Grammarly Premium Free Account 2018 [3 Working Tricks]

Grammarly Premium Free

Hi! Looking for a working and legal trick to get Grammarly premium free account?

Grammarly is the best grammar checker tool in the internet history.

People, Who can't afford the premium version cost or who want to check its feature, they always search for a trick to get GRAMMARLY PREMIUM FREE account.

Grammarly Premium Free

Grammarly Premium Free Account

I'm using Grammarly from last 3-4 months, and now I can say, I've improved my writing skills, and all the credit goes to Grammarly team who made this excellent grammar checker tool.

If you're very new to blogging field or any writing area, then I would love to tell you that, spelling and grammar errors are the first things and because of it bloggers faced a lot of issues to rank a post and writers always struggle to become a successful author.

I started blogging in the year 2014, and for your information, I would like to tell you that I'm from India, where Hindi is the first language.

For a non-native speaker, the English language is very tough to speak and to write, and I faced a lot of troubles and made tons of mistakes, and just because of these issues I never ranked a single keyword in Google.

How to Get the Grammarly Premium Free Account?​

Grammarly Premium Free

Grammarly Premium Free

All the times when I published a post on my blog, then I was checking the position of keywords in the Google's SERPs by using any google rank checker tool, but as told you above, I never got success to rank a post in Google.

Then, I started reading blogs to know what things needed to rank a keyword in Google, and finally, I found my biggest mistake "Grammatical Errors."

Now, I started to search for a tool that can fix all spelling and grammar errors automatically.

I used many online tools, but I was not satisfied with those tools, and after 2-3 months I used "Grammarly."

I can't share my feelings by the mouth words how I was feeling that time.

Grammarly is a boon for writers and bloggers.

Now, I'm getting a lot of invitations by emails to write for others, and they're offering me a handsome amount. 🙂

Click Button Below To Get Grammarly Premium Free

So, I will recommend you to don't waste your hard-earned money to proofread your articles because Grammarly has all features that a writer and blogger want.

To be honest, I searched a lot of Grammarly alternatives, and I got many results too, but not a single tool works like as Grammarly.

So don't waste your valuable time and go with Grammarly.

Today in this post I came up with the two best ways to get the GRAMMARLY PREMIUM FREE account.

Both tricks are working and legit too.

If you're not a student, teacher, or a staff member of the university which is offering free Edu Grammarly premium account by using Grammarly access code and you're using this service, then you're in the risk.

Using access code without being a university member is not legit, and Grammarly can surcharge you for it.

So, don't use this type of service.

Let's start the tutorial to get the Grammarly premium account free.

As I told you that, I would share two different ways to get the free Grammarly premium account.

Both are legit and working tricks.

Let's scroll down the page and learn how you can get this service for free.


By Using Our Special Link [7 Days Premium Account]

Grammarly Premium Free

Grammarly Free

The method is very easy to get the free premium account of Grammarly.

You don't need any special skill to get this free premium service for free.

Just scroll down the page and follow all steps to get the Grammarly Premium for free. 🙂


​First clear cookies and cache of your browser.


​Now click on this link.


​Download Grammarly's Chrome extension and then fill all the details like as; Your Name, Email ID, and Password.


​Fill all other necessary details and hit on Sign Up button.

That's it. Enjoy one week of the premium trial of Grammarly.​


By Becoming An Affiliate

Grammarly Premium Free

Become An Affiliate

Important Note: This method is not just to earn $25 as a activation bonus. Follow this method only if you are interested in promoting Grammarly. They (Grammarly affiliate team) want affiliate partners who can refer users to their website. Don't mislead this service just for a few bucks. Thank You!

This method is especially for bloggers and webmasters and by following this way you can get one month of free Grammarly premium account service from the Grammarly team.

Not only one month of free premium Grammarly account but also you can get US$25 by writing a Grammarly review article on your blog.

Confused How?

Okay let me explain it briefly, Grammarly have an affiliate program for webmasters, and they are offering $25 activation bonus if they accept your affiliate program's joining request.

The only con of this method is, People who don't own a website can not get this offer.

If you owned a blog or website, then must go with this trick and apply for Grammarly affiliate program.

If you're interested in becoming an affiliate seller of Grammarly, then use this link to apply or click on button below.

You can also send a proposal by mail to Grammarly affiliate team, but the first sign up for a free Grammarly account using button below.

Hi Grammarly Team,
I'm Paramjot, and I write at My Blogger Guides is one of the best and fastest growing blogs in "your niche/field of blogging" with a handsome number of unique daily visitors.
I'm using Grammarly free version from last "time" and I''m very impressed with its features.
I have an offer for you.
I want to write an article for a review of Grammarly on my blog and for this, Will you please honor me one month of premium Grammarly account for free.
Please let me know if this proposal sounds good to you.
Paramjot Singh

Tip: After publishing a review post on your blog, don't forget to send the post's link to the Grammarly team. Otherwise, you'll not get this offer from the affiliate team. 🙂

Note - If you want to buy premium account of Grammarly and looking for a good Grammarly discount. Then I would love to tell you that, Grammarly team is offering an excellent discount offer to my readers. Check this Grammarly Discount post. :)​


By Referring Your Friends (7 Days)

By Referring Your Friends

By Referring Your Friends

This trick is one of my favorite. You can get extra 7 days of premium account for every friend you will refer and one week of free access to your friend too. This is a win-win deal for both of you.

Let's learn how to get grammarly premium free account for 7 days by referral link system. Here we go;


Create a Free Gra​mmarly Account using this link.


Now, Click here and get your referral ​link.


​Invite your friends to Join Grammarly and tell them they can get 7 days of Grammarly Premium account for free.


A​sk them to tell you after signing up to Grammarly so that you can check your Grammarly free premium subscription period. You can check your Grammarly premium free subscription by clicking here.

Let's Suppose that if you've ​referred 20 friends then you'll get 140 days of free Grammarly premium account without investing a single penny.

Isn't it a great deal? :D​

Final Words!

Above in this article, I tried my best to tell you about how to get Grammarly premium free account.

I hope you guys will like this article.

In case you want any help from me or if you have any query regarding this, then feel free to ask me.

For this, you can use below comment box.

I will try my best to assist you.

Don't forget to share this articles with your mates so that they can also enjoy this free Grammarly account service.

Do subscribe us to get future updates direct into your mailbox. Thank You. Stay Happy!

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These are the legit ways to get Grammarly premium free account, and If you have a blog, then you can also earn a handsome amount. I hope you'll like this article for sure. 🙂

These are the legit ways to get Grammarly premium free account, and If you have a blog, then you can also earn a handsome amount. I hope you'll like this article for sure. 🙂
Paramjot Singh

Hey, How you all are? Myself Paramjot Singh, A young (Not Old :P) addicted Blogger from Lucknow, India who want to learn Aha to Shit of the Blogging. I'm blogging since 2 years, and here on My Blogger Guides, I'm sharing my little mind knowledge which I learned in these past two years. :)

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