Weird Websites: Top 32 Most Weirdest Websites List (2021)

Hello, Everyone. Do you want to change your mood and looking for weird websites?

Hmm! Everyone wants a stress-free environment, but each one is under the pressure of work and all other family problems.

People do many things to feel happy, and always staying comfortable is very beneficial for health too.

And surfing on weird or funny websites is one of the best ways to feel fresh & comfortable.

So, If I’m not wrong, you are searching for the most strange sites on the Internet so that you can refresh your mood, Right?

Weird websites are interesting and funny as well, which are just created for freshness and putting a smile on your face for a while.

Today, we are going to share theย Mysterious websites list with all of you, with proper detail and URL link.

This article is especially for those who want to change their mood for a while, need some refreshment, and have enough time to spend on the Internet.

Here is the list of weird websites of 2021:

If you are under stress from work, facing family issues, fighting will colleagues in the office environment, and you want some fun outside these situations.

Believe me, this post is going to publish just for you, which contains plenty of “Weird websites” lists with proper research.

You will feel better and got some relaxation after visiting these Weird sites.

There are lots of Weird websites available on the Internet. As per the source 2021, almost 1,116 million websites were hosted, and more websites were incredible: Ominous websites.

You need approximately 60 years of your age to complete the series of such Weird and funny websites.

You can now imagine how many websites are hosted as weird and incredible, called “Weird Websites.”

Here we go,


What do you understand by this name?

As the name itself shows that you can order “something” for $10.

What are you going to order?

You will find unfamiliar with this until you receive an email with your product order.

There will be something special and attractive which helps to surprise you in a very different way.

After getting an Email, most people get shocked and surprised, but most of them don’t like that surprise because that product is not the thing as per their usage.

The surprise is mostly a product for a daily user experience: a hairbrush, Baggage weight, a kerosene lantern, cream, perfume, ladies purse, and loads more.

You have to visit this site once to get some exciting surprises. If you have none, who will give you a surprise gift.

The surprise is coming at your door, so why are you not visiting this weird website till now?

Yes, it is one of the best ones in thisย Weird Websitesย list. You will go in love with this site until the end of your life.


Did you get the meaning of this site name?

Hopefully, you have reached the exact point.

Yes, it is a World’s Map site.

It is one of the exciting and useful Weird Websites.

This mapping site will help you a lot if you are a Traveller or you want to travel the whole world.

When you visit this site, then this site will show you random street map images.

These pictures will be 360 degrees, which means you can see the Do you sleep from any angle, and you can move the image forward or backward with the mouse.

There are a number of places if you want to visit one of them, then click on the Go button with the help of the mouse, and you can get the name of your selected street from the left sidebar.

You should have to visit this site to explore the world. Must visit it


Did you get the idea behind this name?

Endless horse, OH! Yeah, this horse will not stop running anymore.

Yup, we can call this website one of the most fabulous Weird Websites.

When you open this site by placing a URL on your browser search bar, you will find a horse, and when you scroll down, the Horse’s legs will appear.

This Horse is made by text, and there is no way to stop the horse.

You will die by scrolling down this site, but this horse will not stop.

You can say your scrolling speed gives power to this horse for running fast.

I’m astonished why the owner of this site has created one of the weird websites to waste users’ time.

Yes, this site is just for those people who have got enough time to spend on this site.


Biglongnow is such a hilarious and the most irritating site on the planet.

You will get irritated when you open this site and spend some time on this site.

When I have opened this site, I found nested doors, which means the door has another door.

I have opened one door and then found another door inside it.

It’s a continuous process until the end of your life.

You will not find anything inside the door; there is no person and things but a door.

I was wondering why the owner of this site has created this site for wasting his and our time.

If you are a free person and don’t have a workload, I suggest you visit this site at your site risk.

Don’t be panic when you find door after door because this process will not end, and you are using this site at your risk.

Happy Wasting Time!! ๐Ÿ˜€


Are you a night owl? You sleep a late-night, Right?

Then Anasomnia is just created for you.

Insomnia is a real funky site when you use this site at night time without light.

This weird website is just for those people who are night owls.

I’m not a night owl and love to stay up in the evening because I believe success comes to you in the evening time.

So, trying to sleep late. ๐Ÿ˜›

Well, come to the point, open this site at night, and this site will ask you to access the webcam of your lappy.

Give access to the camera to get some fun.

You will find a girl there, she will ask to turn off the light, and you will shut down the light to get some fun with a cute girl. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Now prepare yourself to enjoy the real fun.

I just want you to open this site and enjoy the ride, then share your views with us.


Are you an Intellectual?


Let’s take a test of your mind.

No, No, I’m not picturing grab your test, but there is a site called FeedTheHead, which is held test for your brainstorming.

Actually, this site conducts the game, and you have to solve that game by using your mind.

I bet if you got success in this game, you are the real genius.

You should have to try for once to check your brain that how much you are intelligent.

FeedTheHead ( is the greatest and one of the best weird websites on the Internet.

You will not cheat FeedTheHead while playing a game because they have a guide onย How to finish FEED THE HEAD.

Just open this site and try your brain by playing the game, then let me know about your experience in the comment section below.


You Want to be a WELCOME from someone?

Then this website is just created for you.

This site owner shows the “Welcome to” message again and again when you opened his site mistakenly.

Yeah, you can’t do anything there besides receiving the WELCOME voice message again and again.

This site keeps welcoming you continuously. It will display an unstoppable message.

If you find yourself a very distinctive personality, you have to visit it for a welcome.

You will receive this message nonstop. “Welcome to, Welcome to ultimately is Anything Possible at You can do anything at This is, and WELCOME to you.” unlimited times.

Isn’t it look weird?

I don’t know what was the thought behind this site when the owner had hosted his site on the Internet.

Well, it is the best site for getting fun.

Chillax! And Keep visiting if you are alone and want to welcome wishes from someone.


Do you wanna spy on a flying plane right now?

Are you curious to know when that plane is flying and where to fly?

Now, It’s possible.

Flightradar has the data of all planes across the globe.

You can visit this site if you want to know the site data.

Go to this site and click on the plane and boom. You will get all the data from the selected plane.

I considered this site as the best one on this best weird website list because this information is useless that allows you to track the path of any plane.

Strangely, the honcho of this site has got all the data in real-time.

I should appreciate him for this achievement.

You should visit this site to spy on the plane.

Happy Spying. ๐Ÿ˜€


Did you get something by this name?

As its name itself says that there is an intelligent bot who frequently replied to your queries anytime.

It will stop answering when you will stop talking to this bot.

This is really an attractive website on the planet I have ever seen.

I couldn’t imagine that someone will answer me in this exciting way before going through this site.

You can chat with this Bot by opening this site on your browser whenever you feel lonely.

As I’m used to this site when I want to talk to someone but couldn’t able to find a person whom I speak.

So, this site gives me the company, and I found answers to all my type questions.

You can also ask anything from this bot.

He will answer you in a very different way you will like for sure.

You will like to spend your hours on this site if you have got enough time to talk with someone, whether it’s a bot or a person.

Bonus Tip: If you do not have a girlfriend or boyfriend, then, believe me, this site is created only for you to chat. : P


The earliest ask a question, have you ever received a gift by snapping the bubble wrap?

Did you receive this gif?

Uhh! I have received it from a site called Snapbubbles.

You just need to snap all the bubbles.

Trust me, you will feel enjoyment by doing this and will receive a gift at the end.

Open this site, you will find a virtual Bubblewrap Simulator. Pop it up as much as you can.

Just pop all the bubbles and get a gift for yourself.

It’s better than other gifts.

I bet you will feel good by doing it excessively.

Get some fun by opening this site.

Have Fun & Enjoy it.


Do you want to slap someone virtually?

Surely, you will hit someone when you anger on something.

To is one of the weirdest websites I have ever seen.

As you saw in the picture, that man is getting slapped by an eel.

It is a time wastage website.

You will find nothing in here but a person with an eel.

When you open this site, and you move your cursor, then an eel will slap the man hard.

It looks unethical.

You should use this site when you want to slap someone, and you are eagerly want to hit because of your anger mood.

There is a chance for you to hit someone to overcome angry feelings.

Go to this site and hit the man. 😉


Are you a gamer?

Do you want to play a game on the Internet?

There is a site called PressSpaceBar.

On this site, you can play a game by using the spacebar button of the keyboard.

You just need to press the spacebar button on your keyboard.

Winning this game depends on the speed of pressing the spacebar button.

Your mind is boggling about How to play this game?

It’s simple, Go to this site and play the game with the spacebar button.

If your speed is right and your hand grip is good, then you will surely win this game.

I didn’t play the spacebar match, but I’m curious to try this game for once in my life.

Let me go to play this site.

Want to play right now?

Then why are you waiting?

Go to this site and Enjoy the game.

Happy Gaming!!


973-eht-namuh-973 is one of the weird websites ever.

Even, I didn’t get this site properly, that what is the purpose of this site.

If I’m a quite “useless” word, then it will be the best title for this weird website.

I personally don’t like this.

Actually, the site owner has tried to mess with the brain of human beings.

Look at this picture. It just shows nothing but untidy and useless, not giving a proper thought behind it.

I visit this site many times just to know about the purpose of this site but couldn’t find an answer.

It’s just ridiculous.

I got nothing, but you have to give at least one try.

Maybe you reached the main point.

Please do not forget to share your views on this site if you got an answer to your query.

I will eagerly wait for your response in the comment section below.


Do you like worms or insects?

Uhh! No, I think you don’t like it in real life because some people feel free when they have seen them around them.

Well, on this weird website, you will see flashes and worm images.

This worm moves with the movement of your mouse, which you are using.

Their speed goes fast when you move your cursor at full speed.

You will see the unusual movement of worms on the Internet.

You feel like you are playing with worms and these worms around you.

Your eyes will not like such weird images.

You have to give it a try for once to see how worms can move with the moving of the cursor.

It’s just a fantastic site.


The website name is in joined letters that mean “The nicest place on the Internet.”

Yes, they have given the name of the website is 100% right.

This is one of the weird websites where all people try to make you happy; you will fall in love with this site.

This is just an incredible website.

Love it.. <3

Do you feel loneliness and sadness, even in the presence of people?

Then you should visit this site to get a happiness element in your sad and hell dull life.

Go to this site, you will find yourself in a crowd of lovely people where all people hugs you.

The background music is just love.

Are you curious to join such a lovely company virtually?

Then, please go to this site immediately and find some sort of peace love.

Trust me, this is the most beautiful place on the planet of the Internet.


Oh, my Gosh!

Finally, I have found a rainy website online.

Hey guys, do you like rain?

Yes, you hear me, right.

There is an online rain.

You will go bananas when you visit this site.

Though it’s a fake rain for us because we did not get wet, it seems real.

You can ultimately listen to the rain voice that is so real and matches the real rainy voice.

If you are a real lover of the rain, then, believe me, you will go crazy when you open this site.

To hear the voice of the rain, close your eyes, forget the problems of the world, and feel the sound of rain.

For sure, you will feel so much chillax.

Whenever you need peace, go to this site and enjoy the rain if you love it.

You have to bookmark this site for use again and again. Take my words.


LOL! Pointer pointer?

Doesn’t it seem it is a hilarious one?

What’s your opinion about this site?

Well, if I’m talking about my point of view, it is the funniest website. That’s why I considered this site in the category of weird websites.

This website has nothing, but it shows how to get to the point?

Just visit this site. You will find many more pointing images.

These images will move when your cursor moves.

When you move the cursor on one image at a time, you will see another pointing image.

The more you will move, the more you will get printing images on this site.

It’s quite a funny website.

If you have enough time to spend on this site, then please visit this site at your own risk.

I’ll not recommend you.

Give one try to this site and laugh for a while.

Have Fun!! ๐Ÿ˜›


Does it seem puzzled to you? Or is it really going to reveal the biggest secret of the Internet?

Well, it is impossible to reveal any of the secrets of the Internet.

It is just an attention-grabbing trick to gain the attention of people.

When you open this site, you will hear a horror sound that shows there is something fishy.

Are you curious to know what the owner of this site going to say about the Internet?

They indeed said something unique about the top personalities.

Go to this site and see what happens on it.

It is an insanely hilarious one.

Keep up the excellent work on such ideas. : P


Do you want to say a big Nooooo to someone? ๐Ÿ˜‰

It is the best site on the Internet planet if you are having a bad day and you want to say a big No to that day.

Nowadays, everyone suffers a problem at the office; some people feel under pressure when the workload goes up to the peak.

Some suffer the terrible boss, and they are eagerly want to say No to the boss, but they couldn’t do because they might get fired.

So, the owner of this site has been created a website for such people.

You will feel better when you visit this site on that day.

Go to this site, put your headphones on, and now start clicking the button as much as you can and overcome the anxiety and pressure.


LOL! What the name of this site?

It’s just a hilarious one, so I considered it in the category of one of the weirdest websites.

This site is related to some of the oldest novel, drama, or comic characters of the earliest history.

On this site, you will find a high-definition version of all songs.

This site can be useful for you if you are a lover of the oldest things and want to play old songs rather than new songs or drama.

You will also get some old comic characters; they have black and white pictures of old characters and much more about the history of old faces.

You should have to try this site for once if you would like to live in old times.

Have fun!!


Do you know about the world that how it comes?

This is the weirdest site and intelligent as well.

Its content is macabre, but it still matches the people’s sense of humor.

This site has all types of facts, and all are highly intelligent facts.

This site will be beneficial to those who wonder to know when the world is going to end and how it will look like?

When you visit this site, you will see the high-resolution weird molecular disasters, volcanoes, nukes, and black holes.

You must visit this site to learn about the world more.


Do you love to see exciting things in zoom mode?

If you are interested to see things in a zoom mood where you see each and every layer of that image, then please visit this fantastic site, ””

Here, you will see the intricate detail of every artwork, which is super amazing, and you will die in love with this artwork.

This is the most beautiful website in the Internet world.

It endlessly zooms the picture and shows the entire layers genuinely.

I suggest you visit this site and enjoy the view in endlessly zooming mode.

You will feel relaxing, surprising, and enchanting when you see the result.

But it is also irritating at some points.


Have you ever found a pair of the same faces?

Here is a website called

This is a hilarious website, which seems weird when you see the picture of Barack Obama and that person.

Who claims that people stop me on streets and somewhere and said to me that I look like Barack Obama.

I can’t say that he is looking the same as Barack Obama after seeing his picture on his website.

I don’t know what he is saying right or just having fun with people.

There are a lot of things very different ears, eyes, and even a face shape, then why he is considering himself as Barack Obama.

Go to his site and read his statement. Hilarious!!


Do you love tech thing weapons and all that?

This website contains secret stuff like killer flies, diseases, plagues, and any kind of secrets related to sensitive matters.

You will get information about such things on this site.

The owner of this site has created this site by grabbing all data and exposed it in front of people.

What will you do on this site?

This site doesn’t contain only information about tech things but protects you from external disasters.

Ohh! Don’t be a dangerous man.

It’s all about the imagination of such things.

These are not real.

You can use this site but, please don’t believe on website content, then you will be okay.

Have fun!!


Ohh, God damn!! What a website it is?

Just superb, I can’t say anything, but it’s just awesome.

The idea of this site owner is just above board and life-changing.

This site has an album that is never released in real, but the honcho has got this album, called Beatles.

This album makes him believe that the Beatles are kicking it in a parallel universe, and it will never break up.

This site has got crazy stuff; amazingly, they have got the attention of the users from a very different technique.

It’s just excellent and above board.

You have to try this one for once in a life for life-changing freedom with unreleased albums.

This album just works on this site. That is the worst unusual feature of this site.


What thoughts come to your mind while listening to the name of this site?

It’s a zombie passions website that is created for zombies.

The owner of this site has got an excellent idea.

Zombies can use this site for free social networking and dating.

Not only for zombies, but it is for every zombie lover, zombie survivalist, zombie groupies, and zombie heaters.

There is nothing strange on this site.

You can use this website if you are a zombie lover and what to see on a date. Even zombie haters can also watch it.

Go to this site and see how zombies date with his/her partner.

This site is all about zombies.

You can say it’s a zombie point. Have fun!!


Do you look at the creepy factor in the shape of a weird character?

Shaye Saint John is the name of the character who is used on this site, and the name of this site is also in her name.

Shaye Saint John’s character is created by punk artist Eric Fournier.

The character seems that it is made by using a rigid two-piece mask, an endless number of ratty, and a bird’s nest wig.

It looks like the weirdest collection on the Internet, as you see in the above picture.

Shaye Saint John is the YouTuber who made her own body character, which looks weird.

The whole body of the character is made of old mannequin parts.

I didn’t get the exact meaning of this site and what she is trying to share by making herself a creepy character.

Please go to this site and find answers to all your queries.


Do you like Halloween?

Do you like horror movies and want to listen to creepy stories from your grandma?

Have you ever seen scary and shocking films?

Here is another best site on these weird websites on the planet of the Internet, called creepypasta.

On this site, you will get short stories from all over the site.

Most of the stories are creepy, scary, freaky, and shocking.

This site will take you to another world where you will see the most disturbing things.

Most stories can be grab from any site which is available on this site.

This site just gives you a collection of such scary things on one platform.

You will not need to search for those things on any other site.

This type of site is recommended only for Halloween night and Halloween lovers.

You will enjoy it the most if you are a Halloween fan.

Have a nightmare after seeing such stories. ๐Ÿ˜€


Do you like to see your face out of the box?

Have you ever tried something incredible?

The Faces of Facebook is an app that is created for you to see yourself out of the box.

Basically, it realizes that there are many people in this world. You are not the only one.

You will see the troposphere layer of gasses which is surrounding the Earth, height is approximately up to 10 kilometers.

This is just for you to recognize yourself in the most significant world that you are just a drop of water in the ocean of human faces. Incredible!!

The idea behind this site is just fantastic that you don’t feel proud of yourself that you are the only human on this globe. There is much more.

You will get older in finding your face in this ocean. This is impossible to find you out. I couldn’t get my face there.

It might be you will able to find your face there. Do try and come back with success.


Do you hate shrimp?

LOL! What does it mean by this site?

Is this really a religious freak?

From my point of view, religious folks will get highly offensive as it is an ugly piece of junk.

But this is just an attention-grabbing parody.

They have picked fanatics and freaks of religious matters on their site.

Believe me, this one is another most hilarious in this list of weird websites, and you will laugh when you visit this site.

I didn’t get the purpose of this site.

But it is above board the ridiculous level.

You must visit this site. Have fun!


Do you like to know about future news?

Many of us like to get to know the predictions about the future that what will happen in the future.

Everyone wants to know first how his/her future will be in the coming 50 years.

News of Future is another best one in this list of weird websites, and this site delivers news first. They have predicted that what the story will be in the coming weeks, months, or even years.

How will the world look like?

This site is not just giving news of the future but suggests things that you should do being a citizen of this country.

So, what’s up with you now? Are you curious to know the news of the Future?

Will you take part in shaping the city or country if there had terrible news for the future?

Hopefully, you will be aware of it.

Visit this site and get to know the Future news.

Well, give it a try and comment back here on your experience with this site.


Do you like crazy conspiracy theories?

I have got another site that is incredible and somewhat horrible.

This site revolves around crazy conspiracy theories, which are odd, creepy, and strange.

You will find a lot of compelling information if you give a reasonable time to this site.

Approximately more than 95 percent of its content is not bad. It’s just hypothetical and a Lil bit of alternative, which is I think acceptable.

I’ll suggest you visit this site and get a good amount of information.

Over to You!

Did you like these Weird Websites?

Please pardon me if your time has been wasted by reading this article.

On the other hand, if you have enjoyed these Weird Websites, then do share them with your family, friends, and other people.

As I told you earlier, there are almost 1,116 million websites hosted in 2021, and many more sites were Weird Websites.

So, this was the collection of just the topmost 32 Weird Websites on the Internet, which are frequently used by all ages.

Hopefully, you have got some relaxation by visiting such Weird Websites to overcome anxiety and stress.

So, if you need to refresh your mood for a while, then do Weird visit Websites from your browser and get some mental refreshment.

Refresh your mind by visiting these websites because your health is your wealth.

If your health is good, then the Universe is with you all the time.

Get some change in your boring life!

Share this post with others to make your surrounded people happy.

This will be your kindness.

Thank You!

Stay Happy!

Davi L.

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