Top 3 Best Third Party Commenting System for Blogger

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Commenting system is most important for blogger because without
commenting system their readers can’t give feedbacks and they can’t
express their thoughts about your post and their opinions. As You know blogger default commenting system is quite simple and little bit different to give professional look to your blog. If you do take your commenting system to the next level or if you wanna take your blog to next level or wanna give professional look of commenting system then you should have to use third commenting system.

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Should We Use Third Party Commenting System on Blogger?

Yes! You should use third party commenting system on blogger. There are many benefits to use third party commenting system on blogger blogs. Some major benefits are given below:-

  1. Protected and Single login system.
  2. Presence of social medias to share particular comment of any blogger or reader.
  3. The best thing is increased engagement.
  4. Users profiles and information about commenter.
  5. Spam control system, you can get free version and even you can buy premium version.

There are many commenting system you can use on blogger platform but in
this post we are going to share Top & Best 3 Third Party  Commenting
System for Blogger Blogs.  Hope you will like these and use it on your
blogger blog. Find one for your blogger blog from below.

Disqus Commenting System for Blogger (Highly Recommended)

disqus comment system, blogger third party commenting systemDisqus is the one of the most popular commenting system. I think it is most widely used commenting
system. This is not only used in blogger sites, lots of other user also use disqus.   The best feature of disqus is you can migrate your comments from other platforms i.e. if i am using blogger default commenting system then that doesn’t matter, i can migrate my blogger comments on disqus through migration tool.   The most amazing feature of disqus is it is mobile friendly. There are lots of smartphone users currently, everyone holds mobile on their hand for communication so it’s better to use to get lot more interaction.

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IntenseDebate Commenting System for Blogger

Third Party Comment System, Blogger Intensedebate Commenting System

Intense debate is a commenting system which is developed by Automatic Team and by using this a user can comment through Open ID Google+, Twitter, Facebook and more. This system also supports threaded comments, replying via email and email notifications.

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Livefyre Commenting System for Blogger

Livefyre commenting system, third party comment system, blogger comment system

 Livefyre, the latest and most amazing commenting system. Today this one also most popular because when bloggers get frustrated with their commenting system, they switch to another and that will help them to increase visitors.  In beginning of this system it is new kid only, when default blogger, disqus and intensedebate users are frustrated then this one got opportunity to blow. This one mostly used in tumblr and wordpress.

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So above are “Top & Best 3 Third Party Commenting System for Blogger Blogs“. Hope you have enjoyed this article and find one for your blogger blog from above list. Have any query? Ask us via dropping a comment below using comment box. Do share.
Thank You! Stay Blessed!

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