Grammarly Review: Is This Grammar Tool Worth It? [2017 Updated]

I updated this Grammarly Review in July 2017 to point out more pros and cons that I experienced this year.

Want to buy Grammarly and looking for Grammarly Review? Then, keep reading because today I'm going to give the best Grammarly Review of 2017.

What You're Going to Read Here?​

  • What is Grammarly?
  • Why Use Grammarly Premium Account?
  • Is Grammarly Worth It?
  • Pros & Cons of Grammarly.
  • How To Use Grammarly?
  • Grammarly Features.

Here we go;

There are many sites out there in blogosphere some are creepy and funny websites too and every site needs to check grammar mistakes because it is one of the most important part to attract readers and search bots.

Everyone doesn't know the fundamental of grammar, and they don't understand the sentences they are writing are free from grammatical mistakes or not.

Do you know, Inefficiency in English grammar is affecting our success in writing?

That's why, Today I'm here to share Grammarly Review which is most popular grammar checker tool of 2017.

Grammarly Review

Grammatical errors and Punctuation mistakes are one of the most common issues faced by Content Writers.

I can bet on it that nobody (content writers or students) is perfect in grammar and they always make silly mistakes while writing.

We always use various tools, software, applications, online sites like as Fiverr to hire someone to proofread our data. And we also use some paid tools to make our content free from grammatical errors, but we don't get 100% result even after using those paid tools and human proofreaders and this all process needs a lot of investment.

Don't you want to save your hard-earned money?

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I think everyone wants to save their hard-earned money because according to me, saving money is equal to earned money. That is the only reason behind of today's post ("Grammarly Review").

Grammarly Info

Total Users3000000+
DeveloperGrammarly, Inc.
Founded‎‎July 1, 2009
Founder(s)Alex Shevchenko and Max Lytvyn
Headquarters‎‎San Francisco
CEOBrad Hoover
UpdatedJuly 11, 2017

Let's start reviewing Grammarly;

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is a best grammar checker tool that helps writers to write flawlessly without making a single grammatical mistake. The tool is outstanding and works so beautifully because it will help you to check for spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors very quickly. If English is not your native language or you don't write that often, Grammarly can help you to write correct grammar sentence.

Grammarly Grammar Checker Review

I'd still recommend you to take the time to get your writing proofed though as no online tool can catch every mistake.

You can also change your writing preference from American English to British and back again; I use American English.

Within few seconds, It'll give you a list of all grammatical mistakes that you made while writing the content.

These all errors might be silly mistakes such as using "to" instead of "too" or disremembering to add prepositions where needed.

The Grammarly tool also provides Plagiarism checker and vocabulary suggestion tool.

In 2008, Grammarly was founded by Alex Shevchenko & Max Lytvyn. Later in 2011, Grammarly get a great CEO "Brad Hoover" who was also listed in San Francisco Business Times’ 40 Under 40.

The headquarter of Grammarly is situated in San Francisco.

According to the official site, they claim, Grammarly is the world's best online tool that improves your skills of writing and proofreads your content too.

According to the article of Wikipedia, Grammarly is a writing improvement platform. It's proofreading, and plagiarism resources check for blogger's and writer's adherence to more than 400 grammar rules.

Grammarly Features

Grammarly is not only a tool to proofread your article and make your content free of grammatical mistakes, but it will also assist you with many other great features, such as Plagiarism Checker & Vocabulary enhancement.

Let's know the features of Grammarly;

1. Grammarly Plagiarism Checker Review:

I already told you above in this article that if you're an article writer or hired some writers, then it is a must having tool for you.

When you hired some writers to write content for your blog, then how you can check, is the article you've purchased is unique or not?

So, here, in this case, you need a tool that can test the content you brought is copied or unique.

So, Grammarly offers Plagiarism Checker tool along with many other Grammar tools.

You can activate this feature from the left-hand sidebar options.

Whenever you enable this feature, Grammarly will scan the whole article and compare it with their database of 8 billion pages to check and show you if it is unique or not.

Plagiarism Checker

You can see in the above screenshot how Grammarly's Plagiarism Checker Tool works and tell us that content we're writing is copied because I've copied it from another web page to show you a demo.

2. Vocabulary Enhancement:

The next feature Grammarly provides us is Vocabulary Enhancement.

The vocabulary enhancement feature is one of my favorite feature of Grammarly Premium because it can scan our whole content and show us that we've used same words many times in the article.

It will also suggest you similar words that you can replace for those words which you have used two or more times in the same sentence or inside article.

You can activate this feature from the left-hand sidebar options. Look below screenshot for more information.

Grammarly's Vocabulary Enhancement Feature

3. Contextual Spelling Errors:

If you think why to use Grammarly if you already have MS Word which is the best tool available to all Windows users, then please think again, because there is a huge difference between Grammarly and MS Word. 😉

Spelling Errors

Grammarly is intuitive and checks your writing errors which would be ignored while using MS Word.

For example, words like best and rest, a and an, next and nest, effect and affect, my and may, lie and lay are too much complex for grammar checker tool to detect these type of little errors.

But if you use Grammarly, then you're safe from making these small but harmful mistakes.

Grammarly will notify you to fix your mistakes.

4. Repetitive Word Detection:

While writing a long note or even a blog post, we always used to write the many times whom meaning is also same. For example, have a look at below given screenshot.

Repetitive Word Detection

These type of small errors go unnoticed by us but not by the reader, and it can be a cause of losing readers because they can feel boring.

But, If you're a Grammarly Premium User then you're very lucky because it will help you to write grammatically correct sentences in your article, essay, or in any long note you write.

5. Advanced Grammar Rules:

Though Writing free of grammatical error sentences are not so necessary in social media, but in case, you are writing an essay or a blog post, then you should write 100% grammatically perfect sentence because it will help you in impress your reader as well as search engines.

Grammar Rules

To write grammatically complete and mistake free sentence, you need to be sharp about grammar rules like subject-verb agreement, Past, Future, and Present sentence.

But If English is a non-native language for you, then you can not write a perfect grammar sentence.

That's why today I wrote a Grammarly Review to share its excellent features and to give you some reasons to use premium Grammarly account.

Grammarly inbuilt unlimited features which automatically detect your grammatical errors and notify you to fix them. This grammar checker tool points each mistake with red-green underlines, and when you hover on that red-green notification, Grammarly highlights the errors you made while writing and give you some right options to fix those mistakes.

Here you can say, Grammarly is a personal Grammar Teacher who can help you 24/7. Really, It's better than your college's Grammar teacher. Lol 😛

6. Help and Support

Grammarly team is very supportive to their customers.

You can ask your queries using their online forum, via email, and by using the tutorial option which is available in Grammarly's premium account.

You can easily post and ask your queries to an online forum and get interact with other online users as well.

Overall, the help and support of Grammarly are awesome. 🙂

Grammarly Help Support

How to Use Grammarly?

How To Use Grammarly?

Grammarly is providing Both Free and Premium account. It means If you don't want to pay for the premium account, then you can also signup for a free account.

To use its free plan, just download the extension which is available for several browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, but there are some limitations in the free program.

Grammarly browser extension will assist you in Facebook (When you'll write any status or comment.) and on many other sites too. If you're a Blogger, then it is a weapon that can attract your readers and make them love your writings.

Okay, Now I will tell you, how it works!

1. Using Grammarly's Browser Extension (Download Here)

If you're a free user, then you can also download and use browser's extension of Grammarly.

As I've mentioned above, It is only available for Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox, so you need to download one of this browser to use it.

In the below-attached screenshot, you can see that I've written few words in Blogspot's Post editor and I've also installed the Grammarly extension on Chrome browser.

Grammarly Extension

So, You can see, it is automatically scanning the words which I've written and showing me the number of errors (Critical & Advanced) which I've made while writing the content.

If you see these errors, then you can correct it by clicking on that button, and a pop-up will open your browser.

Correct Grammatical Mistakes

So, you can see in the above screenshot your whole content is visible and available to edit with the underlined error on the left side, and the exact answer on the right side.

Another fantastic work of Grammarly is that it doesn't only correct your grammatical mistakes such as spelling errors or punctuation mistakes but also notify you if you've used any passive voice sentence.

Seriously, I'm in love with Grammarly's premium account.

2. Using Grammarly's Web Version.

Using extension of Grammarly is a very nice way to write perfectly but what if you're not a blogger and you're an article writer or student.

For example, If you're an article writer & using the MS Word to writing and providing Word file to your clients, or you're a student who writes a lot of essays on the daily basis.

Then you've to make your content free from grammatical mistakes.

At some moments, you don't want to use extension and want to try Grammarly's web interface to correct grammatical errors.

So, here are few steps that you need to follow, If you want to use the internet interface of Grammarly.

  • First of all, You need to create a Grammarly account, you can select the free version to check that is it useful for you or not.
  • Once you log in after creating the account, you'll see something like below screenshot on your PC screen.
Premium Grammarly Account
  • You can either upload any existing document or click on New button to copy and paste your written stuff.
  • After Uploading/Pasting, Grammarly editor will scan your all content to make it proofread.

You can see in the below screenshot; There are many errors and Plagiarism.

Web Version of Grammarly
  • Now click on the correct button to make your whole content free from grammar errors.

So, by following all above steps, You can quickly check, Is it free from grammar errors? Is it unique?

3. Using Add-In of Grammarly in Microsoft Word

Hmm, This one is another fantastic feature of Grammarly.

You can use Add-In of Grammarly in Microsoft word to Proofread your article.

When you first-time login to your account then you'll see a notification "Download the Grammarly Add-In now" just like as below screenshot.

Grammarly Word Add-In

But keep in mind that the Add-In of Grammarly will only work If you're a Premium user.

Here're few steps to download the Grammarly's Add-In on your PC/Computer. (Steps are simple as you install any other software in your PC.)

Step #1 Download the setup and then double-click on the downloaded setup file. (.exe file)

Step #2 Now select both options, Microsoft and Outlook and click on install button.

Step #3 After installing the Add-In, Login to Grammarly using your email id and Password to activate it. (Only Premium Account)

Step #4 Now, Open Microsoft Word or Outlook & you'll see the Grammarly option in the Menubar.

Grammarly Add-In

Step #5 Now, Activate this add-in to work on Microsoft Word & Outlook to make your content proofread.

Add-In feature of Grammarly will also show you some unnecessary words that can be removed from your content, or you can also ignore them and keep those words in your article.

Grammarly MS Word Add-In

That's it.

4. Using Grammarly Windows Native App

Grammarly Windows Native app is cool and an extra feature by Grammarly team. Now, you can feel the power of Grammarly on your Windows desktop/laptop.

Grammarly Native App for Windows

The working nature of Grammarly Windows software is just like as its web interface. So, you don't need any special guidelines to use it.

5. Using Grammarly Mac Software

Are you a Mac user and looking for an advanced grammar, spelling, and plagiarism checker tool? Great! Grammarly has launched Mac software for its users. Now you can feel the Grammarly power on your own Macbook.

Grammarly for Mac

The working of Grammarly Mac Software is similar to the web interface. But, you should pin Grammarly's icon to Dock. I love the MS Word Add-In for MAC users, and it is truly an appreciating work of developers.

Grammarly Mac also allows you to drag and drop your documents. Overall, it is an excellent job by the team of Grammarly because it has a unique and easy to use interface.

According to me, You'll love to having grammar checker power on your Mac system.

The Price of Grammarly

Grammarly Cost

"You can use Grammarly via a subscription which will cost you $11.66 USD per month for an annual plan, $19.98 USD per month for a quarterly plan, and $29.95 USD per month for a monthly plan. You can get discount on Annual, and Quarterly plan."

  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Annual

$11.66 USD per month.

Is Grammarly Worth It?

Ahh! Another stunning question.

And my answer is a big Yes because if we think about its working nature, then there is nothing better than this Grammar checker tool.

It can fix all misspelled words and grammatical errors while typing on the windows or in the Chrome browser.

So, Yes, Grammarly worth it and you should try its premium version.

Is Grammarly Safe to Use?

A good and must question.

I realize that Grammarly is a super fast grammar checker which can fix all misspelled words and mistakes while typing, It means they can also store our written data and misuse it.

BUT, I have searched a lot on the internet and also asked my mates who are a writer by profession and using it and came to know that till now no one has reported any such misuse.

So For now, I can conclude, Grammarly is safe to use. 🙂

Now, I'm going to compare the Free and Premium version of Grammarly.

Grammarly Free VS Grammarly Premium

As I've already said that Grammarly provides us two type of different accounts, Free version, and Premium version.

Premium one is coming with a lot of extra features which are quite useful for every Blogger, student, teachers, and writers.

Whenever you'll signup, it will ask you if you want to use the free version or a premium one.

Grammarly Free VS Premium

With the Free version of Grammarly, You can check 100 points of grammar, punctuation errors, and contextual spelling. The free version will work anywhere on the web with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari browsers.

If you're an article writer and you always write articles, the free version is good for you.

But in case you're getting articles from other authors, then you need to upgrade your account to the premium version to check the Plagiarism and Vocabulary enhancement which features are not available in the free version, then you should try its premium version.

The premium Plans of Grammarly starts at $11.66/month when you will buy it with a yearly plan.

Pros & Cons of Grammarly

Pros and Cons

There are not any disadvantage regarding its functionality. But there are a couple of problems that I know some people are facing while using Grammarly which are given below;

Grammarly is an excellent tool itself and has tons of services for us. I mostly like four benefits such as;There is not any disadvantage regarding its functionality, but there are a couple of problems that I know some people are facing while using Grammarly which are given below;
Plagiarism Checker - Google might consider that content is unique or copied while ranking and indexing your Blog articles. According to Pro. Bloggers, Google can penalize your Blog's post if the plagiarism score is over than 30%. So this can be useful for you when you hire someone to write your articles or while copying quotations & statements of other Bloggers in your post content.Accesibility of Grammarly is not available when you don't have a working internet connection to use Grammarly in a way to make its best use.
It can correct over 400 types of Spelling, Punctuation Vocabulary, and Grammar errors.Use of the web app space - After logging into the Grammarly dashboard, the navigation bar, and options panels are fixed, and footer section's area is also fixed for no reason at all. So, it is reducing the workspace to some extent.
Availability of Grammarly - You can use it as a web app, Microsoft Add-In, Computer Software, and using its extension.Mobile Problem - However, Grammarly is the best tool to write mistake free content, but it is not mobile friendly yet.
Highly Better Than MS Word - While checking the spelling and the Grammatical errors, I must say it is much better than MS Word.Not Working With Google Doc - Yes, Grammarly collaborates on every site to write content or to make comments on Facebook, but it is not working with Google Doc and Quora forum.

Quick Grammarly Review

So, this was the full Grammarly Review, and through it, I found Grammarly is best grammar checker tool till now.

Here is the quick review of Grammarly features that I loved most.

And these features can help everyone to improve their writing and speaking skills. I already told you above, I'm using Grammarly from last six months.

And now I'm feeling much better in speaking and writing.

As you all know that, I'm a non-native English speaker. And it is very hard for me to speak correct English with proper Grammar rules. But, Grammarly did it possible, and Now I can write more proper English with good Grammar rules than before.

Now, let's start the quick over of Grammarly's features that I like most.

Features of Grammarly

  1. Grammarly's Plagiarism Checker - No need to hire someone to proofread your articles. Because Grammarly is offering Plagiarism checker to their premium users. According to the experts, It is one of the best Plagiarism checker tools which are available on the internet.
  2. Vocabulary Enhancement - This one is my favorite feature of Grammarly. Do you know about Vocabulary enhancement? If not, then don't worry, I'll tell you. Vocabulary enhancement is a function that scans our whole content while writing and highlight those words which we used again & again in our content.
  3. Contextual Spelling Errors - If you're making spelling mistakes and using Grammarly. Then you're safe because Grammarly will detect all those spelling errors and give you some examples of fixing them.
  4. Repetitive Word Detection - While writing, we wrote same words many times in the content. And, as a reader, we feel irritating while reading same words again & again. So, Grammarly will detect them and notify you to change them if you want.
  5. Advanced Grammar Rules - Grammarly inbuilt infinite advanced features that automatically identify and fix grammar mistakes that you'll make.
  6. Browser Extension of Grammarly - Grammarly's extension also available for free users who are using Chrome or Firefox browser. While writing content on WordPress, BlogSpot, or on any other site you can use the browser extension to fix mistakes.
  7. Web Version - Web version of Grammarly is also available. You can upload your documents and check them if they're free from plagiarism and grammar errors or not. It's one of the best features that I loved most.
  8. Word Add-In - If you always writing your content in MS Word, then you can download Add-In to check & fix grammar and spelling mistakes.
  9. Grammarly Cost - You can try Grammarly via subscribing to annual plan which will cost you around $11.66/month, quarterly plan will cost you around $19.98/month, and the price of monthly plan is $29.95/month.
  10. Affiliate Program - Grammarly is also offering an affiliate program to webmasters and bloggers who are running Internet sites. They will pay you US$25 as an activation bonus and a good commission per sale. Keep in mind that Grammarly will not charge extra if someone buys from your affiliate link. 🙂

Check this video Grammarly Review. I hope you guys will like this too. 🙂

Credits: - Become A Writer Today.

My Experience With Grammarly

​A big thanks to the developer team of Grammarly who made such an excellent grammar checker tool. Being a Blogger, I'm in love with this excellent tool. Because it not only makes my content free from errors but also helps me to improve my grammar. If you don't believe me then you can check my previous articles of month June-July, 2016, you can find a lot of spelling mistakes and a rough writing skill. My most favorite features are Plagiarism Checker, Vocabulary Enhancement, Wordiness, Colloquial Speech, and Punctuation errors.

Final Words!

Being a Blogger If you want to boost your ranking on Google SERPs; I must recommend you to use Grammarly to write error-free articles.

When I checked my previous articles when I wasn't using Grammarly, then I found dozens of spelling errors & Grammatical mistakes. And I also found Accidental Plagiarism that was the biggest issue in my Blog post rankings.

Grammarly does that it promises. My mind was blown when I used it the first time by seeing its features.

If you've used it, then please share your experience in the below comment section.

Have you ever faced any problem while using Grammarly? If you faced any issue, then let me know, but I'm sure that nobody has faced any problem.

Did you like this Grammarly Review? Don't forget to leave your valuable thoughts in the below comment section.

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Grammarly is an excellent grammar checker tool which I've seen so far in my 2 years of blogging career. It can fix all grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors while writing the content. The most favorite feature that I liked the most is Plagiarism checker which makes it stands out from all other grammar checkers.

Grammarly is an excellent grammar checker tool which I've seen so far in my 2 years of blogging career. It can fix all grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors while writing the content. The most favorite feature that I liked the most is Plagiarism checker which makes it stands out from all other grammar checkers.

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