Blogger vs. WordPress Comparison – Which is Better?

Blogger Vs WordPress is a never ending comparison. People all over the world are curious to know the major differences between a Blogger platform and WordPress.

Blogger vs WordPress - Which is Better?

Are you searching for a detailed guide on starting a Blogger blog? Are you confused between choosing Blogger Vs WordPress? And do you want to know why self hosted Blogger sites are better than WordPress? Then you are in the right place.

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Blogger and WordPress Both are Great Platform to Start a Blog Both Have Different Feature and These two Platform are Most Popular For Starting a New Blog But As i Already Says Both Have Different Feature So Many Peoples Get Confused That Which is Better Platform and Then Search a lot on Internet About WordPress Features and Blogger Features and Many of Them Failed to Decide Which One They Have to Choose So Today in This Article i will try my Best to Explain you Which One is Better For You.

Blogger vs WordPress [Comparison]

Now i will Tell Blogger Pro,s and Cons and Then i will Explain WordPress Con,s and Pro,s
So Let,s First Start From Blogger.


Blogger is Officially Owned by Google So we can say we are in Trusted Hands and Also Blogger is 100% Percent Free Now There are Some Pro,s and Some Con,s of Blogger.

Pro of Using Blogger:-

  • It,s One Hundred Percent Free it Dose not Charge a Single Penny From Us For Blog
  • Free Hosting for Lifetime and Free Storage
  • Thousand of Free Professional Template we can Change our Blog Design any time in Free
  • Its Security is Better Than any Other Platforms
  • It,s Easy to Use Even 12 Year Kid can Use it Easily.

Con’s Of Blogger:-

  • We have to do SEO Manually no Plugins Available for SEO
  • No Costumer Support
  • Not Mobile Responsive
  • your Domain Name with like But you can Remove Blogspot by Paying just $10 Per Year.


Many of Don,t Know That in WordPress There are Two Type of Blog One is its Free and 2nd is and Charge us for Every thing but if you want in Free Then is Free So Lets Talk about

Pro of Using WordPress:-

  • It,s Free
  • you are Completely Owner of your Blog
  • Compatible with All Devices

Con’s of WordPress:-

  • Limited Storage
  • Too Many Restriction and Less Control on Blog
  • Poor Hosting many time Our Blog Dose Not Open Due to Poor Hosting 
  • Not Secure as Blogger
  • No Easy Customization
  • No Plugins Available for Plugins Only Available for Premium Users Means for

So which is Better?

In my Advice Choose Blogger as i already Says its More Secure and Completely Free and Blogger is 5 times Better than So if you are a Free User Then Only Choose Blogger Even i am also Using Blogger and i Love it Blogger is Great. Do Share.
Thank You! Stay Blessed!

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