How To Add PHP Codes in Blogger [Easiest Trick]

How To Add PHP Codes in Blogger – PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. In 1994, Rasmus created PHP language. PHP is a scripting language and considered as the most dominant language for web development, but PHP programming language also used for some general purpose. It can be used in combination with various web template systems, CMS and web frameworks.
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However, Blogger platform is not supporting PHP language and users facing many difficulties to customize and implementing some new and latest developments but don’t be sad because of today I am here for share a trick by applying which you can add PHP codes in blogger hosting websites.

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How To Add PHP Codes in Blogger?

The results are not 100%, but it is better than not having a PHP code widget on your blogger site. So now I’m going to share a Step by Step guide to teach all of you how to add PHP codes in Blogger Blog.

STEP *1 – Creating A PHP File

For using PHP codes in blogger, You have to create a PHP file in which you have to add your PHP codes which you would like to use. Before save it, You have to check it carefully that file you have created is free from errors otherwise designs would not look good.

Below I’ve added a simple example of PHP code for beginners which will give a message of Welcome To My Site.

echo ‘<p>Welcome To My Site.</p>’;

After creating a file make sure that you are saving it by using .PHP extension. For example : mybloggerguides.php. You can create PHP files using Notepad which is the only free standard developing tool available to all of us.

STEP *2 – Find A Free Hosting Website For PHP Code Files

As I’ve mentioned above blogger platform does not give you the facility of using PHP files. Therefore, you have to find a free hosting site like as Google Drive Hosting and DropBox Hosting. I’ve already published detailed articles on how you can host files on Google Drive and Dropbox. You can learn from that articles how to host files on Google Drive and Dropbox.

STEP *2 -Adding PHP Code Link in Blogger

  • After following above steps, Login to Blogger Account >> Select your blog in which you want to add PHP codes.
  • You have to paste the following code anywhere you would like to display the gadget. Now it depends on your needs where you want to add the PHP code file in Sidebar, Footer, Header, Posts or Pages.

<object width=”500″ height=”300″ type=”text/html” data=” mybloggerguides.php“></object>

  • Don’t forget to replace mybloggerguides.php with your PHP file URL that you have uploaded to any hosting site like Google Drive or Dropbox.
  • That’s it.

Congratulations, Now you have successfully added PHP codes to blogger. Open your blog and see it live on your blogger site.

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So above guide is about How To Add PHP Codes in Blogger by following easiest steps. I tried my best to make the tutorial as easy as possible. Still, It is not the best technique to add PHP codes because we are using the iFrame method.  Do you know any other way of adding PHP codes in blogger? If yes, Then let us know via using the comment box.

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