Grammarly Cost: Is Grammarly Premium Worth It? (2021)

I've updated this Grammarly Cost article in June 2021 with the latest and new pricing plans of Grammarly premium. So, If you're willing to upgrade Grammarly free plan to premium plan, then must check pricing plans so that you can analyse which plan is more profitable for you.

Do you want to know the Grammarly Pricing?

If yes, then you're at right place because today here I'm going to discuss about it.

Before starting, I would love to tell you that Grammarly also offers a free plan to those customers who don't have the budget to buy the premium plan.

Unfortunately, Free customers can not access the premium plan features like as; Plagiarism Checker, Vocabulary Enhancement, and many others too.

Grammarly Cost Price

Grammarly Cost

Grammarly Cost

Grammarly Cost

Today here in this post, I'll discuss all premium cost pricing plans of Grammarly along with its best features.

But before that, I want to write few lines about Grammarly because some of you may be very new to this grammar checker tool.​

What is Grammarly?

grammarly cost

Grammarly Cost

Grammarly is an online grammar checker tool that can fix our grammatical mistakes quickly and easily. 

Grammarly also offers Plagiarism Checker and Vocabulary Enhancement in premium plan and these both features are excellent for Bloggers and Writers.

​If you're not a native speaker or your grammar is weak, then I would recommend you to use Grammarly tool because it is the best weapon for you to write flawlessly without making grammar errors.

According to the official website, they claim, Grammarly is the world's best Grammar errors fixing tool which can help you to proofread your writings and also improve your writing skills as well.

According to the WikiPedia, Grammarly is a writing improvement platform. It's proofreading, and plagiarism resources check for blogger's and writer's adherence to more than 250 grammar rules.

For more information regarding this grammar checker tool, you can check this Grammarly Review which is written by me.​

Try Grammarly For Free!​

Grammarly Price

Grammarly Price

So, today you're here to know how much does it cost to use Grammarly premium, Right?

Okay, Let me tell you how much does grammarly cost;

Grammarly Cost Pricing

Grammarly offers monthly, quarterly, and annual subscription plans for the premium version.

You can upgrade to the Grammarly Premium by a subscription that will cost you $29.95/month for a monthly plan, $19.98/month for a quarterly plan, and $11.66/month for an annual plan.

Grammarly Premium will help you to identify more grammatical errors than a free version. It will also show you more information in detail for all mistakes which you'll make while writing.

Grammarly team offers a discount on annual ​and quarterly subscription plans (i.e. it’s a study aid).

Let me show you a table of Grammarly pricing plans;

How Much Does Grammarly Cost?

[table id=1 /]

Is It Worth Paying For Grammarly Premium?

I'm using Grammarly from last two years and this one year is awesome for me because I've improved my writing skills by using this tool.

After using this tool, I can heartily say Paying For Grammarly Premium Is A Worthy Investment. You will get these several things by using it;

  1. You can boost the performance of your writing skills,
  2. Avoid making spelling and typo-mistakes,
  3. You are safe from all accidental plagiarists,
  4. Google will love your content and sky rocket your rankings in SERPs,
  5. If you're a professional writer or want to be, then this tool will be your permanent teacher and helper,
  6. You are safe from writing vocabulary words and much more things too.

What else you want?

I would like to recommend you to buy a premium plan of Grammarly because it will help you for sure to improve your writing skills and to proofread your articles as well.

Always keep in mind that investing money in good and useful things can help you in making a huge amount of money.

Grammarly is your digital eye to track and scan all your writing works and fix all errors if you have done any.

So, must go for the premium version if you want to be a Mr. Perfect Writer. 😉

Grammarly Pricing - Subscription Plans

In Grammarly premium, you can check advanced grammar rules, spelling, and punctuation errors.

Grammarly pricing plans are given below;

  • Grammarly Monthly Cost: $29.95/month.
  • Grammarly Quarterly Cost: $19.98/month ($59.95/yearly).
  • Grammarly Annually Cost: $11.66 USD/month ($139.95/yearly).

Note: - Plans which are more than one will be billed as one payment.

Payment will be converted to USD from your local currency at the current change rate at the time of subscription.

You can pay using your credit card, PayPal, and debit card (except for Visa Electron debit cards, Mastercard Maestro, Interac).

Grammarly Pricing For Students

grammarly cost

Grammarly Cost For Students

Just like as individual users, Grammarly is offering three types of plans to students which are given below;

  1. Monthly,
  2. Quarterly, and
  3. Annual subscription plan.

Grammarly Premium can fix all type of typo mistakes as well as grammar errors too.

Grammarly Student Pricing Plans are given below;

  • Cost Of Monthly Plan Of Grammarly Premium is $29.95 USD per month,
  • Cost Of Quarterly Plan Of Grammarly Premium is- $19.98 USD per month, and
  • Cost Of Annual Plan Of Grammarly Premium is $11.66 USD per month.

Payment will be converted to USD from your local currency at the current change rate at the time of subscription.

You can pay using your Paypal account, credit card, and debit card (except for Visa Electron debit cards, Mastercard Maestro, Interac).

Grammarly Cost For Business Plan

grammarly cost

Grammarly Cost For Business Plan

Grammarly Business is a new program launched by Grammarly and it is best fit for all those groups and companies who wants to take their team to the next level.

Grammarly business plan cost is $10 per user/month. You're saving a huge amount of money because individual plan of Grammarly will cost you $29.95/month.

If we calculate and compare both of the pricing plans then we are saving nearly 65% per user.

So, If you have a good group of friends then go for it.

T & C Of Grammarly Business Plan - If you're interested in this plan then make sure your group has minimum 3 members because grammarly business plan starting at 3 users and maximum as much as you have.

How To Subscribe To The Grammarly Premium?

It's very easy to subscribe to the premium plan of Grammarly. Just follow below steps to get discounted by Grammarly;

  • Click Here to go to the Grammarly Websites.
  • Now, click on the red button (Add to Chrome it's free) to add Grammarly's extension on Chrome Browser. See below screenshot for more information.
  • After installing up of extension, fill required details to do signup and then click on submit button to complete the signup procedure.
  • Now, Click on "Get Grammarly Premium" Button to select a premium plan as per your budget.
  • Fill Payment Details (Paypal, Credit Cards, Prepaid Cards).
  • That's it. Now, enjoy your premium Grammarly account as per your subscription plan.

Note: The first step after clicking on any above link is to add the extension in your browser. If you already have installed the extension in your browser, then first delete (Uninstall) it otherwise you can't get annual plan at discount.

Final Words On Grammarly Pricing

So, above we discussed about Grammarly cost pricing plans.

I hope, If you were searching for "How Much Does It Cost To Use Grammarly", then you ​find your answer here.

​If you have any further query, do let me know by using below Disqus comment box. I'll try my best to help you out for sure.

Now, It's your turn to subscribe us for future discount offer updates and if you can then share this post with your friends, classmates, teachers, and relatives to tell them about Grammarly grammar checker tool & its cost pricing plans.

Thank You! Stay Blessed!

Davi L.

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Louis Babineau - November 8, 2018

Im am 84 yrs old and,I having been retired for twenty years, I do very little writing. My mother tongue is French, and I would prefer Grammarly in the French language if it is available. If not,I would prefer not to susbribed for for the time being. Kindly remove my name on your list. In spite of this, I can see that is is a good tool for someone who does a lot of writing.

Yours truly,

Louis Babineau

Brad Hodor - June 24, 2019

Great information and insight. Definitely sold me on purchasing premium. One error – in the Grammerly subscription plans section, the Quarterly cost should be 59.94 Quarterly or 239.76 Yearly.

simona iubatti - May 15, 2020

salve, non so se questa è la sede opportuna ma non so come contattarvi. nn capisco come ho attivato questo programma io non ho fatto nessuna richiesta nè procedimento di acquisto, ma mi è stata scalata la rata mensile e il cambio valuta dal conto per questo Grammarly. non ho interesse ad usarlo e non voglio pagare di nuovo il mese prossimo senza saperlo. come si può disattivare ed essere rimborsata? è possibile ricevere info in merito per cortesia? prima di rivolgermi ad uffici di controllo. grazie

    PJ S. - October 20, 2020

    Hi there,

    To deactivate auto subscription, Go to My Account >> Subscription >> Remove your payment method (Future Subscription)

    Sorry for the late reply 🙁

Janet Layden - November 30, 2020

I have 2 quick questions.

#1 Does Grammarly have a semi-annual plan? Any discount?

#2 What is your cancellation policy?

Thank you.


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