Smart Ways To Choosing The Best Domain Name for SEO

When you start a new website, The first and most important thing is choosing the best domain name for SEO because that decision will impact the Blog’s success in nearly every area. Whatever you try to promote or sell, your domain name will affect your brand and image. So today we will learn how to choose an SEO-friendly domain name for your new blog.

Choose SEO-friendly Domain Name, Select SEO-friendly domain

In the past, your long-tail keyword domain will get the higher rank on SERPs with a little SEO because of weak competition and now you can’t if you are not choosing an SEO-friendly domain name for your blog and if you’re not applied useful SEO tips-tricks. Now come back to the main point of the topic and learn how you can choose the SEO-friendly domain for your site.

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Problems During Choosing A Domain Name

Choosing an SEO friendly domain name can be a very tough task for newbies. When we search for a good domain, then we will face two problems.

  1. Domain name is already registered, or
  2. Domain name would be expensive to purchase.
And if you are also facing this problem, then you should try similar words or try to add one word to starting or ending with your targetted word means you should modify it if your choice name is not available. It will fix both of your problems. 🙂

For example – If you are trying, then you should try, or

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Few Great Tips To Choosing SEO-friendly Domain Name?

Here I’m going to share some great tips to choosing a domain name and make it brandable. Read these tips carefully if you are also going to purchase a domain name for your new blog.
Tip *1] Always Choose .com – The very first thing is selecting a domain name with .com extension because in most cases, .com is the best choice. .com is one oldest extension. For example, a the domain will be far less valuable than a domain. If you have any doubt, then read this article – 75% of all websites have a .com extension.

Tip *2] Use Targeting Keyword – You should use one targeting keyword in your domain name. Some of the newbie’s thinks, will keyword impact SEO? For those – Yes, Choosing A Domain name with a targetted keyword will impact SEO. Many SEO tutorial blogs also using targetted keywords like and Here are few advantages of targetted keyword –

  1. The presence of targeting keywords in the domain name was itself a ranking factor.
  2. The presence of targeting keywords in the domain name encouraged other webmasters to include.
  3. The presence of targeting keywords in the domain name automatically increased CTR.
  4. The presence of targeting keywords in the domain name looks like premium.

Tip *3] Make it Brandable – I mean to say, when you hear yourself, or someone else says it, then it should sound like a brand. For example – People always stay away from because it sounds like an advertisement and gives more value to

Tip *3] Domain Must Be Memorable – Always choose a domain name that user must be able to easily remember your domain name and get back again to your site to read more content of your blog.

Tip *4] Domain Must Be Easy To Spell – You should avoid commonly misspelled words it would be very harmful to your blog success, and also you’re wasting your money by making these mistakes.

Tip *5] Use 2 To 3 Words – If you are going to purchase the domain, then you should use maximum two to three words because it sounds good.

For example –,, and

Tip *6] Avoid Using Numbers and Hyphens (Signs) – If you want to get better rank on the search engines, then you should avoid numbers and signs in the domain name.

For example – If you want to start a blog using domain, then you should use instead.

These tips is enought to selecting a SEO-friendly domain name. So before purchasing you must aware of these important domain name choosing tips.

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So above guide is about “How To Choose SEO-friendly Domain Name For New Blog?” And I’ve tried my best to amke tutorial as easy as possible. If you have any doubt, then leave a comment below. I”ll help you out of sure.

Do you know any other tip related to the topic? If yes, then share with me and my readers via using comment box.

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