Grammarly Black Friday Sale 2020

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Grammarly Black Friday 2020

Grammarly Black Friday Sale 2020 is live now, and if you want to buy Grammarly premium, then this is the right time to grab it.

Yes, Grammarly team has been participated in the Black Friday and offering a huge discount to their customers. Click on below button to grab this Grammarly Black Friday offer before expiration.

Grammarly Black Friday

Grammarly Black Friday

Newbies always make a lot of grammatical mistakes while writing and they don't have enough experience to write error free content.

But, believe me writing error-free content is necessary to rank on Google and other search engines because according to many SEO analysts, Quality content always helps to rank any keyword.

If you're a student or a freelance writer and you have a lot of daily writing work, then don't miss this chance. Just click on the above given link and subscribe to Grammarly premium plan.

How to Get Grammarly Black Friday Discount Offer?

Grammarly Black Friday

Grammarly Black Friday

So, if you want to know the method to get Grammarly Black Friday 2020 Sale discount offer, then don't worry. I'll tell you the whole way.


First off, Click here to activate the Grammarly Black Friday Sale discount offer and after clicking you'll be redirected to Grammarly's site. Grammarly Black Friday offer is activated successfully.


Now, click on add Grammarly extension to your browser.

Grammarly Black Friday

Grammarly Extension

Step-3 :

After installation of Grammarly extension, you'll be asked to sign up. Fill your details in Sign up form and hit on Sign Up button.


Now choose annual Grammarly subscription plan because you can get 61% Grammarly Discount if you go with the yearly plan.


Once you have selected your preferred subscription plan, and after making the payment, you can enjoy this fantastic grammar checker tool.

The Cost of Grammarly


grammarly black friday

Features of Grammarly

There are many features out there in Grammarly which are very helpful to write flawless content, but I will only mention best ones here. So don't think that Grammarly has only these features. Let's discuss the features of Grammarly.

1. Plagiarism Checker

I believe there are no need to tell you what the hell is Plagiarism because it is a well-known word for all writers. Grammarly has a massive database of 8 billion web pages, and whenever you write content for your blog, then it will scan your content and tell you whether your written text is copied or not.

Many writers are daily investing a lot of money to proofread their articles. But, why to waste that money if you can own this plagiarism checker tool?

Grammarly's plagiarism checker tool is one of the best ones till now in the online market.

2. Spelling Checker

We all make a lot of silly spelling mistakes, but this tool can scan all our content and highlight all error with the red underline. Not only detection but also suggest us the words which we actually want to write that time.

3. Grammar Checker

This is the feature why Grammarly is famous. Its name tells what it is for. You can ask anyone in the online field; Which is best grammar checker tool? The only one word you will listen which is Grammarly. 🙂

4. Vocabulary Enhancement

Vocabulary enhancement is another feature that I liked most. This feature saves you from writing the same meaning of words again and again and suggests few more words that you can use in their place.

5. Repetitive Word Detection

While writing a new long article, we always write same words two or three times in the sentence, but if you're using Grammarly, you are safe from making this silly mistakes.

Pros & Cons of Grammarly

There is nothing perfect out there in this world, so how can a tool could be 100% okay? Not, nah? Hmm.. Yes, you're right but believe me or not this grammar checker tool is world's best till now. So, let's have a look on the Pros and Cons.


  1. Very helpful tool for writers, students, and Non-Native speakers.
  2. You can check if your content is free of plagiarism or not.
  3. It is available as a browser extension, web app, MS Word Add-In, and Desktop software.
  4. It can correct over 250 types of Spelling, Punctuation, Vocabulary, and Grammatical mistakes.
  5. Advances grammar rules.


  1. Not available for mobile users yet.
  2. You can not access it without the internet connection.
  3. Not working with Google Doc and Quora forum.

Help and Support

Grammarly Black Friday

Grammarly Black Friday

Grammarly team is very supportive to their customers. You can ask your queries using their online forum, via email, and by using tutorial option which will be available in Grammarly's premium account. You can easily post and ask your queries to online forum and get interact to other online users as well. Overall, the help and support of Grammarly is awesome. 🙂

Final Words - Grammarly Black Friday

So, this was the Grammarly Black Friday Sale article including its features, pricing details, Pros/Cons, and other necessary information.

I tried my best to help to provide you best Grammarly Black Friday Deal.

If you have any query regarding Grammarly Black Friday Sale, do let me know please.

I'll personally assist you. Just ask your queries using below comment section.

Thanks and Happy Black Friday.