a grid look, then you should try it once.

The template is very well-coded and SEO friendly.

If you want to customize it as per your need, then you can edit it as you wish, but before customizing, please ask the template developer about it.

According to its coding, the template is loading very fast.

If you want to know its features, then scroll the page and read below;

  1. Magazine look,
  2. Fully Responsive Coded,
  3. Mobile-Friendly Design,
  4. Mega Menu Bar,
  5. Tabbed Menu,
  6. Random Posts and Recent Comments Integration,
  7. Multiple Comment System,
  8. Add Author Image,
  9. Newsletter Subscription,
  10. Custom 404 Error Page,
  11. Compatible With All-New Browsers and many more features left there. :p

If you want to download it or want a demo, then you can use the links below.

Demo | Download

18. Chic Mag Blogger Template

ChicMag Fashion Free Blogger Template

This is another best one in this list of free blogger templates.

It is specially designed for those who want a clean style blog.

If you’re a lifestyle blogger, fashion blogger, or a blogger who loves to write, then this one is perfect for you.

ChicMag is also very easy to customize and to maintain.

You don’t need any particular skill to customize it or to use it daily.

The template is very SEO friendly and helps you to achieve a very high ranking on Google’s SERPs.

In my opinion, It’s the best template to satisfy any user and also every visitor to the blog.

Here are the features that make this template more user-friendly and SEO-friendly;

  1. 100% Responsive Design,
  2. Advanced SEO Optimized Blogger Template,
  3. Mobile-Friendly Design,
  4. Tabbed Menu,
  5. Random Posts,
  6. Recent Comments Widget,
  7. Cool Threaded Comments Look,
  8. Author Image,
  9. Latest Post by Category (Label),
  10. Custom 404 Error Page,
  11. Compatible With Major Browsers,
  12. Auto Resizable Thumbnails, and much more.

Demo and Download links are given below;

Demo | Download

19. Gagism Free Template for Blogger

Gagism Free Blogger Template

For people who are GAG loving or want to start a photography website, Gagism is the best and perfect blogger template for them.

To launch a gag based site, Almost everyone faced a problem on WordPress, but now It is effortless to start even on the Blogger platform.

And the credit goes to the developer of this template, whose name is Syed Faizan Ali.

It has many unique features that are making it a very professional blogger theme, and people love it so much.

Let me tell you its features;

  1. SEO Friendly Design,
  2. 100% Responsive,
  3. Mobile Responsive Menu Bar,
  4. Star Rating System,
  5. Reblog Gag Button,
  6. Multi Drop-Down Menu Bar,
  7. Cloud Labels,
  8. 4 Column Footer Bar,
  9. 2 Sidebars,
  10. Numbered Page Navigation System, and much more.

If you want to have a look on the live demo or wish to download it, then use the below links.

Demo | Download

20. Journey Blogger Template

Journey Free Blogger Template

Another best one in this free Blogger templates list.

It is one of the best Blogger templates for those who want to run or running a travel blog.

The developer designed this blogger template to provide the best theme to traveler bloggers, and he did an excellent job.

Bloggers, who are blogging about photography, daily lifestyle, or journey, then I’ll recommend them to use it.

It has many advanced features that could help you to get a higher rank on Google and all other search engines too.

I hope this free blogger template would be handy for all travel bloggers who find it hard to get a professional, custom, and SEO optimized Blogger template.

Want to know its features?


Let me tell you;

  1. Best Design for Travel Bloggers,
  2. Eye Pleasant Color Scheme,
  3. Highly SEO Optimized,
  4. AdSense Friendly,
  5. Fully Responsive,
  6. Lovely Mobile Responsive Menu Bar,
  7. Dynamic Fluid Layout,
  8. Social Share Bar with Counter,
  9. Sticky sidebar,
  10. Unique Design, and much more.

Want to have a look on Live Demo?

Do you want to download its copy?

Use these links;

Demo | Download

21. Frontier Blogger Template – Best for Event Blogs

Frontier Free Blogger Template

Are you an event, Blogger?

Do you want the best and free Blogger template for an event Blog?

Yeah! I have got the best template for the Blogger platform for event Blogging, and the name is Frontier.

I think this is not a new name, Right?

Frontier is a Multipurpose Blogger Template that is compatible with a wide variety of devices and screen resolutions.

You can use this template on a tech blog, lifestyle blog, and also on a Photography blog.

It is a highly SEO optimized and AdSense friendly blogger template.

I saw many bloggers are using it on their event blogs and getting a good result.

If you’re thinking, Blog design and look does not matter regarding rankings, then you’re wrong.

According to many SEO guides and Pro Bloggers, Blog Design always plays a significant role in ranking a keyword.

So, this one is another one of my favorite and best ones in this list of free Blogger templates.

If you want to know its features, then scroll down;

  1. Highly SEO Optimized,
  2. AdSense Friendly Template for Blogger,
  3. Mobile-Friendly Design,
  4. Eye Pleasant Color Scheme,
  5. 3 Column Footer Bar,
  6. 2 Column Layout,
  7. Featured Section at Home Page,
  8. Very Fast Loading,
  9. Adapted from WordPress Theme,
  10. Auto Post Summaries on Home Page, and much more.

Want to have a look at a live demo?

Do you want to download this Blogger Template?

If yes, then links are given below;

Demo | Download

The bottom line

So, these are the best and free Blogger templates that I found while researching for professional-looking free Blogger Templates.

Mainly, I tried to provide highly SEO optimized, AdSense friendly, Professional Looking, and Fast loading Blogger Templates.

And, I only included those blogger templates, which passed my above requirements and available free to use for all users.

These are the conditions that can help us to get a better rank on Google, and yes, Blog design always plays a significant role in ranking any keyword.

If I got a good result from my audience, I’d add more Blogger Templates to this free Blogger Templates list.

If you’re a web developer and you also have designed any free template for the Blogger platform, then let me know by using the below comment box or by using the contact form.

And, If I found your design good, then I will add that to this above list for sure.

Enjoy these free blogger templates, and don’t forget to give me feedback about this list.

Thank You!

Have a great week ahead.


Hey, How you all are? Myself Paramjot Singh, A young (Not Old :P) addicted Blogger from Lucknow, India who want to learn Aha to Shit of the Blogging. I'm blogging for 2 years, and here on My Blogger Guides, I'm sharing my what I learned in these past two years. :)

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