How To Load Disqus Comments When Scroll In Blogger

Everyone wants a fast to load blog and every blogger applying a lot of tricks to their blog to reduce blog loading time as much as possible. When you research on this topic, then you also find blogger’s default commenting system is also taking a lot of time to load and make our blog slow to load.

Load Disqus Comments, Disqus Commenting System On Scroll

But commenting help every blogger to know what their readers want and also it help us to view the remarks of our visitors. So you can’t ignore this must having comment plugin. But there are many other commenting systems are also available on the internet which you can use on your blogger blog. For example, Disqus Commenting System, IntenseDebate Commenting System, LiveFyre Commenting System.

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But when we search on the net to find a best commenting system to use, then you will find every blogger is advising us to use Disqus due to its user interface, fast to load, and also many other cool qualities. As you can see now, Here at MyBloggerGuides, I’m also using Disqus commenting system.

Now Disqus also give us the opportunity to make money by displaying content from the other blogs, and when someone clicks on that links, you get paid.

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Load Disqus When Scroll – Increase Blog Loading Speed

You can see, I’m also using this technique on my blog and find it very helpful to make my blog load faster. So if you also want to reduce your blog loading time then use this method on your blogger blog and follow all steps carefully which are given below.

STEP 1] Go to >> Click On Template >> Now Click on Edit HTML button.

STEP 2] Using CTRL+F search for </head> tag and paste below jQuery Script.

Note: Jquery is very important for this work but if you have already added a jQuery Code inside your blogger template, then skip this step and head over to next.

<script src=’’/>

STEP 3] Now again search for </body> tag and paste below code just above of it.

<script>var disqus_identifier=window.location.url,ds_loaded=!1;function loadDisqus(){var a=$(&quot;#disqus_thread&quot;),b=a.offset().top,;if(!ds_loaded&amp;&amp;$(window).scrollTop()+$(window).height()&gt;b){ds_loaded=!0;for(var c in a)&quot;disqus&quot;==c.substr(0,6)&amp;&amp;(window[&quot;disqus_&quot;+c.replace(&quot;disqus&quot;,&quot;&quot;).toLowerCase()]=a[c]);b=document.createElement(&quot;script&quot;);b.type=&quot;text/javascript&quot;;b.async=!0;b.src=&quot;http://&quot;+window.disqus_shortname+&quot;;;(document.getElementsByTagName(&quot;head&quot;)[0]||document.getElementsByTagName(&quot;body&quot;)[0]).appendChild(b)}}$(function(){0&lt;$(&quot;#disqus_thread&quot;).size()&amp;&amp;$(window).scroll(loadDisqus)});</script>

STEP 4] Now search for <data:post.body/> code and paste below code just above of it.

Note: This code is used to install anything below the post body, in-case you want to install the disqus comments somewhere else, then search for that code and paste below code just after it.

<b:if cond=’data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;’>
<div data-disqus-shortname=’MyBloggerGuides‘ id=’disqus_thread’/>

As you can see I’ve use conditional tags, So the disqus comments load only on the post pages, not on the homepage.

STEP 5] Don’t forget to change the disqus shortname from MyBloggerGuides to your own, you can see that in your disqus profile and after it save your template.

That’s it. Now open your blog’s any post and see it if working and if any case it is not working then drop a comment below. I’ll help you out of sure. 🙂

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So above guide is about “How To Load Disqus Commenting System On Scroll In Blogger?” I’ve tried my best to make this tutorial as easy as possible but if any case you are facing problem then ask me.

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