Display Meta Search Description Below Blogger Post’s Heading

There are many blogger sites which are displaying post search description just below of heading on every article and many newbies wondered about this because they don’t know the trick how can they show search description tags just below of headings in their blogger blogs.

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Therefore, Today I’m here for share that trick that is used for display meta post description tags just below of each post title. If you have some knowledge about CSS language, then you can cutomize It as per your needs,  otherwise I’ve also added CSS code below you can use that.

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Now let’s get straight to work without wating the time. 🙂

Steps To Adding Post’s Meta Search Description Below Post Titles in Blogger

STEP 1] Go To Blogger.com >> Click On Template >> Again Click On Edit HTML Button.

STEP 2] Now click anywhere inside the code area and Press Ctrl + F and search for <div class=’post-header’/> and then paste below code just after of it.

<b:if cond=’data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;’><div class=’meta-description’><data:blog.metaDescription/></div></b:if>

STEP 3] Now we are going to give it a style using a little CSS code, Search for ]]></b:skin> tag and just above of paste below code.

.meta-description{background: #f9f9f9;     margin: 0 -20px;     padding: 20px;     line-height: 30px;     font-size: 12px;     font-style: italic;     color: grey;     font-weight: bold;     word-spacing: 1px;box-shadow: 0px 4px 3px -2px #ccc}

STEP 4] Now save your template and open your any blog post to see it live on your blogger blog.

Note : If you have not added search description tags on any of your blog post then guys you are missing a great opportunity to get more traffic from search engines and also from social networking sites. So you should add description on every blog post otherwise this trick will not work on your blog posts.


So above guide is about “How To Display Meta Search Description in Blogger Below Post Heading?” I hope you enjoyed this another awesome and a little SEO blogger trick. Read more article covering Search Engine Optimization. You guys will like those too. 🙂

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