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Now when Google has provided the option of HTTPS encryption for blogspot blogs with non-custom domains, are you ready to turn on HTTPS on for your blog? But before that it is really important to understand the risks. If you are a blogger then and run your blog on blogspot then you must know about MBT. MBT is a popular blog for providing solutions to newbies and some days ago i came across a article of that blog, the 5 Major Disadvantages of using HTTPS for Blogger and then decided to fix these problems and now I’m here with a biggest solution How To Redirect Blogger Blog From HTTP to HTTPS with 301 Redirection. Before doing any changes we should know about 301 redirection.
How To Redirect A Blogger Blog From HTTP To HTTPS with 301 Redirection?

What is 301 Redirection?

HTTP is not 301 redirected to HTTPS: For redirection, a developer uses two types of redirection for explaining what kind of redirection they are going to do. Mainly, the types of redirections are:

301: Permanent Redirect
302: Temporary Redirect

Now, if you want to redirect your old blog to newer blog, you should use 301 Permanent Redirect because it will send all (almost) link juice from old URL to new URL. So, it means that you will not lose your ranking in search engines.
And, if you are not redirecting a URL to another URL permanently, saying, you will start working soon on the URL that you are redirecting, then you may use 302 method but it doesn’t pass any link juice from the redirector URL to the URL in which it is getting redirected.

After all, Blogger doesn’t redirect to using 301 method; it will help you lose your page ranking. And, it doesn’t even redirect from to using any method. – FIXED BY MY BLOGGER GUIDES Below is the problem which we are going to fix.

  1. Redirect your blog from HTTP to HTTPS;
  2. Prevent both, HTTP and HTTPS URL from being indexed;
  3. Make your blog safe from Panda penalty;
  4. A slight increase in traffic from Google [Not Myth].
The disadvantage of the tutorial we are going to share is- Your blog will not get redirected from HTTP to HTTPS if the visitor have disabled javascript in the browser. Now, what you can do is- Show notification to the user, forcing him/her to enable javascript. We will do this in our next tutorial in series.

301 Redirect Blogger Blog From HTTP to HTTPS

Note: – Doing the steps mentioned below, you are also preventing your blog from being penalized by Panda penalty.
  • Go To Blogger >> Template >> Edit HTML.
  • Search for <head> tag by pressing ctrl+f.
  • Now paste below code below of this tag.

<link href=’’ rel=’canonical’/><script type=’text/javascript’>
function check_secure() {
var secssl = /^https/i;
var blog = document.location.hostname;
var slug = document.location.pathname;
var subs =;
if (!window.location.origin.match(secssl)) {
window.location = “https://” + blog + slug + subs;

Note :- The bolded code above will make your blog safe from being penalized by Google according to its algorithm, Panda. The URL in the bolded code will help Google understand that what is the main URL of your blog and where to pass the link juice.

  • Change the orange color highlighted words with your blog’s URL. (Important: Don’t change HTTPS:// before the URL)
  • Now, save your template and you are done!

Important: – Find this code that is given below and make sure that the code I have given above is placed above the following code:

<b:include data=’blog’ name=’all-head-content’/>


Now, you have redirected your blogger blog from HTTP URL to HTTPS URL and, you also have made your blog safe from Google’s Panda penalty. I hope, you will get a slight increase in your blog’s traffic now because Google gives a better position to SSL-secured sites than non-SSL-secured sites. If you have any questions about the above script or HTTPS, feel free to comment below.
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