MBG Contact US Blogger Template For SubDomain Users

In previous post we have shared a pro looking contact us form, which we can use on any static page on blogger but when we thought about a blogger template which we can use on our sub domain like contact.yourdomain.com then there is nothing on web for blogger users. We have searched many pages on google for finding contact us blogger template but cant find anything related to this topic. So today we are here with a big solution for all of you, also this is a big solution for us. We are launching our first Blogger template which is for those users who want to use sub domain.

One page Contact Us Tempalte for Blogger users

Every other blogger has his/her own choices and many did not like it to appear into sidebar, footer as a gadget or into a static page but they wanted it to install into a new blogger blog by using custom sub domain.

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Actually, Blogger users were gifted back in 2013 when official Blogger Contact form widget was introduced along with other awesome features in blogger dashboard. By this way we got a huge pain relief from using other third party contact form widgets.

Have some questions related to contact form?

Frequently Asked Question For Blogger Contact Form

Q.1 Why Should I add a Contact Form?

Adding a contact form will make it easy for your readers to contact you. They don’t have to take the pain of noting down your email address, opening up an email application like Gmail/Hotmail, composing and sending it across to you. Instead they can just come over to your blog, fill in the necessary information in the contact form and just press send. That makes it so easy for them. It’s also useful to the blog administrators as they don’t have to expose their email address on your blog.

Q.2 Is there any positive or negative impacts on SEO  by using Contact Form

This is more of a personal choice. Another thing to note is that, the regular sidebar contact form doesn’t currently support mobile templates. So if you want the contact form to be supported on mobile templates as well, then it might be a better option to move the blogger contact form to a separate page.

Q.3 Why should I use Contact Form as A Blogger Template on Sub Domain?

Yes, this is a good question. Generally newbies are using Contact form on Sidebar, footer or on a static page but using contact form on a sub domain attract your readers because it looks professional. Many Pro Blog like MBT, BG are using sub domain for contact form.

Q.4 Where will the contact form messages be delivered to? 

It will be sent out to the email addresses of all blog administrators.

Q.5 Is the Contact form Safe from SPAM?

Mostly yes. Blogger has taken enough care to prevent automated comment spam. Buy you can never prevent human spammers!

Before downloading this template see live demo of this blogger template. Now, If you are interested into using this template on your blogger blog then download this template from below Download button.




Go To Blogger >> Upload this Template and after that Edit HTML
  • First, You have to change Main Menu Links which you want to use. Search for 

<div class=’nav-menu’>

  •  Now change all links which is near to Back to Top button. For doing this change search for

 <div id=’backtotop’>

  •  Add Some Gadgets on Footer Bar by going to Layout section.

Note : After Uploading Blogger Template, You must have to change Blogger Mobile Template Setting to – No, Show desktop template on Mobile Devices. See below Screenshot.

setting up custom subdomain like contact.mybloggerguides.com on blogger

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So above is all about our newly launched MBG Contact Us Blogger Template, which is totally free. You don’t have need to spent a single coin for this template. Share your thoughts below by using comment box. Hope you all were like it. Don’t forget to share it on Blogging communities on and on Social Sites. Have you any question? Ask Me Via Contact Us Form.
Thank You!

Hey, How you all are? Myself Paramjot Singh, A young (Not Old :P) addicted Blogger from Lucknow, India who want to learn Aha to Shit of the Blogging. I'm blogging for 2 years, and here on My Blogger Guides, I'm sharing my what I learned in these past two years. :)

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Shivansh Verma - March 24, 2016

Hi Brother,

Thanks a lot for inviting us to say something using your Facebook Post. Brother, you are learning CSS language and at this stage, that contact form is nice. By the way, you can give full width to input-boxes to make them look more beautiful and change the color from green to any other (which look pleasant to eyes).

By the way, you are doing nice progress in the designing field, keep designing, developing and keep learning. That was all my wishes for you.

P.S.: I have said all about design above but, there's a mistake in your contact form. Actually Blogger's Official Contact form doesn't support many customization. You can do customization using JavaScript and CSS only but doing it on the HTML will break it up and that's what happened with yours. It's not sending messages, so fix it. 🙂

Your Brother.

    mbg - March 24, 2016

    Hello Shivansh Bro..
    Thanks for your suggestions and yes you are right, It's not sending messages. But i've fix this problem you can try on http://contact.mybloggerguides.com
    Actually i've forgotten some steps in above tutotial. Thats why the blogger contact form is not sending messages.
    I'll fix it as soon as possible and after updating my article i'll drop a comment here.
    Thank you.

    Your Bro.

    mbg - March 25, 2016

    Hello Shivansh Bro..
    Finally, We have fixed the problem which you have mentioned above in your comment and about your suggestion to changing the green color to any other then brother we will use good looking colors in our upcoming projects. (which looking pleasant to our eyes). We hope our all readers enjoy this contact us blogger template. Shivansh, Once again Thank you so much for your valuable comment.


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