Funny Websites: Top 10 Most Funny Websites Names List (2018)

There are billions of sites there in the Internet database some are and funny websites too.

Most of the sites are about information, news, games, movies, SEO/Blogging, and much more on other topics too.

Just like these sites, there are also a good number of funny websites are also available on the internet.

Some of us want to enjoy their dreary days by online reading so that they can laugh and fresh their mind.

Everyone is not living with family, so the internet is the only best friend to get rid of loneliness.

Funny Websites

Funny Websites

Top 10 Most #Funny #Websites 2018

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To find Funny websites, you have to surf several pages on Google and other search engines too, but, it is not so easy as you’re thinking because people are spamming the internet by worst sites every day.

So, to make you this job easy, I brought top 10 funny websites list of 2018, and I’m damn sure after scrolling down this page, You don’t have any need to search on any search engine again.

But, If you really don’t want to search funny websites on search engines again, then bookmark this web page because we will update this page every month, and if you know any other funny internet sites, then please let me know by dropping your valuable comment using Disqus comment box.

So, Now scroll down and let’s check all sites.


Funny Websites is created by Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, and Chris Henchy.

The website is providing videos, pictures, and some funny articles that can make you laugh.

When I feel dull, then Funny Or Die is my first choice to open and watch some Funny GIF images, and videos too.

You can check this funny website by clicking on below link.



2. FUNNY JUNK is another website after that I loved the most and also suggest you check this site because It also blows up your mind by funny GIF images, videos, and much more other funny stuff.

If you’re interested in checking this website, then click on the link which is given below;



Most Funniest Websites 2017 is one of the famous places to watch and to enjoy your free time.

They claim, Cheezburger has all your funny in one place.

Cheezburger is now the well-settled company which was founded in 2007, and this site is getting millions of people every day who want to laugh out loud whenever they feel boring.

If you want to enjoy your day by watching funny videos, then it is the best choice, and you should go with this funny website.

Click on below link to open this interesting site.



Funny Websites List 2017 is an interesting website that you’ll also like because on this site you can watch funny pictures, funny baby videos, funny cats, cheerleaders, and many other things that can make you laugh out loud for sure.

I’m damn sure after surfing this funny website; you’ll surely have a break from your daily routine. Click on below link to check out this site.



Funny Websites List

If you are a picture loving person and you’re feeling dull, then is a good choice, and you should go with it.

Because it has a vast collection of funny images that you can like without creating any ID.

Just click on Like icon and allow the Facebook application to like those funny photos.

Quickmeme is one of the funny viral website in the US and all over the world.

Push your mouse button on below link to open this funny website.



Funny Websites Names

CollegeHumor is not for those who are under 18. 😛 If you love non-veg (Dirty) jokes, dirty pictures, and 18+ videos then this site is only for you and you should go with this site.

If you want to see pictures, then click on pics link and there you will see a lot of GIF images which can make you laugh for sure. 😀

You can also upload you own created GIF image on this site. Click on below link to open this funniest website.


7. 9GAG

Funny Websites for Boredom is one of best funny websites from whose global Alexa rank is only 182 as per on 24/01/2017.

If you are a picture loving person and if you want to see funny quotes on images so that you can enjoy your free time, then this one is the best choice for you.

Usually, 9gag focusing on relationship jokes, GIF pictures of cats, tech, and other things too.

You can open this funny site b clicking on below link.



Funny & Interesting Websites

Buzzfeed always posts funky buzz by gathering it from several social networking sites and all over the internet.

There are various categories on the website where the admin is posting a lot of funny stuff.

You can check all categories like; LOL, OMG, WTF, Fail, and WIN because every single category has different weird things there.

Check out this site by clicking on below link.



Interesting & Funny Websites is very famous because of entertaining youtube videos.

Smosh was founded by Anthony Padilla & Ian Hecox, and they both are handling this funny website by uploading funny videos, pranks, pictures, and also games.

There is also a forum at this site where you can discuss with your peers.

Check out this site to fresh your mind.



Most Funny Websites List was founded in November 2008 by Leo Resig and his brother John Whom.

Many other persons handle this website like as Rick Aka, John, Emily, Megan, and Bob. is world’s best entertaining video-based website.

So if you are a video loving person, then this one is the best choice for you.

This site also provides funny photos collection, funny pics of cats, and so on.

Click on below link to open this website.


Over to You!

So above I shared most funny websites names for the boredom of 2018.

I hope you guys liked this article which was about funniest sites list of 2018. Not enough?

If this list is not sufficient, then please let me know which site you are aware that is most entertaining from this list, and I’ve missed.

Well, Now, let me know which site is so funny from above list.

I did my job now it’s your duty to share this article with your friends, relatives, and parents by using any of your social networking ID.

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Thank You! Stay Happy. 🙂


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