150 Commentluv Blogs & Sites List to Get Dofollow Backlinks

Hi. Are you looking for commentluv blogs to get dofollow backlinks?

If yes, then you’re at right place because I’m today here with the list of commentluv enabled blogs.

DoFollow backlinks always help us to improve Google search rankings.

So, the easiest way to make backlinks is to make a comment on Commentluv Blogs (Commentluv commenting system enabled blogs).

For those who want to make Dofollow backlinks.

Here I brought best Commentluv blogs commenting sites list to get free Dofollow backlinks.

According to many SEO experts, Commentluv comment backlinks are stronger than other comment backlinks.

You can get two backlinks one to the root domain and another one to a particular post of your blog or site.

Not a nice way? 😀

Before sharing the list of Commentluv enabled blogs, I would like to explain some points like as;

  1. What are Dofollow Backlinks?
  2. What are Commentluv Blogs? and
  3. Why You Should Use Commentluv blogs?

What are Dofollow Backlinks?

The term “Dofollow Backlink” was introduced in 2005 by Google Inc to allow them to reach and index our websites.

If you gave any NoFollow backlink to an external site, then Google bots can not index that link that’s why everyone is struggling to make DoFollow backlinks.

So, if a webmaster is linking back to your Blog’s any post with DoFollow tag, then it will be visible to both humans and search engine bots.

It will increase domain authority and trust level in the eyes of Google.

What are Commentluv Blogs?

Commentluv Blogs are those blogs which are using Commenluv Commenting System.

It is one of the best commenting systems that will help you to gain more comments on a daily basis.

People will come on your site and comment so that they can get a backlink to their sites from yours.

There are a lot of commenting systems available that you can use like as Disqus, Livefyre, IntenseDebate, Facebook, and WordPress is also providing default comment system like as Blogger.

But, If you’re using Commentluv on your blog then you can feel that you’re getting daily more comments on your blog compare of before.

There are two versions of Commentluv; free and paid.

As we all know that premium versions are always better than free ones and same here in this case.

In premium version of Commentluv, you’ll get few more features which are given below;

  1. ReplyMe – It will help commentator to get the email notification if someone replies him/her in the future.
  2. TwitterLink – By using this feature, Commenters can leave their twitter username. So, it will help you to detect whether the commenter is human or not.
  3. GASP – Another security feature for you. This will add a captcha code which will be used to identify whether the commenter is a bot or a real human.

Why Should You Use Commentluv?

There are plenty of benefits to use Commentluv as a commenting system on your blog.

All pros of Commentluv commenting system are given below.

  1. It is one of the best commenting systems which will strictly secure your website from Bot comments. [Paid Users)
  2. This will help people to know each other because they can leave their twitter accounts username. (Paid Users)
  3. The best commenting system to get daily comments.
  4. Commenters can get a Dofollow backlink to their blog which will help them to rank a keyword.
  5. Admin can remove backlinks if you don’t want to show on your site.
  6. You can get backlinks from other websites because other bloggers can list you in the list of Dofollow Commentluv Blogs list. Just like me. :p
  7. You can impress your visitors by the number of comments on your posts. And, yes, of course, you’ll get many comments if you’ll use it. 🙂

How to Comments on Other Websites to Get Instant Approval?

Nowadays, Webmasters are very strict to approve comments.

They don’t want to give you a backlink if you do not touch his/her heart.

So, now the question is how to comment on other websites to get instant approval.

Hmm, This is the worth question if it is running in your mind right now.

Okay, let me give you few tips to get instant approval on comments that you’ll make on other Commentluv blogs.

  1. Always use your Real name, email, and website URL.
  2. Don’t write 2-3 words like as; Thank You, Very Well Written, or anything else in short. They will not approve you quickly, and if you are approved, then they can remove the link.
  3. Appreciate the author’s work.
  4. Don’t comment on same site too many times in a day.
  5. Be agreed with the author’s
  6. Don’t use the same text in all comments. Be unique because They can check it by using any tool.
  7. Always use 100+ words in a comment and if you can then ask your queries to the author.

I hope by using these tips, you’ll get instant approval of your comments.

Now let’s move to the list of Commentluv Blogs to get Dofollow backlinks. 🙂

Commentluv Blogs List to get Dofollow Backlinks

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Over to You

So, above I shared the best Commentluv Blogs list to get Dofollow Backlinks.

I hope you guys will like this list.

This one is the fresh and best list on the internet to get Dofollow Backlinks from Commentluv Blogs.

Is it helpful for you?

If your answer is yes, then please give us a social share.

It will help us to grow.

If you also have a website or blog where you are using Commentluv commenting system, then please tell me the URL by using comment box or send me your URL by using the contact form.

I’ll check your website/blog and add to the above list of Dofollow Backlinks Commentluv Blogs.

Thank You and have a great week ahead. 🙂


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