5 Proven Reasons Why People Comment On Blog Posts

Comments, we all love them, right?

We always encourage our readers to leave their comments.

But have you ever thought why people comment on blog posts?

What are the main reasons behind it?

If not then this is a must-read guide for you so that you can understand the main motive of people to comment on a blog post.

Let’s start this guide by understanding the meaning of comments first.

What Are Comments?

What Are Comments And Why People Comment?

Comment is a verbal or written remark expressing an opinion or reaction. A comment expresses an opinion or reaction in speech or writing.

You can treat a comment as a feedback.

Just like your friends comment on your social posts, people also comment on blog posts.

They can be negative and positive.

Negative comments can be aggressive or feedback.

Usually, bloggers don’t approve negative comments so that their visitors don’t find anything wrong with their blog.

I’ve researched on this topic many times and found that 90% of original comments are negative. 

That’s the main reason why bloggers get a very low amount of comments on their blog because they don’t expect that their comment will get published. 

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Why do people comment on blog posts?

So finally, I am coming to the topic 😛

These are some reasons for which people comment on blog posts.

I’ve researched a lot on this subject so I might go deep in some points(thanks in advance for your patience).

1- To Get Backlinks

Blog commenting

You’re saying – “What? Are you serious?” Yes, I am!

That’s the harsh truth! 🙁 

Don’t believe me?

Go check out any post from popular blog having more than 100 comments.

What you’ll see is the truth! 90% of comments will have links in them(no follow or do follow).

Commentluv blogs are highly prone to this.

I bet, that if you’ve got a popular blog, then you’ll be knowing this better than me.

The actual truth is that people are smarter than we think

We believe that our blogs are getting comments due to excellent posts and blah blah.

But that isn’t it! Their first motive is to get a backlink!

If then can’t do so then they only leave! 🙁

So harsh, right?

If you’re one of them, then this guide will be best for you.

Day by day comments are losing their importance and most importantly their original meaning!

I’ve classified these type of comments in two – White Hat Backlink Comments & Black Hat Backlink Comments.

White Hat Backlink Comments are those comments that have a genuine reason for having a link.

For example –

“Hi, I tried this trick, but it is not working on my blog – abc.com. Please help me.”

Black Hat Backlink Comments have no valid reason for having a link.

For Example –

“Very nice post! Check – How to make money online.”

So these type of comment is only done for the purpose to get a backlink.

So, the question comes – “Should I approve them?

Ah, a great question indeed! 🙂

It totally depends on you.

If your blog accepts only follow comments, then only take these types of comments.

Allowing do follow comments on your blog can lead to blog penalisation!

Having too much outbound links can be dangerous for your blog!

So what do I think about these people?

I also did this in past :p

But you don’t need this nowadays.

Nofollow backlinks can nowhere help you boost your search rankings.

They only give traffic to your blog and nothing else.

And Google is pretty serious about comment backlinks.

If you still want to do this, then it’s your choice, but no one knows what Google is doing behind the scene.

If you’ve made these type of backlinks in the past, then only delete which are on low DA and PA blogs.

Leave others and don’t repeat this activity.

I got too deep in this(and sorry for that :p).

Let’s move to the second reason.

2- To Leave Feedback



Feedback is the most important thing for every person in any field.

We all need it so that we can improve ourselves.

But the truth is that major types of these comments get disapproved as they are little cynical. 

An example of this kind of comment –

“Very nice post, but please describe more about the points you’ve mentioned.”

And just like these.

The reason for disapproval of this kind of comments is straightforward that other visitors don’t get a negative feeling about the blog.

These comments can be both – Positive as well as Negative

Positive ones will have more chance of approval.

Every blogger needs these types of comments to improve his/her blog.

If you’re not getting this kind of comments, then you can ask for feedback in the last paragraph of each post.

For example –

“Hope you liked this trick. Do share your thoughts and experience using this method through comments.”

I’ve used this technique and got many feedback comments easily.

Or you can use reactions plugin for your blog posts.

There are many WordPress and Blogger reactions plugin available in the market which you can use to know how your visitors feel about your blog posts.

Reaction plugins have a double chance of getting visitor attention.

DW Reactions is an excellent plugin which you can use to get instant feedback on your blog posts.

For Blogger, I suggest you use Vicomi as it is the best free plugin with many customization options and features.

I’ve used both the plugins and using them I’ve got much feedback through reactions.

Now the question comes – “How can I know feedback through these plugins?”

It’s simple – If visitors are pressing “Haha” reaction, then it means they’re enjoying your post and feeling little sarcastic.

If they’re pressing “red face” button, then it says that something is there in a post which is making the visitors angry.

If this happens, only ask for feedback comments using the trick I shared above.

So, let’s come on to another point.

3- People Have Some Problems Regarding Post

Man thinking


Another reason why people comment on blogs posts is that they’re getting some questions regarding the post.

The purpose is similar to feedback type, but these comments are neither positive nor negative.

These are questions and problem oriented. People who get problems regarding a post do these kinds of comments.

Bloggers need to approve these comments and surely reply to them so that the visitors facing problems can get their problems solved.

If you do so, then you’ll get more respect and authority for your blog.

Never go for private talks for this kind of comments.

Always be public so that people having same problems don’t need to go here and there to find the solution.

If people are commenting this kind of comments, then you can note that there is a problem with a post.

And you need to re-check that post to remove errors or clear problems which visitors are having.

People comment these only when they face problems, so that doesn’t mean you create problems for your visitors so that they say(lol :p).

Having these type of comments in a significant amount can be dangerous for your blog and may affect the authority of your blog.

So, try to make every doubt clear which you think your visitors will get in their mind while reading the blog post.

This will help you build good authority for your blog.

If you’re having more than 50 comments of this kind on a blog post then surely delete some comments which have been solved and replied by you.

You can also delete multiple comments having same questions so that the spam score gets reduced.

Don’t ever allow someone to leave abusive words in their comments.

If you allow so, then your Google rankings for that post may get down, and spam score will increase.

To avoid these comments, always write detailed articles with pictures so that visitors can understand each and everything about the topic and they don’t go anywhere else to find out more about that subject.

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4- Post Change Requests

Blog Post

These are the comments which people do when they want to suggest some changes in a post.

For example –

If you’ve written 10 points on anything and your visitor knows another unique point, and he/she is a good follower then he/she will comment that point with some description.

If you have an authority blog then definitely people will leave this kind of comments as they respect you and want your blog to rank much higher.

These comments can be about post readability also.

For example –

If a visitor is unable to click on a link, or cannot read a line properly, so he’ll comment about it.

These comments are more than feedback as they can help you in making a blog post much better and more readable.

You should reply to these comments with some greetings.

If you think, that a visitor is right and has suggested you a good thing, then definitely go for it.

You should always approve these comments.

Also, these comments don’t have an impact on spam score as they’re genuine and helpful.

5- To Express Their Knowledge


Many people comment high-quality post related information on their comment to get an eye on their profiles.

For example  –

If a visitor explains a thing very smartly and beautifully, then other people commenting on the blog post will get attracted towards the visitor and will look to know more about him/her.

People can give good suggestions also to get their comment featured in a blog post.

These comments should always be approved to encourage your readers to give more feedback and suggestions for your blog posts.

If you’re a blogger, then you can use this strategy to get more organic visitors to your profile or blog. 

I’ve personally tried and got many visitors and sometimes subscribers also.

For this, I recommend you to know 7-10 competitors of your blog and then comment on the same way.

This will give you more exposure as your competitor’s blog visitors will like your content as it is related and exciting for them.

If you want, then you can also add your blog URL in the website box to get visitors directly to your blog without going here and there to find out where you blog.

It is tough to get a backlink from your competitor, but you can use some smart ways to get them. I am not telling them in this post, but you can definitely search for this on Google.

If you’re able to get a backlink from your competitor, then you’ll see a big boost in your rankings.

And this thing has been proved many times.

Getting backlinks from same niche blogs can increase search rankings very quickly and give you more traffic.

Continuously doing these types of comments can lead to IP ban, so be careful while making these kinds of backlink comments.

Your competitors are more jealous of you, so they’ll try to do same with your blog.

In that case, examine the blog URL carefully to check whether the backlink is for a competitor having just same DA and PA of the blog just like of your’s blog.

You can try this trick on authority blogs.

Maybe if the post author likes your comment, then he/she can update the post adding a link to your profile or blog.

So this thing can help you to get a high-quality backlink from an authority blog and boost your blog traffic quickly.

Final Words

So this was a post about the reasons why people comment on blog posts. 

Hope you enjoyed it.

I know this post was lengthy but still worth reading.

I examined these things carefully, and that’s why I’ve explained them in detail to you.

Do share this post with your friends to let them know more about this topic.

Do you have any other reason in your mind?

Share now and let me know your thoughts about this post.

If you’ve found other reasons than above mentioned, do tell me through comments.


Good luck & happy blogging. 😀

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