How To Set Number of Posts to Display on Label Pages

In previous we have share many tricks related to blogger platform and now in this post we are again with another blogger trick for all of you guys. Today we are here to teach you about setting(Limiting) the numbers of posts display on each label page on your blogger blog. This tricks is very easy to do but before doing it we want to share some knowledge about blogger labels.

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In blogger blog when you or your reader click on any label then he/she will redirect to on that label page on which they click with showing only posts from that particular label. By default setting it will show all the posts from that particular label and reduce the loading speed of your blog.

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A reader always want a fast loading blog and the only aim of this post is to set the number of posts on your blog label pages and make your blog label pages fast to load when someone click on labels. If you have not applied this technique which we are going to share with all of you on your blog then you should apply it on your blog.

Is your blog has already applied this technique or not? You can check it by going on your blog >> click on any label link of your blog and if your blog URL looks like then you don’t need to apply this technique if your blog URL looks like then you have to follow below guide to apply it on your blogger blog.

Applying Number of Posts to Display on Label Pages

As we have mentioned above the technique is very simple to follow. Every newbie can do this task on their blog but before doing any customization inside blogger template code area we highly recommend to download/restore a backup copy of your blogger template. Now lets get straight to work.

STEP1] Go To >> Template >> Backup/Restore your Template first.

STEP2] Click on Edit HTML button and after this click anywhere inside the blogger template code area.

STEP3] Now using CTRL+F search for below lines inside blogger template.


STEP4] Now replace it with below line.

 Note:  You can find above code few times inside your blogger template code are so you have to change it all the times with below lines.

expr:href=’data:label.url + “?max-results=7“‘

 Note:  You can change 7 to any number for decrease or increase the number of posts to display on label page.

STEP5] Now click on Save Template to save this technique.

Navigation Bar Label Link Setting

This method is only for your blog default setting and this technique is
not work if you are using a custom Navigation bar on your blogger blog.
So you have to change them also to reduce loading speed of your blog. To
making the changes inside custom menu bar you have to make changes like
below example.


For Blogspot Domains:

We have to change all Label” like links to Label?max-result=7“.

For Custom Domains:

We have to change all Label” like links to Label?max-result=7“.

 Note:  You can change 7 to increase or decrease to display posts on label pages.

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So above guide is about “How To Set Number of Posts Display on Each Label Pages in Blogger?” We tried our best to make guide easy as much as possible. If any case problem persist after following all above steps then ask us by using comment box. We will help you out sure. Do share and Subscribe us.
Thank You! Stay Blessed!


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