How To Write SEO Friendly Post Titles For More Search Traffic

One of my readers ask me about how to write SE Optimized post title? So I am thankful to her because she gave me another post to publish here on my blog. Okay now lemme come to the point.

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Post titles are the very first thing to impress visitors when they are searching on Google for anything, and if they impressed and found your post title is solving their problem then there are many chances, they will click and come to your site.

If you want to get higher rank on the search engines, then SEO is one of the most important factors that every blogger must care before publishing a new blog post. Many newbies don’t care about it; they just choose an SE Optimized Template/Theme and start posting their articles. But the only theme is not enough; you should care about Post Titles, Post Description, Post Keywords, Image Optimization and many other things too.

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Have you ever thought, Why only a few of your blog articles gone viral and others not? Because you have written Search engine optimized post without knowledge.

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If you are putting some keywords in your post title, then it is a good signal, but if you are not optimizing the post title for high CTR after adding keywords, then you are making a terrible mistake.


Only SEO – How To Write SEO Friendly Post Titles?

SEO + CTR – The Only Complete Guide To Write SEO Friendly Post Titles.

You should always write the titles that will not only give your posts better rank but will also improve the CTR. For another example, you can see my post title – “How To Write SEO Friendly Post Title For More Search Traffic.”

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Now I’m going to write a list of some excellent tips which I’m always following on my blog. I hope you all will like it and also get benefit after applying these useful tips on your blog.

Excellent Tips To Write SEO Friendly Post Titles

Tip *1 ] You should always analyze the keywords to making your post SEO friendly. There are a lot of Tools available online, such as Google Keyword analyzer tool. After analyzing (Finding the low competition with more searching), keyword inserts in your post title.

Tip *2 ] After Analyzing, Try to improve CTR for getting more organic traffic. If you have written “How To Get Traffic To A New Blog?” then you should write it as “Top Traffic Generation Tips To Get More Traffic To New Blog.” This title is Seo friendly but attractive too. 🙂

Tip *3 ] Always Try to write your blog post titles in two parts. Below are few examples –

  • Top 10 Tricks To Get More Traffic From Facebook.
  • 7 Untold Secrets of Writing SEO Friendly Post Titles.
  • 5 Best Blogs To Read To Getting Adsense Cheques Every Month

Tip *4 ] Try To Add Some Numbers To the post for further improving CTR. You can see example in above tip but never add numbers in the permalinks:)

Tip *5 ] Add some attractive keywords at the beginning of your post titles, such as Top 10 ways, Killer Tips, Untold Secrets and many other you can write. If you did this, then you will get more clicks from search engines. 🙂

Tip *6 ] Always try to write appealing title because they are more eye catching and also for high CTR.

Tip *7 ] According to the experts we should write maximum sixty characters in a post title so never write more than 60 characters in your post titles.


So above guide is about How To Write SEO Friendly Post Titles For More Search Traffic? I tried my best to write this tutorial easy as much as possible. I hope you will like this tutorial.

Have you any other tips then please share with us via using below comment box.

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