How To Add DISQUS Commenting System in Blogger

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In one of our previous post we have shared “How To Add Livefyre Comment System in Blogger Blog” and now in this post we are going to share “How To Add Disqus Comment System in Blogger Blog“. Honestly, The blogger default commenting system is not bad but sometimes we want some extra features and for extra features Disqus is good choice for your blogspot blog.

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Comment box is a place in your blog where you and your readers can interact with each others to strengthen their relationship. If you are writing helpful articles on your blog then the readers of your blog will surely show their love through the comments and that time may be the turning point for you and your reader. You can also respond to their comment and can start making a good relationship with them.

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As we have mentioned above, ”Recently, we have shared a detaled article on how to add livefyre comment system in blogger blog” but one of our reader ask us about how to install disqus? That’s why, we are today here with detailed guide on How To Add DISQUS Commenting System in Blogger? But, before adding this widget to blogger blog, you should know about the benefits and features of disqus commenting system.

Benefits & Features Of Disqus Comment System

  1. Disqus has a really attractive design which may attract your readers to comment on your blog post.
  2. Disqus have real time threaded commenting system which will make discussion easier.
  3. You can also thumbs up and thumbs down others comments. If you like a comment a lot then you can thumbs up that comment to show that you liked that comment.
  4. You can also edit your users comment. This feature will help you If someone is adding links in their comments.
  5. If you have posted a wrong comment then that doesn’t matter. You can edit or delete comment easily.
  6. Your readers can comment by logging in from social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and many more. If your reader wouldn’t have any social account then they can also comment as a guest.
  7. You will also got an email notification for each and every new comment on your blog posts and many more features are available in this commenting system.
  8. DisQus commenting system has a great spam detector by which It will detect the spam commentators and will not publish that spam comment. Even it will also move that spam comment automatically direct to spam folder.
  9. You can also moderate comments so that you can approve quality and good comments. This will also stop spam comments to appear.

We hope now you want to add this commenting system to blogger blog. So lets learn how to add disqus commenting system to blogger blog.

How To Add DISQUS Commenting System in Blogger?

Step 1* Sign up to Disqus

  • Register a new account on disqus. Go to this link and then fill up the form or you can also sign in with your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ Account. Choice is yours.
disqus signup, signin disqus

Step 2* Add Disqus to Blogger

  • Now, click on “I want to install Disqus on my site” and after that fill up the form like below screenshot.
install disqus, configuration setting disqus, add disqus to blogger

  • Now click on ‘Yes, I understand Disqus is both comments and native ads‘ and after that select Blogger.
Select Blogger disqus, integrate disqus to blogger, click blogger disqus

  • Now, click on Add Your-Site to my blogger site and a popup window will open. Click Allow for give permission to disqus and after that select your blog and click on ‘Add Widget‘. 

disqus comment system blogger, add disqus blogger, blogger disqus

Step 3* Import Blogger Comments to Disqus.

  • To import comments from old platform to disqus, Click on Discussion > Import and proceed to the next step.
import blogger comments, importing disqus, diqus import comments

  • On import menu there will be two options, but we have to select “Import Comments from Blogger” and after that select a blog to import.
importing comments, blogger comments importing, disqus importing

  • That’t it.Congratulations, Disqus is sucsessfully added to your blogger blog.

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So above guide is about “How To Add Disqus Commenting System to Blogger Blog?” We hope you have added disqus to your blogger blog through this detailed guide. If anyhow problem persist after following all above steps then you can ask us via dropping a comment below. Do Share.
Thank You! Stay Blessed!

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