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Bad SEO Practices – The SEO goes through a range of modifications every year that makes it extremely competitive. It is very important to follow the latest trends if you want to stay ahead of your competitors.

There are lots of people who are still living in the past and using those bad SEO techniques that are completely worthless and some of them can even result in penalization.

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5 Bad SEO Practices Of 2017



In this article, we will tell you about 5 bad SEO practices which can decrease your Google rankings and you should ditch them in the favor of some modern day techniques. Here we go;

1. Writing Keyword Rich Content For Better Ranking

Keyword Rich Content

Presently, the Google uses the latent semantic indexing that allows the search engine to crawl the content of a web page. They identify the common words as the keywords of that page with this kind of indexing. In addition to that, the LSI also figures out the synonyms having a close association with the keywords that you have targeted most.

Presently, it is necessary that you should optimize your page for providing a better experience for the readers. That means that you should avoid the keyword stuffing and instead of it, write for the users. If you aren’t fully aware of the placement of keywords, then try out the platforms like Contentmart where you can easily get SEO writers who are domain experts.

The majority of the writers that you can find there are completely aware of all the latest techniques. They can write high-quality SEO oriented content so that you can effectively attract the traffic from Google. You just have to pay some price for hiring a writer to write quality content, but that’s too less as compared to the benefits that come with it.

2. Spam Guest Blogging

Stop Spam

We strongly suggest you stop now if you are utilizing the guest blogging as a method to get links. There is no doubt that guest blogging is the best way for content strategies and SEO for a long period of time. Look at the changes that presently takes place in the algorithm of Google mentioned below

First of all, the guest posts that aren’t relevant to the theme of the site will be cracked down by the Google. It means that posting a health niche link on a technology website will not work.

If you are using the optimized anchors in the guest posts, then Google will surely penalize you. Moreover, we recommend you to stop soon if you are writing low-quality or irrelevant content in your posts.

Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging

You should hire a professional writer from online platforms like Contentmart who are completely aware of the latest guidelines needed for writing a guest post accurately. The posts written by experienced freelance content writers of Contentmart will help you in getting quality backlinks and rank your page higher in the search engines.

3. Content Spinning

Spun Content

Popularly known as the BlackHat, there are lots of people who utilize the spinning method for putting content on their website. It is considered bad for SEO where the marketer rewrites the existing content by using software so that it looks like the original.

The majority of spun methods are used to make money for links. Google made clear in 2016 that spun content will not work and result in a penalty on blogs. That’s why you should avoid this technique as much as possible. Instead of it, hire a writer from online platforms like Contentmart for making links that can help you in getting quality traffic.

4. Paid Links

Paid Links

There are many SEO experts who still shop paid links from the press releases, link farms, directors, etc. that can turn out to be extremely dangerous. You might be thinking that it is a quality way to make backlinks for your site, but the reality is that they are worthless when it comes to search engines.

Over the past some years, the Google has become very smart and they can easily detect such links now. It can also result in higher penalties. You can hire Contentmart’s trained and professional writers for writing meaningful content for your site so that the people share it automatically and result in increasing the traffic.

5. Rank Higher For Getting More Traffic

seo rankings

It is one of the biggest misconceptions among the bloggers that higher rankings will result in getting more traffic from the search engines. While it is guaranteed that the users will be able to see your listing, but that doesn’t mean that you will get more clicks.

There can be many reasons for this, such as inappropriate keyword strategy or unattractive Meta descriptions. In order to give a solution to this problem, you should utilize the Google Adwords for creating a brilliant keyword strategy that can work for your site. Implementing strategy in a correct way will result in getting more traffic to your blog for sure.

Final Words:

So, above we discussed bad SEO practices which don’t work today and can destroy our Google rankings. I hope you liked this short article. Stay in touch for more upcoming articles.

Thank You!

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Top 10 Grammarly Alternatives 2017 [Free + Paid] Fri, 14 Jul 2017 09:43:01 +0000 Grammarly Alternatives - Everyone wants error free writing task whether it is an article or a book for publishing somewhere. They need the best quality in their work.For the best quality, every writing task should be error free, and it is possible now with various online proofreading tools like Grammarly or something else.If you are […]

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Grammarly Alternatives - Everyone wants error free writing task whether it is an article or a book for publishing somewhere. They need the best quality in their work.

For the best quality, every writing task should be error free, and it is possible now with various online proofreading tools like Grammarly or something else.

If you are using Grammarly and not much satisfied with its services, then this "GRAMMARLY ALTERNATIVES" article is just for you to find out further options.

Grammarly is an online proofreading and plagiarism-detection tool for all the typewriters who want to enhance their writing skills by writing for once.

And they want to proofread their contents before giving to others and checks the plagiarism for not to be ashamed in front of someone.

Are you looking for some Grammarly Alternatives?

Why Use Grammarly Alternatives?

Why Use Grammarly Alternatives?

Why Use Grammarly Alternatives?

Grammarly is a paid tool for using its advanced features so it can be costly for some people. There are mainly three reasons for not using Grammarly such as,

  • Grammarly is bit expensive, almost monthly cost is $29.
  • It can't match your content with substantial form database.
  • It may don't provide the best quality as the users want.

If you think same as I wrote it above, then you are at the right place for finding its Alternatives.

Top 10 Best Grammarly Alternatives in 2017

Grammarly Alternatives

I'm going to enlist few top Grammarly Alternatives which you can use for improving your writing to produce best quality articles and whatever you're writing. Here you go;

Check This 55% OFF Grammarly Discount Offer. Limited Time!​


We have an exclusive discount offer for Grammarly Premium. If you want to use its alternative because of high budget, then click on below button to activate 20% OFF discount offer right now.



Ginger (proofreading tool) is the best alternative to Grammarly providing quite brilliant outcomes among teachers, students, writers, ghostwriter, and bloggers.

Ginger's features are great that are available on the Windows, Android, Chrome, iOS, Mac, and Safari. Chrome extension is available for improving your writing skill online.


You can install Ginger (Free or Premium) for Microsoft Office so that what you write it detects mistakes and highlight them very promptly.

When you hover the mouse over that sentences, then it gives you right suggestions for improving that conviction. It can rephrase your sentence if it is not written in the proper structure.

But it all depends on what version you have installed on your computer. In the free version, many features are missing but for Premium versions, you can use all the advanced features brilliantly.

Cost: Grammarly charge $11.66 per month while Ginger costs only $8.74 per month.

Try Ginger!



PaperRater is one of the substantial Grammarly Alternatives, and it works on the computer algorithms. It has no extension for any of the browser and no desktop version.

You need to visit its site and put your text in the appeared box and get the report for that text.


It underlines the mistakes which have grammar issues or misspelled. You need to put the original data as it already has the vast database of other published data.

PaperRater has a free and premium version. You can check your text in the free version for the sake of finding prominent mistakes and misspelled words. It also has some limitations that you can't import more than five pages data in the free version.

You can scan your text with its advanced features in the premium version even you can check the Plagiarism justs like Grammarly.

Try PaperRater!​



ProWritingAid is another great grammarly alternative when your concern is the pricing of software. It is available in the free and premium versions.

It can integrate easily with the Google Docs and MS Office even you can use its extension for your browsers so that you can analyze the text which you have written on Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, and WordPress.


They also provide API access for developers that they can easily integrate it with their application.

Just like Grammarly, they offer the UK, US, and general English language; you can use any of them as per your requirements.

They also offer you plenty of styles such as blog post, academic and business writing. After installing its extension, you will see the small icon wherever you are writing. Just click on it and scan your text before posting it.

If you don't want to install it on your browser, then you should go to the official site and sign up there and start scanning your content for free or premium.

If your primary concern is pricing, then you can see the below image that what they are offering you, low price with many advanced features. purchase chart


WhiteSmoke is an efficient proofreading tool for checking punctuation, grammar, spell checking and writing styles suggestions.

It is available for all type platforms such as Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and web browsers with more than 100 writing templates such as Thank You, Cover Letters, Reports, Condolence, and loads more.


It also translates your text with a high probability of being accurate in more than 55 languages; the WhiteSmoke Translator is built on the Statistical Machine Translation.

When you put your text in the editor, it highlights the mistakes, and when you hover the mouse over it, you can see the Grammar suggestions and punctuation correction.

​Cost: - WhiteSmoke is available in just $9.95 per month, and if you want to purchase it for a lifetime then the web plan comes in just $159.95.

​Try WhiteSmoke!



JetPack is a WordPress plugin for bloggers who have the content related website. Maybe you are already using this plugin if you are a blogger or you have a WordPress site.


This plugin gives you many benefits such as tracking the site traffic, free themes and improve security along with proofreading features.

It is the must have tool for WordPress bloggers that it resides in the post editor instead of checking content somewhere else.

If you already have this plugin, then you can configure it by going to Users >Your Profile where you will see various options, and you just need to check the box what option you want to enable.

You can see the following features list.

Jetpack features

The tool is super easy to use, and it also can proofread your content in English, Portuguese, German, Spanish, and French.

Try JetPack!​



OnlineCorrection is a free online grammar checker tool which saves you from embarrassment due to spell errors and grammatical mistakes.

This tool analyzes your piece of content carefully and lists out all type mistakes in your copy of the content.


After analyzing the errors it provides the suggested words for the sake of correction in a better quality to each sentence in every paragraph of your text.

OnlineCorrection just provides the grammar, spell checker, style, punctuation, and plagiarism in your piece of text.

They do not offer any premium version and there is no way to find the originality of the content.

It doesn't only provide the correction features but it also supports multiple languages which are the best part of this online checker tool.

It can proofread any text which written Italian, Spanish French, Polish, German, Russian, and Portuguese.

Cost: This tool is totally free of cost. You can check multiple items anytime without paying any penny. It has no Premium Version.

Try OnlineCorrection!​


Slick Write

Slick Write is a very close alternative to Grammarly with the variety of features that make Slick Write worth to use it for correcting mistakes in English.

You can use its Editor for checking mistakes in your text or just paste it in that editor then hit check from the sidebar.

slick write

Slick Write will point out the various elements such as passive voice, adverbs, transition words, common starting words, and redundant sentences.

Slick Write has multiple integrated options like when you select a word, a popup window will appear at the bottom so that you can choose to find the associated words from the dictionary.

It also has Wikipedia and Google options to get more authentic information for any type of mistake.

As we know that Readability is the most important thing in every article so that readers can easily read that thing otherwise it is useless for readers.

You can enhance the readability by using Slick Writer sentence structure feature. This feature gives you suggestion about lengthy and complex sentences.

You need to configure this tool before using it properly, just go to settings and check the boxes which you want to find in your text such as fixing spell mistakes, grammar errors, etc.

The best thing about this software is that it shows the statistics of proofreading, in-depth aggregate analysis of your contents. It has no premium version so you can use its services free of cost.

Cost: It is a free tool so you can use its services for free anytime.

Try Slick Write!​



Here is another one of the best Grammarly Alternatives proofreading web-based tool called Reverso which is developed just an extension for Google Chrome.

It has no desktop version, iOS, or Android app. You can use this tool via online. Just go to this site and put your text there for finding common errors.

Now you are wondering that how is this software similar to Grammarly? Reverso has included synonyms options, conjugate, and integrated dictionary.

For using these services, you need to select the text first then choose the option which you want to find in your text.


In my opinion, it is best for those people who are just looking for synonyms and explore the web for their queries. How is if you find out at one place? It must be good for you. So go and grab it.

Reverso supports multiple languages such as German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanse, Arabic Russian, and German. It means it can translate your text into multiple languages clearly.

Use its Chrome extension, after installing the extension double tap on the icon and translate the content into 11 different languages.

This helps you when you are facing language barriers in reading articles or any web page which is not your native language.

As per my knowledge about this tool is that you can't rely on this tool if you are looking for the advanced grammar check. It can only work with translating contents into different languages.

One thing more is that it only checks 600 characters at one time.

Try Reverso!​



1Checker takes the position on number 9 in the top 10 Grammarly Alternatives list due to its flexible features.

It has online and offline versions, you can use it online by going to its official websites or using it on the Windows and Mac in the form of Word and Outlook.

Paste your piece of content in the editor and find out the mistakes, it shows the percentages of spell errors, Grammar, and other mistakes when you click on the "Review".


1Checker highlights the spell mistakes, Grammar errors, and present the tips for your mistakes so that you can correct all.For automatic correction, you can hit the "Apply All" if you don't want to check mistakes sentence by sentence.

It provides plenty of templates related to communication and business by selecting the "Document Template" and fill in the blank at the left side.

By doing this, it will generate the automatically fine copy of your document. It also supports translator which is powered by Bing and Google.

Cost: It has no cost. You can use it for free just like a Grammarly free version to erase the wordiness, spell checker, and Grammar mistakes.

Try 1Checker!​


Hemingway App

Hemingway is one of the best Grammarly Alternatives in this list which just focuses on increasing the readability of the content.

It has both online and offline versions that means you can use the desktop app (which costs you $19.99 ) for enhancing the readability of your content.

This tool is best for WordPress bloggers because it shows the content readability clearly after scanning the whole post.


Paste your text in the editor, this tool will highlight the phrases in different colors. It also tells you that which sentence is hard to read and it provides suggestion to make it easy to read for everyone.

It is just like a text editor where you will find the options like bold, italic, headings, bullets, and inserting the links. As Grammarly doesn't allow such options.

It also denotes the passive voice from the sentences and enhancing the readability of your text.

As I told you earlier, it is good for enhancing the readability of your text not Grammatically correct. So, I would like to suggest using another tool for correcting Grammatical errors.

Cost: - $19.99 for a desktop app.

Try HemingWay App!​

The Conclusion!

Dis you like these Grammarly Alternatives?

I would like to say as per my experience with proofreading as mentioned previous tools that ProWritingAid and Ginger are worth to use.

Both are reliable and less expensive than Grammarly, but both are providing features just like a Grammarly tool.

I suggest you first try Grammarly that is detecting simple to advance 400+ grammatical errors and vocabulary enhancement.

Among the list, I'll recommend you to use Grammarly because it's really very incredible tool. Overall, Grammarly is best grammar checker tool I have ever used.

If you are still not satisfied and can't afford Grammarly, then you should go for its alternatives that are mentioned above with detail.

In last, I would like to ask if you have any Grammarly Alternative in your mind then don't hesitate to share with us in the comment section below.

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150 Commentluv Blogs & Sites List to Get Dofollow Backlinks Sun, 26 Mar 2017 08:04:30 +0000 Hi. Are you looking for commentluv blogs to get dofollow backlinks? If yes, then you’re at right place because I’m today here with the list of commentluv enabled blogs. DoFollow backlinks always help us to improve Google search rankings. So, the easiest way to make backlinks is to make a comment on Commentluv Blogs (Commentluv […]

The post 150 Commentluv Blogs & Sites List to Get Dofollow Backlinks appeared first on My Blogger Guides.

Hi. Are you looking for commentluv blogs to get dofollow backlinks?

If yes, then you’re at right place because I’m today here with the list of commentluv enabled blogs.

DoFollow backlinks always help us to improve Google search rankings.

So, the easiest way to make backlinks is to make a comment on Commentluv Blogs (Commentluv commenting system enabled blogs).

For those who want to make Dofollow backlinks.

Here I brought best Commentluv blogs commenting sites list to get free Dofollow backlinks.

According to many SEO experts, Commentluv comment backlinks are stronger than other comment backlinks.

You can get two backlinks one to the root domain and another one to a particular post of your blog or site.

Not a nice way? 😀

Before sharing the list of Commentluv enabled blogs, I would like to explain some points like as;

  1. What are Dofollow Backlinks?
  2. What are Commentluv Blogs? and
  3. Why You Should Use Commentluv blogs?

What are Dofollow Backlinks?

The term “Dofollow Backlink” was introduced in 2005 by Google Inc to allow them to reach and index our websites.

If you gave any NoFollow backlink to an external site, then Google bots can not index that link that’s why everyone is struggling to make DoFollow backlinks.

So, if a webmaster is linking back to your Blog’s any post with DoFollow tag, then it will be visible to both humans and search engine bots.

It will increase domain authority and trust level in the eyes of Google.

What are Commentluv Blogs?

Commentluv Blogs are those blogs which are using Commenluv Commenting System.

It is one of the best commenting systems that will help you to gain more comments on a daily basis.

People will come on your site and comment so that they can get a backlink to their sites from yours.

There are a lot of commenting systems available that you can use like as Disqus, Livefyre, IntenseDebate, Facebook, and WordPress is also providing default comment system like as Blogger.

But, If you’re using Commentluv on your blog then you can feel that you’re getting daily more comments on your blog compare of before.

There are two versions of Commentluv; free and paid.

As we all know that premium versions are always better than free ones and same here in this case.

In premium version of Commentluv, you’ll get few more features which are given below;

  1. ReplyMe – It will help commentator to get the email notification if someone replies him/her in the future.
  2. TwitterLink – By using this feature, Commenters can leave their twitter username. So, it will help you to detect whether the commenter is human or not.
  3. GASP – Another security feature for you. This will add a captcha code which will be used to identify whether the commenter is a bot or a real human.

Why Should You Use Commentluv?

There are plenty of benefits to use Commentluv as a commenting system on your blog.

All pros of Commentluv commenting system are given below.

  1. It is one of the best commenting systems which will strictly secure your website from Bot comments. [Paid Users)
  2. This will help people to know each other because they can leave their twitter accounts username. (Paid Users)
  3. The best commenting system to get daily comments.
  4. Commenters can get a Dofollow backlink to their blog which will help them to rank a keyword.
  5. Admin can remove backlinks if you don’t want to show on your site.
  6. You can get backlinks from other websites because other bloggers can list you in the list of Dofollow Commentluv Blogs list. Just like me. :p
  7. You can impress your visitors by the number of comments on your posts. And, yes, of course, you’ll get many comments if you’ll use it. 🙂

How to Comments on Other Websites to Get Instant Approval?

Nowadays, Webmasters are very strict to approve comments.

They don’t want to give you a backlink if you do not touch his/her heart.

So, now the question is how to comment on other websites to get instant approval.

Hmm, This is the worth question if it is running in your mind right now.

Okay, let me give you few tips to get instant approval on comments that you’ll make on other Commentluv blogs.

  1. Always use your Real name, email, and website URL.
  2. Don’t write 2-3 words like as; Thank You, Very Well Written, or anything else in short. They will not approve you quickly, and if you are approved, then they can remove the link.
  3. Appreciate the author’s work.
  4. Don’t comment on same site too many times in a day.
  5. Be agreed with the author’s
  6. Don’t use the same text in all comments. Be unique because They can check it by using any tool.
  7. Always use 100+ words in a comment and if you can then ask your queries to the author.

I hope by using these tips, you’ll get instant approval of your comments.

Now let’s move to the list of Commentluv Blogs to get Dofollow backlinks. 🙂

Commentluv Blogs List to get Dofollow Backlinks

S.N.CommentLuv BlogsDA

Over to You

So, above I shared the best Commentluv Blogs list to get Dofollow Backlinks.

I hope you guys will like this list.

This one is the fresh and best list on the internet to get Dofollow Backlinks from Commentluv Blogs.

Is it helpful for you?

If your answer is yes, then please give us a social share.

It will help us to grow.

If you also have a website or blog where you are using Commentluv commenting system, then please tell me the URL by using comment box or send me your URL by using the contact form.

I’ll check your website/blog and add to the above list of Dofollow Backlinks Commentluv Blogs.

Thank You and have a great week ahead. 🙂

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Off-Page SEO Techniques: Best Tips to Boost Search Engine Rankings Sun, 13 Nov 2016 07:32:00 +0000 Wondering about best Off-Page SEO Techniques? Okay, today I’ll discuss on this topic. 🙂 Off-Page SEO is a technique that we follow to get rank higher, or you can say for improving the position of Blogs in the search engine result pages [SERPs]. In other words, “Activities that we do on outside websites for our website […]

The post Off-Page SEO Techniques: Best Tips to Boost Search Engine Rankings appeared first on My Blogger Guides.

Wondering about best Off-Page SEO Techniques?

Okay, today I’ll discuss on this topic. 🙂

Off-Page SEO is a technique that we follow to get rank higher, or you can say for improving the position of Blogs in the search engine result pages [SERPs].

In other words, “Activities that we do on outside websites for our website is known as Off-Page SEO.”

Off-Page SEO is a little tough task if we will compare it to On-Page SEO.

But, Off-Page SEO is must to do thing if you really want to got success in ranking your Blog’s articles.

Off-Page SEO Techniques

Link building strategies are not sufficient to improve the blog visibility on the search engines, but some of the newbies stick on it and always ignore other excellent ways of doing Off-Page SEO.

There are many brilliant techniques that you can follow to do Off-Page SEO, but here in this article, I’ve only listed 10 best Off-Page SEO techniques that you should follow if you want to double your blog traffic from search engines.

Create Powerful Community on Social Networking Sites

Nowadays, Social networking sites become king in the SEO field, and I think you should never ignore the king because ignoring a king is like ignoring yourself in that country. 😉

Social networking sites always play a significant role in giving you a better rank on search engine result pages [SERPs].

Social networking sites like; Facebook, Twitter, Google+, not only help you in improving the ranking but also helps you to drive traffic without SEO and also in gaining more followers as well.

Do you want to Drive Massive Traffic Without SEO? I’ve already written about it in a guest post – 11 Proven Ways To Drive Traffic without SEO.

If you create a robust community on social networking sites, then it will boost huge traffic and also social signals on your next upcoming posts. 😉

But, Always keep in mind that people will only follow you when you share some meaningful and informative content.
Social networking sites are a part of “Off-Site SEO, ” but if you think deeper about it, then it is a form of building high-quality backlinks.

However, Almost all social media backlinks are always noted as “nofollow” but it does not mean that they don’t have any value.

So, social networking sites are the best weapon of Off-Page SEO, and according to me, you should never ignore it. 🙂

Note: If you’re a Youtuber and want some SEO for Youtube, then you should read guide which is shared by Ali haider on his blog. 🙂

Directory Submission

Directory submission is another great way to build trust and tell Google to what about your website is.

As per Wikipedia, “Blog Directories” is a massive database that lists sites under categories and sub-directories.

Blog directory submission is oldest and a working method to create quality backlinks.

You only have to choose a useful directory and then a proper category that will be suitable for your Blog niche to take a significant advantage.

Benefits of Directory Submission:-

  1. Get quality and safe backlinks.
  2. Free Traffic – Blog directories displays your site if someone search related to your Blog keyword and category in their database.
  3. The increase of chances to get review requests and paid posts opportunities.
  4. According to all above facts, There are many opportunities to get paid. 🙂

Recommended – Top 151+ High PR Directory Submission Sites List.

Blog Commenting

Blog Commenting is known as Blog Marketing because, to use this technique you’ve to leave a comment on other sites within the same niche as yours, which will allow you to add Blog URL (Link) in the comment section.

It is an easiest Off-Page Seo technique that can give you a backlink in a very short time.

Blog commenting method not only helps you in gaining backlink but also helps you in making good relationship with Pro bloggers as well. 🙂

How to Make A Blog Comment on other’s Websites?

  1. To make Blog comment, Firs of all, You’ve to search for Commentluv enabled Blogs [Under Your Blog Industry] because they will give you “Dofollow” backlink.
  2. Now, find a popular post and read each and every word of that blog post and then leave your comment minimum 50 to 100 words that will also attract other readers to know more about you.
  3. Never make a comment on another blog only for Backlink because if you caught as a spammer, then they will never approve your comment, and if they approve, then they can remove your link from the comment. 🙁
  4. Try to write a great comment that will be valuable for blogger and also ask your questions. Never try to add a link inside the comment section. 🙂

Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging or Posting is an excellent Off-Page SEO technique that will give a link back to your website and also helps you in improving Page Rank.

But, Guest blogging is not so easy, You’ve to write unique, meaningful and fully described content that will be accepted quickly by the Blog admin.

Links from guest posts are bad and also good because it totally depends on how and from where we get backlinks to our websites.

A blog that gets links back from other higher PR and important sites is considered as upvote in google’s eye, and it will help you in achieving better ranking on SERPs compare of a site that does not have backlinks (Upvotes).

Another side, A Blog that gets backlinks from spammy and low-quality sites will affect your blog ranking on search engines, and you’ll never get a higher rank, or you’ll never get a rank if a penalty is imposed. 🙁

How to do Guest Blogging?

  1. Always contribute to a related website.
  2. Always write a post yourself because it will improve your writing skills. 🙂
  3. Try your best to make article meaningful so that it will also help site that will publish your article.
  4. Always write unique content and use a good tool to check Plagiarism if it will happen accidently. 🙂
  5. Write a guest post for that site from where you’ll get traffic.

Do you want to get rank higher on search engine [SERPs]? If you’re from Chandigarh, then you can hire Anmol Singh on very reasonable price? Check his website – Best SEO Services in Chandigarh.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a method to bookmark your favorite web pages online to read from anywhere and anytime if you’ve internet connection.

Nowadays, social bookmarking is not so popular as it is in the past but. It is still a nice way to get free traffic to your Blog/Website.

Sharing content on social networking sites like; Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus are better than bookmarking to get massive traffic, but we should not ignore social bookmarking for better website optimization.

The Blog pages we bookmarked at social bookmarking sites like as; Pinterest, Stumbleupon, Delicious, Reddit is considered as a quality backlink to our website in the eyes of search engines (Google, Bing, and Yahoo).

And you all know very well, Quality backlinks always help us to improve blog traffic from search engines and Google Page Rank.

That’s why SEO Professionals always include social bookmarking in their search engine optimization practices. 🙂

If you want to learn how to get more traffic on your website, you may want to check: Generate Website Traffic – The Outright Guide.

How to Do Social Bookmarking?

  1. First of all, You need to collect a list of best and top social bookmarking sites that are user-friendly and where you can bookmark your posts quickly.
  2. Once, You collect a list then open every site and create an account there.
  3. Now, Find a link of submit a post (Submit a link) and click on it.
  4. Now add post URL in link section, title, if allow then add relevant categories and tags, and then click on submit button.
  5. That’s it. 🙂

Participating in Q&A Forums

One of the best Off-Page SEO techniques that are recommended by every professional blogger is participating in forums because you can get many benefits like quality backlinks.

Forum participating is one of the popular, oldest, trustworthy, and very important for many other reasons included Off-Page SEO, that all are given below:-

Why Off-Page SEO Techniques are Important and What are the Benefits of it?

  1. Connection Development – It will assist you in developing a connection with the people who have the same interest as yours.
  2. One Way Link after each answer or question – Posting on Forums will give you an extra place to add a link to your website after each question and answer you will do. But, you’ve to cross a particular number of posts on that forum so that you can create a link in your Bio that appears on the bottom of each post.
  3. Mentor – Forum will also help you in finding mentors that can advise you on various problems and in different situations as well.
  4. Knowledge – Participating in forums and then reading answers of others on a topic can increase your knowledge.
  5. Traffic and Backlinks – Overall, Participating in forums to answer other’s question in a good way help you in getting traffic and you can also add backlinks of other sites and also of your’s to give him a source to understand deeply (If you have a related post on that question).

Submit Blog to Search Engines

Submit your Blog/Website to the most popular search engines like as; Google, Bing, Yandex and then verify your ownership of webmaster tools.

Submitting Blogs to search engines is a tremendous way to index new blog post quickly and also in getting a higher rank in search engine result pages (SERPs).

Link Exchanging

Link exchanging is another a great Off-Page SEO technique.

Instead of regular publishing content on your blog, you should try to find quality blogs that can exchange links with you.

Did not get what I want to say? Okay, I’ll tell you in simple words. 🙂

In this method, I could link your blog from mine, and you could do the same for me. 🙂 Not a good idea? 😉

But, before asking any webmaster for link exchange, you should check the PR, DA, PA of that website so that you’ll save yourself from any Google penalty that will affect your Blog ranking on the search engines.

RSS Feed Directory Submission

RSS Feed Directory is one of the greatest sources to get high-quality backlinks for your particular or multi-niche blog.

These directories are also helpful in driving massive traffic to your blog if your blog contains helpful, informative, and fresh content for readers.

RSS Feed Directory sites simply publish each and every new post of your blog using Feed.

Infographics Submission

Nowadays, Infographic submission is becoming a popular strategy to generate backlinks and to drive a good amount of traffic to your blog/site.

To do so, You need to create an informative and attractive infographic related to your niche that can also attract visitors to click on your provided link.

You can easily create great infographics using some third party tools like Visme, Canva, and Piktochart, etc.

After creating infographics, you can submit them to popular Infographic Submission Sites that are given below in the list. 🙂

Popular Infographic Submission Sites

  1. Reddit.
  3. Submit Infographics
  4. Love Infographics
  5. Infographic Site
  6. Infographic Showcase
  7. Infographics Only
  8. Infographix Directory
  9. Nerd Graph
  10. Infographics Archive, and much more.

Over to You!

So above I’ve shared some excellent and working Off-Page SEO Techniques that will assist you in double your search traffic.

As I’ve mentioned in the second paragraph, Link building strategies are not sufficient, but if you think deeply about all above methods, then you’ll find all strategies will automatically generate high-quality backlinks for your blog/site.

I hope you guys will like this article. Please share your feedback, suggestions, and thoughts using below comment box.

Thank You!

Stay Blessed, Stay Tuned & Stay Happy! 🙂

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7 Best Tips To Make An URL Permalink SEO Friendly [2017 Edition] Wed, 12 Oct 2016 09:44:00 +0000 An URL Permalink is a permanent link to your blog posts and pages and to make URL Permalink SEO Friendly, you need to add keywords in a good way to explain the article, and they should be easy to read by both search engines and humans too. By this way, There are also many chances […]

The post 7 Best Tips To Make An URL Permalink SEO Friendly [2017 Edition] appeared first on My Blogger Guides.

An URL Permalink is a permanent link to your blog posts and pages and to make URL Permalink SEO Friendly, you need to add keywords in a good way to explain the article, and they should be easy to read by both search engines and humans too. By this way, There are also many chances to get rank higher on search engines.

SEO Friendly URL, SEO-Friendly Permalink, Make URL Permalink SEO Friendly

Weak URL Permalink is the biggest SEO issue because just like as a post title, quantity, and quality of content, it also helps robots to understand what about your content is. Some of us are saying search engines not give priority to well-structured SE optimize URLs because they’re capable of making sense of any type URL permalink giving. In most of the cases, people, who are saying this myth is only web developers, not SEO experts.

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There are a lot of CMS available to do blogging, but when I think about best one, which is auto structuring and makes SEO-Friendly URLs, then Blogger and WordPress comes very-firstly in my mind because they’re best Content Management System available on the internet compare to others. So I always recommend everyone only to use Blogger or WordPress.

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The tips I’m going to write are not only useful but very powerful for every page you’re going to create in future. If you’re not making your blog post URLs in this way, then you’re making the hugest mistake, and you’ll never rank your posts higher on search engines. Google, Bing, and Yahoo can handle a lot of technical challenges because they have come a long way in this era from last several years, but as always in SEO, the easier you make materials for them, the better result you’ll get. I don’t want to get you bore but guys the thing I’ve mentioned are entirely real. Now let’s read few but useful tips to make an URL Permalink SEO-Friendly.

Best Tips to Make An URL Permalink SEO Friendly (2017 Edition)

Shortest Permalinks – Largest Benefits

Shorter URL Permalinks are always better than long ones. It will help you in the way of improving Google ranking. As per Google’s search engine master Matt Cutts;

“Certainly. If you can make your title four- or five-words long – and it is pretty natural. If you have got a three, four or five words in your URL, that can be perfectly reasonable. As it gets a little longer, then it starts to look a little worse. Now, our algorithms typically will just weight those words less and just not give you as much credit. The thing to be aware of is, ask yourself: “How does this look to a regular user?” – Because if, at any time, somebody comes to your page or, maybe, a competitor does a search and finds 15 words all strung together like variants of the same word, then that does look like spam, and they often will send a spam report. Then somebody will go and check that out. So, I would not make it a big habit of having tons and tons of words stuffed in there, because there are plenty of places on a page, where you can have relevant words and have them be helpful to users – and not have it come across as keyword stuffing.”

I think it is evident to you that we should use three to five words in a permalink. Extra words in URL looks like spammy. So always keep your Permalinks short and clean.

To consider this guide in my mind, I’ve optimized my permalink. Look below;
Permalink: //

I think You’ve noticed that I’ve used custom permalink option to make it shorter and to SE optimize. So, I’ll always recommend you to optimize permalink using Custom option.

Trust Factor – Summarize Your Content in URLs Using Keywords

As you can see, I’ve used the title’s five most important keywords in a descriptive way to summarize the content. It will help me to increase CTR because when a user stumbles upon my page in search engine results will trust that my URL is representing the content of my page This is the reason that I’ve not used numeric words in this post’s URL structure.

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If you’re a Blogspot user, you can find custom permalink option in the post setting option under post editor. If you’re a WordPress user, then you can also use custom permalink option just by visiting the Permalink setting and select the Post name option or custom structure.

Small Letters are Always Better than Capital – Don’t Be Case Sensitive

In the past, I’ve made these type of silly mistakes, but now I always use small letters and also making the changes in published post’s permalinks as well. After making the changes, I’ve to get rank higher on SERPs just by changing the capital letters to small. Okay now, let me explain why you should –

  1. You’re not intelligent than the Google Blogger and WordPress. Have you ever noticed that Blogspot and WordPress automatically structured permalinks into small letters instead your title is in capital letters?
  2. If you are using the Microsoft servers, you don’t have the need to worried about it. However, in case you are using Linux/UNIX to host your site, which is case sensitive, then there can be a few issues. For example – may be different from
  3. Search engines can easily read Small and Capital letters, and If you’ve pages on your blog, leading the same type of content (Example; and, then this will be seen as two different URL Permalinks by search engines sinking the link juice between them. Due to this duplicate content issue, your page could be rank down.

Small letters in permalinks always take your blog posts to the next level. So please always avoid capital and instead of them use small letters.

Use Hyphens – Ignore Underscores

Some of the newbies separate their blog pages permalinks with underscores because they think they’re smarter than the Google Blogger and WordPress. However, there is nothing bad if you’re doing experiments but if you’re doing just for fun, then please stop it now. Let me explain why you should use hyphens (-) over underscores (_).

When you structure an URL using underscores like make_url_permalink_seo_friendly, then Google read it as a single word (makeurlpermalinkseofriendly), and I think this word is not in the English dictionary. 😉

 Warning!  – Blogging Is Not For You If You Don’t Have These Qualities.

But when you separate our URL Permalinks with hyphens like make-URL-permalink-seo-friendly, then Google consider it as four words with spaces make (make URL permalink seo friendly)  because search engines (Google) read hyphens as spaces.

Now it is over to you that what you want to use in future Underscores or Hyphens. 🙂

Like Humans, Search Engines Also like Static Way Over the Dynamic

Yes, Just like people, Search engines (Google) give more priority to static URLs ( over dynamic ( Keeping your URL Permalinks static and clean is easy to read to by crawlers and also by peoples. Static URLs not only helps you in increasing CTR but also in increasing your rank on the search engines.

So, If you can, then please always try to avoid using unnecessary Parameters like &, ?, and = in the URLs. If you do so, then you’ll rank better on search engines and get massive traffic.

Stop Keyword Stuffing – Never Use Same Words Again & Again

Basically, An URL is a combination of characters to assist search engines in indexing and describe the content of a web page. If you repeat your words in your permalinks, search engines will treat those words as spam and throw these type of links into the trash. It means stuffing keywords into the URLs never give you more value than using them only at once.

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Generally, These type of errors made when you’re on WordPress to do blogging and you add a category to permalinks through setting (like; So you should avoid SEO word in SEO category.

Don’t Use Too Many Folders

This one is also for WordPress users. Using categories, dates, and other classes as a subfolder in the URL Permalinks is beneficial but using subfolders (categories) many times in an URL is harmful because your goal is to keep your URLs as short as possible you can. So avoid having additional folders, and another lengthy naming structure appears in your URL Permalinks. Always use permalinks in a manner of shorter, and which is readable by humans and search engines.


So above are “7 Best Tips To Make An URL Permalink SEO Friendly, “ and I’ve tried my best to write this guide as easy to understand as possible. Did you know other tips to using and making the URL Permalinks, If yes then please share with my readers and me? I’ll be happy to hear from you guys.

Have you any query, related to the topic? If you have, then ask me via using the comment below. I’ll help you out of sure.

Now it’s your turn to share this article with your friends. Do you want to get latest SEO Tricks direct into your mailbox if you want then subscribe our newsletter? 🙂

Thank You!
Stay Blessed and Stay Happy! 🙂

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