Find Blogger Blog by Specific Country, Interests and Keywords

Find Blogger Blog by Specific Country - Interests and Keywords

According to us the most amazing platform for blogging is Google Blogger. As a Blogger we don’t know all the features of BlogSpot. Now a days there are zillion of readers reading Blog on internet everyday for reading interesting things. Most of readers use search engines for their queries to get their specific need. Many of readers want to read local blog and in native language but it’s very tough task to get local blogs on search results and search results are totally depends upon the search engine. So if you are also one of them who want to read local blogs in their native language, read by interests or read by keywords then this post have your answer for how to find blogger blog by location, interest and keywords?

How To Find Blogger Blog by Specific Country - Interests and Keywords?

Google blogger have many features That’s why we always using blogger platform for our blogs. Blogger platform has also the opportunity to search blog by specific country, locations, keywords and interests. You can easily find your desire blog as a search result. We will show you how to make search query to find out blogs by locations, keywords and interests.

This feature is worked on Blogger profile keyword, Suppose any blogger has added information about their location, favorite book, music, movie in their blogger profile and when you make query Google Blogger display their profiles which are matching query keywords. In a result you first visit a profile and after that their blog. We think now you are getting bore. 😉 Okay now we will learn how to make these queries. 🙂

How To Search Blogger Blog By Specific Country?

This is very interesting method by this we can easily find local blog means blog by specific country. Okay! Check out below URLs and find your ones.

Sounds Interesting, Right? Okay, now we are going to little deeper. If you want to search blog with specific location of specific country then use below URLs.

Search Blogs by Interests (Keywords)

You can also find blogs of your interests by using keywords. Look below and learn how to search blogs by interests.

Note: To find blog based on your interests Change KEYWORD With your Interest (Interest Keyword)

Search Blogs By Favorite Book , Music and Movies

You can also find blogs of your favorite music, books and Movies by using below trick. Look below and learn how to search blogs by your favorite book,movies and music.

Note: Must Change Movie_Name, Book_Name and Music_Name with your need.

Search Blog By Industry & Occupation

Yes! If you are a worker under any industry or if you are holding any occupation then you can also find your desired blog through this query trick. Learn how to find blogs by industry and occupation.

Note: Must change Industry_Name and Occupation with your desired need.

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So above guide is about “How To Find Blogger Blog by Specific Country, Interests and Keywords?” This is really awesome feature of Google Blogger. Many Blogger platform users are unknown about this feature. Blogger platform has really made easy to search and read blogs. We hope by this guide you can easily find your desired blogs anytime anywhere from the world. Share your thoughts about these tricks. Do Share.
Thank You! Stay Blessed!


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Abid Bhatti - September 6, 2016

Hi Paramjot, I want these kind of result and finally got through your blog. You shared such a nice information, keep sharing these kind of stuff.

Abid Bhatti

    mbg - September 6, 2016

    Hii Abid Bhatti.

    Thanks for your kind words.

    Keep in touch with us for our upcoming articles.

Abid Bhatti - September 6, 2016

WE can all so search profiles by names.
I found it useful too. Suggest you to add this to your blog as well.

Abid Bhatti

    mbg - September 6, 2016

    @Abid bhatti, Happy to see you once again but the method you have shared is only for a specific blog. You can use it on your blog to search posts related to keywords which you have used during searching. This is not for 🙂 Hope you understand.


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