5 Newbies Blogging Mistakes You Should Avoid to Get Success

Newbies Blogging Mistakes – You’ve published several articles and updating your blog regularly. You’ve enough knowledge about Blogger and WordPress theme customization, but you’ve no audience to read your blog posts.
Newbies Blogging Mistakes, Newbies Mistakes in Blogging
Whenever you published a new blog post, then you think this one will generate traffic and social shares for your blog but in the last result is zero.

Something is not right there, No one wants to read your blog content, No one come back to your blog, Even you are doing your best. It is because you are either new to blogging or old but making these newbies blogging mistakes.

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When newbies start their blog, they are too much excited with a lot of themes, widgets, and plugins. They hope, One day, they will become famous but after spending a little time, they realize it is not easy.

But the main reason is these mistakes which newbies always make if they fix then get success and if not then fail. So let’s get started and understand, what you should avoid for taking your blog to the next level?

Newbies Blogging Mistakes

Mistake *1 – You’re Writing For Robots

Newbies always follow the rules of Pro bloggers and started to write unnecessary; long posts, but they forget they are writing for humans, not for robots.

Newbies think if they write long posts then they will index in Google search result faster, but they don’t know readers always hate long posts because longs posts make them feeling bored.

Long posts are only for How To Tutorials and some other categories which are related to tech niche. So stop writing unnecessary;, long posts and try to write meaningful content.

Mistake *2 – You’re Writing Complicated Content

Writing complicated is a sign of , but you can not use it in blogging because readers always like easy to read content. You’re not at your academy, school or college so stop writing complicated.

A pro blogger always shares simple examples and use simple language in their posts. It is true –

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. – Leonardo da Vinci

So whenever you write your next article then try to make your blog posts as easy to read as possible. There’s no need to write a high professional complicated content. Just try to help your readers with a clear message but using few words. If you save your audience time, then you will inspire them. 🙂

Mistake *3 – You’re Focusing On Counting the Words

Whenever you write you new post, then you’re always staring at your left corner side of the computer monitor for how many words you’ve written so far.

But guys this is not a good habit. Are you writing for robots? If you’re writing for robots, then it is good but if you want to impress your readers then don’t try to write long posts just for increasing words.

Now you think; maximum of my blog posts have 1000+ words, then why I’m saying this. But I’m not saying don’t write long posts; I just want to say don’t try to write long posts just for increasing word counting.

My each blog post published after a lot of research and when you write after studying then you can’t stop yourself to write long posts because in few words can’t share your all knowledge which you’ve learned. So don’t stare on my lengthy posts. 😉

Mistake *4 – You Always Write your Blog Post in 15 Minutes

If you’re writing your blog posts just in fifteen minutes, then I’m damn sure you’re not caring your post content, and this is the biggest mistake you’re doing.

Below I’m going to write a checklist for you. So read below and think Are you actually making these mistakes.

  1. You’re not checking your grammatical and spelling errors.
  2. You’re not caring about paragraphs.
  3. You’re annoying your readers with your unnecessary;, long posts.
  4. You’re not using some funny words.
  5. You’re using a very long sentence.
  6. You’re using complicated words in your posts.
  7. You’re not adding images for examples.

If you’re writing your posts by putting some hours or a day then, your article becomes easier to read with a clearer message and your readers will be grateful. 🙂 Here I’ve written a detailed article – 7 Top Writing Tips for Beginners to Write Like Professionals you must read.

Mistake *5 – You don’t know What is Your Blog Niche

Do you know what your blog niche is?

You’re writing what you have seen on other blogs or some other content which is not relevant to your blog niche.

If one day you’re writing for blogging and another day you’re writing about sports then your readers never comment on your blog because then haven’t a clue what about your blog is.

A niche always helps you in growing your audience day after day. Below I’m going to share some tips you must read and understand what you should do next.

  1. Always stay focused on your blog niche. If you have some posts on the same niche, then your blog traffic automatically increased day after day and week after week. For example – If you are writing on blogging niche, then you can write for how to increase blog’s PR, How to increase Alexa rank, how to increase organic traffic and blah blah blah.
  2. Find A Highly Targetted Audience – Audience comes to your blog again and again but only when then they know your blog is about a particular category.
  3. Develop Your Knowledge in Your Blog Niche – If you want to develop your knowledge you have to read other blogs regularly relevant to your blog niche, download and read free PDF files of professional bloggers and always try to do some experiments with your blog niche.

When you’ve dedicated audience for your blog, then you can make money from your blog quickly.

In Conclusion of Newbies Blogging Mistakes

So above are 5 Newbies Blogging Mistakes which You Should Avoid. I hope by avoiding these mistakes you’re on the way of being a new rock star of blogging. Every newbie makes mistakes when to start their blogging career, but you don’t have to anymore.

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