How to Add LiveFyre Commenting System in Blogger

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Most of the blogger are frustrated with their default commenting system. They want to change their default commenting system with the new interface to interact more visitor and engage with them. Livefyre is also one of the most popular commenting systems for blogger. Actually, Livefyre pronounced as ‘Life-Fire’. It is the technology company that helps blogger publishers to make online communities through conversation.

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Livefyre in one of several options for adding a third party comments section in your Blogger blog. People like it or now, they cannot deny the fact that Livefyre comments loads faster then it’s competitors. Because of it’s easy to implement and use, live comments, social sharing and more; bloggers like to use it. To be honest, the default commenting system of blogger is not that bad. However, if you are looking for something special then you can add a third party commenting system in your blog.

How to Add LiveFyre Commenting System in Blogger?

If you have been thinking to add Livefyre comment system on your blogger blog, then follow this tutorial for successful installation of Livefyre on your blog.

Note: Before doing any customization inside your blogger template must download a backup copy.

Step1* Create Livefyre Commenting System Code for Bogger

  • First you need to signup for Livefyre and after that Go To You will not find Blogger in this menu, but don’t worry; it can still be installed in Blogger. The installation page will show options like WordPress, TypePad and Custom. Choose “Custom” option after adding your site URL, click on “Next” button.
Install Livefyre Comment System to Blogger

  • Livefyre will give you a code for the comments system. This code should be pasted to your blog, so copy the entire code as it is.
Livefyre Commenting System Code

Step2* Disable Blogger Default Commenting System

  • Now Go to Blogger >> Setting >> Post and Comments for disable the default commenting system for blogger. In the “Comments” settings, Change the option to hide for “Comment Location” and click “Save” button in top right of the window.

Step3* Add Livefyre Comment system Code to Blogger

  • In this step, you need to add code into your blogger blog. Go to Blogger >> Template >> Edit HTML.
  • Find below code and Paste the Code you have copied Above/Below of this code.

 <b:if cond=’data:post.showThreadedComments’>

  • Now, click on save button.
  • That’s it. You have successfully added Livefyre comment system to your blogger blog. 


So above guide is about “How to Add LiveFyre Commenting System in Blogger?” However, before giving a virtual high five to yourself, make sure that the comment system is working on your site. If you find any problem while adding a Livefyre comment system to your blog, feel free to ask us for help through the comment section below. Do Share.
Thank You! Stay Blessed!

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