10 Tips to Reduce Blog Load Time – Make Blogger Blog Load Faster

Wanna reduce blog load time? Want to make blogger blog load faster? Wondering how to reduce blog loading time and speed up blogger blog? Don’t worry because here I brought a complete guide for all of you where I’ll tell you the major causes of; Why your blogger blog is taking too much time to loading and how to make it loading faster. 🙂

We all very well known about the importance of search engines for a blog. Now search engines are giving more importance to those blogs whose are very fast to load. So it is too important for a blogger to reduce blog load time and make it load fasters

Reduce Blog Load Time, Make Bloger Load Fast Faster

How To Reduce Blog Load Time?

Almost every new blogger fails in reduce blog load time because most of the guides available on the internet to reduce blog load time either unclear or incomplete.

Therefore, Today I’m here to share some useful tips on how you can reduce your blog loading time.

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Tips To Reduce Blog Load Time ( Make Blogger Blog Fast Loading)

Here, I’m going to share better ways to make blog load fast in and reduce the load time. Now, Get straight to read and understand these excellent nine tips. 🙂

Use A Fast To Load Template/Theme

Newbies always use that Template which looking attractive to their eyes, but they don’t know it can be dangerous for SEO of their blogs because some of the Templates which are available on the internet are designed by people who are not well skilled in HTML and JavaScript Language.

Do you know, An improperly scripted template like empty tags and broken JavaScripts often make the job tough for search engine robots to crawl the content of your blog.

The Browser also wastes time in reading broken scripts. If A JavaScript is not well coded, then it can also hang The PC of you reader. Imagine, If you are browsing a blog and your PC always hang whenever you browse the blog, Then will you open that blog again in your life?

So, Always Beware and never make a mistake to choose wrong templates for your blogs.

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Don’t Use Heavy Widgets

Some of the newbies start using widgets from unauthorized sites, and they don’t know the widgets they are using are taking very long time to load. As I’ve already mentioned above, fast loading speed is crucial to attracting search engines bots.

So, If you are using widgets which are taking too much time to load, then you should remove them and never lose a great opportunity to increase organic traffic to your blog. 🙂

Don’t Forget To Optimizing Images

Many times we are using some free images or custom images for our blog posts, but If you are not compressing them, then it will increase blog load time and not give any benefit to your blog.

I’ll suggest you use GIF and PNG images because both formats are well compressed, supported by all the browsers and also small in sizes. You should use maximum 50-60KB images in the blog posts to make your blog faster in loading.

If you are using images from Flickr but not compressing them, then they will never give you any benefit what you are supposing. Below I’m going to share a Plugin for WordPress users and a site for blogger users. Have a look on below list.

  • SmushIt WordPress Plugin This plugin has excellent quality because it is compressing the size of images without losing the quality.
  • TinyPNG This site is only for PNG pictures and just like the SmushIt plugin you can resize your photos without losing the quality.

You can also give proper dimension to the pictures because it will make accessible to browsers to load your blog images quickly. If original size of images is larger, then always decrease it as much as possible.

Don’t Use An Image for Body Background

Are you using an image for your blog’s body background? If yes, then kindly remove it because A body background image repeats itself vertically and horizontally and also it is responsible for 50% slow load time of a website. If you want to remove body background image from your blog then simply find the CSS code which is looking similar to below code.

body { background: #b7b7b7 url(http://xyz.com/blabla.jpg);
width: 980px;
color: #444;
font-size: 16px;
font-family: Georgia;
margin: 0 auto 0;
padding: 0; }

The code I’ve mentioned above will look different in your blog theme but similar to this. You have to remove image URL which I’ve bolded in above code from your theme.You should give a simple background color. #b7b7b7 refers to the background color, and you can change it by using my Color Code Generator Tool. 🙂

Choose A Better Host (For WordPress Users)

This point is for WordPress and custom website users. Apart from the templates and widgets, hosting is also majorly affecting the blog loading time. If you want to reduce your site loading time, then you should use the high-quality web hosting.

I recommend you to use BlueHost due to it’s better to speed and up-time. Compare to others; BlueHost provides fantastic services regarding fast to load websites, easy to customize, security and also much other stuff which also helps us in reducing blog loading time.

So if you want to take your blog to the next level then don’t go by considering only money while selecting the hosting. You should also think about the many other excellent facilities. If you are interested in buying a BlueHost hosting plan, then you can get it from here.

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Set Only 4-5 Posts To Display On Home Page

This is also another excellent track to reduce the load time of a blog. A large number of posts to display on the home page are also very harmful.

If you are a blogger user, then navigate to Setting >> Click on Posts and Comments and in the Show at Most option select 4 or 5. For more see below screenshot.

Reduce Load Time, Make Blogger Blog Faster, Reduce Loading Time Of Blogger

If you are a WordPress user, then you should navigate to Settings >> Click on Reading and in Blog pages at the show at most option type 4-5 or whatever you want. For more see below screenshot.


Reduce Loading Time, Make Blog Load Fast


Tip *7 – Never Use Widgets From Blog Directories that Use Pictures

If you’re using the famous recent viewers’ widgets by MyBlogLog and Blog catalog, then I recommend you to avoid it because these widgets use JavaScript link and also display images which are very harmful for your blog loading time.

You should use Meta Tags provided by them rather using their widgets because they are not taken time as widgets regarding load time. If you really want to use these widgets, then try to show few pictures on them, as low as 8.

Use Ads but In Limit

Nowadays monetizing A blog is very common and it is also good, but if you are blogging for only money by displaying a lot of ads, then you are misusing the beautiful world of blogging. Please don’t make a blog vegetable market.

If you are a Publisher of Google AdSense Ads, then I will recommend you to use asynchronous format instead of synchronous format because asynchronous ads are loading faster than the synchronous ads.

Eliminate All External Links

You should remove all external links files from your blog because it can be very dangerous to regarding loading speed of your blog. Check below list for better understanding.

  1. If you are using widgets, that are from external sites, then eliminate them from your blog.
  2. If you are using images from another URL’s rather than uploading them to blogger, then you’re again wrong.
  3. You should always save JavaScript codes inside your blog theme rather than on Google Drive or any other site.
  4. Don’t use StatCounter instead of it Use Google Analytics.

Remove Useless Plugins/Widgets

Don’t Use Too Many Widgets and Remove Unused Widgets Too.

In Conclusion of Reduce Blog Load Time

So above guide is about reducing blog load time and make blogger blog load faster. I hope you will like this post. If yes, then don’t forget to share this article with your friends by using any one of your social networking ID.

Have you any other ideas to reduce blog loading time? If yes, then please do share with my readers and me.

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Thank You! Stay Blessed and Stay Happy!


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