7 Powerful Tips To Increase Organic Traffic To A New Blog

There are infinite ways to increase traffic to a new blog like as guest posting, blog comments, link building, buying traffic from other sites and many other tricks also available but increasing organic traffic (Traffic from search engines) is one of the best but the hardest way.

Increase Organic Traffic, Improve Search Traffic, Get Organic Traffic

Search engines traffic (Organic Traffic) is most valuable traffic for every blog because it sends most targeted traffic to our blogs. So today I’m going to share actionable methods to increase organic traffic to your new blog and website but before you should know about profits of organic traffic.

Profits Of Organic Traffic

  1. The most profitable visitors always come from search engines to your blog/site because they are searching relevant to your website content and there are many chances, they would be your next client or customer.
  2. If you are using Google AdSense Ads to monetize your blog, then it’s also most profitable as users will see high CPC Adsense Ads, As they will see advertisements based on their search term.
  3. Another good reason to get search traffic is that you get targeted visitors thus it increases the chances to lower down bounce rate and because there are many chances of they will read more content on your blog.
  4. The one of the best profit is you are not going to spent a single coin on getting search traffic but you need patience, and you should know the right SEO tactics.
  5. If you’re getting traffic from search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo then you’re increasing the value of your website, and it will be very helpful for your blog in upcoming days.

Okay, now we are going to learn the smartest methods to get search traffic to a new blog, So read all tips carefully if you are serious about improving organic traffic to your blog/site.

Tips To Increase Organic Traffic

There are several tactics you can do to increase organic traffic to a blog, but the smartest method is using SEO. So, Let’s start learning these most powerful SEO tricks.

Tip *1 – Make Your Blog Easy To Accessible By Search Engines

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. You can apply several parts of SEO on your blog like as On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO and also On-Site SEO. If you have used these elements of SEO, then you’ve made your site easy to accessible and understandable for search engines.

Making your site indexable is not sufficient make sure your blog is also friendly to crawlable by search engine bots. Also, take care about Post Titles, Tags, URL Structure, Description, broken link, etc. These all things are very necessary to take care before publishing a new blog post.

Tip *2 – Edit Your All Old Blog Posts & Optimize The Meta Data And Content

After applying above trick to your blog, Next, Edit your all old blog post and optimize it for search engines. If you think what to edit, then here I’m going to write a checklist and see what to edit.

  1. Edit your post titles if they do not search engine friendly. Check this tutorial about writing SEO-friendly titles.
  2. Edit your post’s meta search description. You can check this tutorial about writing the SEO-friendly meta description.
  3. If possible then change permalink and permanently redirect your old link to new link. (This facility is not available on the Blogger platform.)
  4. Properly edit and use Image titles and Alt Tags.
  5. Read your blog posts carefully and if you find any grammar mistake, then correct it.

Tip *3 – Regular Write SE Optimized Quality Content

You’ve heard these words billion times. Write quality content; Content is king and Blah Blah Blah, and this is true. Always write content based on needs of your readers and which is relevant to your blog niche. For example – This article is for people, who want to learn tactics on increase search engine traffic and to make people understand how organic traffic will help their blog.

Writing quality content is not enough if you are not optimizing your blog content in several ways, which starts from writing SEO friendly post titles, writing SEO friendly meta search description tags, and using SE Optimized visual content with correctly using targetted keywords. Here are few articles on SEO. You should also read them to learn more from these most recommended articles.

1 – How To Write SEO friendly Post Titles?
2 – Things To Care Before Writing Meta Search Description Tags.
3 – How To Choose SEO-friendly Domain Name For New Blog?
4 – 5 Easy Tricks to Write Magnetic & Powerful Blog Posts

Tip *4 – Do Keyword Research

Before writing a blog post, you should do keyword research on that topic because this is one of most important part of writing SE Optimized blog content. According to me, The best tool is Google Keyword Planner as it can tell you the exact phrases visitors are using to search on Google.

So, Whenever you write your new blog post, you have to check the most popular keywords, but don’t be obsessed by the search volume. Sometimes, long tail keywords are more valuable, and you can rank for them more quickly.

Tip *5 – Don’t Forget BackLink Building

Link building is the essential part of Search engine optimization. Search engines always love quality backlinks and consider it as trust votes, but you should also care about bad links because they are participating in the late success of your blog.

So, it is important to have relevant and quality backlinks to your blog. Links also can be outbound links, reciprocal links, connect to another blog directly or indirectly but the only thing to remember is to get links from good PR and relevant niche blog.

If you’re buying backlinks, then you should avoid this strategy because after the Penguin update, Google considers this plan as spamming because you will get paid backlinks from irrelevant niche sites or from those sites which are also flag as spammy websites.

The best and powerful method to get backlinks to your site is by Guest blogging and leaving comments on reputed blogs. Write content which is not only unique but also encourage real backlinks, which will help the most in getting rank higher on search engines for your blog posts. For more, you can read this article – high-quality backlinks building strategies.

Tip *6 – Create Powerful Internal Links

Internal linking is also part of backlink building strategy, but I’ve written it in another heading because I want your focus on this strategy. Internal linking is one of the simplest and best methods to get back link without any cost.

So, whenever you write a new blog post, Do internal linking to relevant posts you’ve written before by using the anchor text you prefer. And according to experts, this method helps to attract visitors to stay on your blog/site and encourage them to read more content, and this is also valuable for SEO.

Tip *7 – Avoid Black Hat SEO Tactics

Many newbie bloggers use Black Hat Tactics like link farms to get the better rank on search engines and drive traffic, but it can result in getting your blog blacklisted. Sometimes you can get the higher rank on search engines through Black Hat tactics, but it doesn’t give you good results in the long term to increase organic traffic.

So always avoid unethical tactics and trust on White Hat Seo tactics because it provides you with the higher rank on search engines in a long term and helps you all the time in getting organic traffic.

There is not any rocket science or any secret to getting rank higher and increase organic traffic. You just need to apply strategies which are given above and have patience for several weeks and months.

Do you know any other technique? If yes, then please share with me and my readers via using the comment form.


So above guide is about “How To Increase Organic Traffic To Your Blog/Website?” I’ve tried my best to make these tips as easy to understand as possible, and I hope you’ve not any confusion related to this topic after reading this whole guide.

If you got confused, then ask me via leaving the comment below. I’ll help you out of sure. Don’t forget to subscribe us and share this article on any one of your social networking ID with your blogger friends.

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Jessica Hardy - October 5, 2016

really great post…thanks for sharing…
First you need to optimize your blog post properly, i.e title, description, image alt tag, internal linking, heading.
Visit http://carnivaldigitalmedia.com/

Paramjot Singh - October 5, 2016

Thanks, @Jessica Hardy For your valuable feedback.

Yes, When I thought about doing SEO, I always consider Post Title, Link, and Image Alt Tags at first place. If you're following these above steps, then trust me you're the next successful blogger in your niche.

Keep in touch with us for more upcoming tricks. 🙂


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