Blogger Released Sitemap for Static Pages! Add to Google

Hey guys. How are you? Blogspot have a sitemap.xml file which contains link list of all posts which you have shared on your blogger blog. Do you know this sitemap.xml file not includes your blog’s static pages link. So, how you can add sitemap of your blogger blog’s static pages to google search console?

Static Page Sitemap, Blogger Sitemap for Static Page

Static pages also don’t appear on atom.xml and rss.xml files and there was not any way to add sitemaps of your static pages to google search console. Recently we observed that blogger automatically started to generate sitemaps of static pages which contains all links of your blogger blog’s static pages published so far on your blog.

Sitemap for blogger blog static pages located at /sitemap-pages.xml. So now everyone can easily submit sitemap of  static pages to google search console or any other search engine like as bing and yahoo.

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Location of Static Pages Sitemap in Blogspot

You can easily access your static pages sitemap in your browser’s address bars by typing these URL for default blogspot domains and if you are using custom domain on blogger then you can access your pages sitemap on

Note: You have to replace your-domain & your-blog with your domain name. For example :- In our case we can access our blog’s static pages sitemap at

Okay now we are going to teach you how to submit blogspot static pages sitemap to google search console. Lets get straight to work.

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Submit Blogger Static Pages Sitemap to Google Search Console

Submitting the sitemap of static page is a good idea and sitemap is helpful for search robots to easily crawled your static pages and index them for displaying in SERPs. So we highly recommend everyone to must add sitemap of their blogs static pages to search engines.

Follow these simple steps to add sitemap of blogspot static pages to google search console:-

STEP1] Go To Google Search Console >> Choose the blog from the list.

STEP2] Choose Crawls >> Sitemaps from the left sidebar menu.

Crawl, Sitemap, Google Console

STEP3] Click on ADD/TEST SITEMAP button which is located at the top right side.

Static Pages Sitemap, Blogger Static Pages Sitemap

STEP4] Type sitemap-pages.xml inside the text field like as above screenshot.

STEP5] Hit on submit button.

If you want to add it on other search engines then same method is all search engines like bing and yahoo.

Thats it. You all are done.

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Why Your All Pages Not Indexed?

Sometimes pages sitemap may not index because google can only indexed those pages which have not been tagged as “noindex” or  “Custom Robot Tags“. So if you have selected the “noindex” option from page setting or it is by default then you have to uncheck “noindex” tag from page setting which is under post editor. For more details see below screenshot.

noindex tag, noindex, page editor blogger


So above guide is about, “How To Submit Blogger Static Pages Sitemap to Google Search Console?” We hope this guide may help you in getting some more attention from google and help you in increasing the rank on search engine result pages. Let us know if you need any help from us via using comment box. Do Share & Subscribe Us.
Thank You! Stay Blessed!


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