10 Best Free Punctuation Checker Tools to Adorn Your Writing

Hi, all. Are you looking for a list of the best punctuation checker tools?

If yes, you’re in the right place.

In today’s article, I came up with the best free online punctuation checker tools that help anyone improve their writings.

It does not matter how much you’re a grammar expert, If you’re making silly punctuation mistakes, then you’re losing your loyal readers.

Do you know to attract more visitors to your blog, the first thing you need to do is enhance your writing skills? Yeah, this is the first thing that a blog reader checks on your blog.

There are many multi-million dollar bloggers like Seth Godin, Brian Dean, Neil Patel, etc., whatever they’re today just because of their writing skills.

If you also want to be like them, you need to adorn your writings, and for this, you need the best grammar checker & punctuation checker tool.

Writing a magnetic blog post is the key to engaging more visitors and driving more traffic.

According to many SEO experts, Grammar & punctuation mistakes are also down points.

To rank a keyword, You need to write error-free content that search engine bots can understand.

But the problem is, If you’re not a regular writer, then you can’t write flawless content.

The mistaken use of punctuation marks can spoil the meaning of the whole sentence.

You can see the live example in the below screenshot, where a sign of a comma is changing the meaning entirely.

So, to write flawlessly, you need the best grammar & punctuation checker tool, and as I told you above, here I bring the list of the best free online punctuation checker tools.

I hope these punctuation checker tools will be helpful for all my readers. Here we go;

10 Best Free Online Punctuation Checker Tools 2021

Here are the best free online punctuation checker tools that you should use.

It can correct all punctuation mistakes like incorrect use of commas, additional spaces, full stops, and more.

So let’s move and check the below list.

1. Grammarly

I always prefer Grammarly, and that’s why it is the first number on this list.

If you’re a blogger or writer, then the first thing to check is grammar and punctuation errors.

I saw many newbies who are making a lot of mistakes and blaming search engines that their articles are not playing well.

As we all know, proofreading articles can be very costly, and why pay money to others if you have a tool.

If you want the best grammar checker and punctuation checker tool and have some budget to invest, go with Grammarly premium.

In the past, I’ve written a Grammarly Review that you’ll like for sure because there every feature is mentioned very clearly.

This punctuation checker tool is available for all browsers such as Firefox and Chrome.

It comes with a browser extension that will be integrated with WordPress editor, Facebook, Blogger post editor, and even with more other websites.

Grammarly can check over 250 grammatical errors, including punctuation mistakes while writing.

You can also use it in MS Word using the add-on, and they’re also providing a separate app for MAC users as well.

Grammarly is one of the best and next-level tools to proofread your articles. You can use it anywhere anytime you want to use it.

2. White Smoke

White Smoke is also known as an alternative to Grammarly, and many of us are comparing both tools.

It is also known as the best competitor of Grammarly, and many of us are claiming it as the best punctuation checker tool.

Just like Grammarly, White Smoke also helps us to write content without grammar and punctuation mistakes.

But, you can not get the same results as Grammarly in this tool for context-specific grammar mistakes.

But, according to the quote, something is better than nothing. White smoke is also one of the best grammar & punctuation checker tools.

The one extra in white smoke is; they’re providing an Android and iOS app to smartphone users. It works like a charm and an excellent feature.

White Smoke’s developer team is also providing the Browser’s add-on, which is very useful for users.

Overall, the developer team of Grammarly made this tool perfectly usable it does not matter which device you’re using. 🙂

3. Punctuation Checker

I think the name of this device is enough to describe its work. :p

If you’re struggling to write punctuation errors free content and looking for a free tool, then “Punctuation Checker” is for you.

It’s not only a free punctuation checker tool but also its automatic program assistance will help you to write flawless content without any issue.

You can use their services by opening their site and after that paste your written text there.

It’s a guarantee that you can write grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes free content by using this impressive and useful too.

It will instantly check your writing and show you all the mistakes you made.

But, to check any error, you need to add a minimum of 40 words in the text box.

In short, It is the perfect punctuation checker tool for all of you. 🙂

4. Ginger Punctuation Checker

In the past, when I was not using Grammarly, that time, Ginger is my favorite to proofread my content.

Ginger is a well-known grammar and punctuation checker tool which is online available.

It helps me a lot to write flawless content in the initial days of my blogging career.

Ginger is available as an MS Word add-on and also as a browser extension.

So, you can call it an entirely valuable punctuation checker tool.

Just like Grammarly, It is also available both as a paid and free version.

There are few limitations in the free version that you can unlock by purchasing their Pro version.

It is best to write grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors, free content, and have many satisfied users.

It will detect all unnecessary uses of punctuation marks and notify you to remove them.

But, it depends on you that you want to use those marks or not.

If you don’t want to use Grammarly, I’ll recommend using Ginger as a grammar and punctuation checker tool. 🙂

5. Grammar Check

This straightforward and free tool helps you find all punctuation and grammar mistakes you made in your content.

This useful grammar and punctuation checker tool helps you to write flawless content with a simple copy and paste function.

The tool is very easy to use as you don’t need any particular skill and won’t save any content or log files.

So, it’s better to keep all data in the notepad after proofreading your content.

It will detect all punctuation and grammar mistakes in a few seconds and notify you to fix them one by one.

This punctuation checker tool will show you all mistakes as colorful underlines, and you can fix them as per suggestion or according to your choice.

The Grammar check tool is brilliant in fixing all errors and writing flawless content without a single mistake.

6. Grammar Base

Grammar base is a professional grammar and punctuation checker tool which is available for all of you.

The only thing to do from your side is to upload your text file, and it will instantly detect all possible grammar and punctuation errors.

The only thing to do from your side is to upload your text file, and it will immediately detect all possible grammar and punctuation errors.

Unfortunately, It’s not free, but the cost you’ll pay them is worth to invest.

The copy you’ll upload there will be sent to two professionals writers. So, it will be proofread by two individual authors.

It means your copy will be checked twice, once by robots and the second time by two different writers.

According to it, Your copy will be entirely free from punctuation and grammar errors.

So, what could be better than this?

7. Spell Check Online

If you don’t want to write in English, but in other languages such as French, Danish, German, Italian, Polish, Swedish, etc.

Then, this one is the best and only punctuation checker tool online available that can do it for you.

It has some extra tools to quickly find all grammar and punctuation mistakes you made in your copy.

After proofreading your content, you can copy and paste whole content or paragraphs to notepad or a word like tools to save a copy in your system.

Its practical nature is the best free online punctuation checker tool that can also find and fix your grammar mistakes quickly.

So, if you want to use this tool, then you can use the link which is given in the heading. 🙂

8. Language Tool

If you’re looking for an open-source project that can fix your punctuation and grammar errors, then the Language tool is one of the best choices for you.

Their site has a simple proofreading and punctuation check dialog box that helps us correct our grammatical errors very quickly.

Unfortunately, there are not any app, extensions, or software available, but you can use their online site, and in my opinion, it is one of the safest ways to protect your content from being leaked.

It can detect all errors very quickly and show you to fix them instantly.

Using an online proofread site has many benefits, like your content will be easy to understand by both humans and robots, you can rank easily on search engines, you can impress your audience, and much more.

On this site, your content will not be stored or cached. So, before exiting the tab, make sure that you’ve saved your content as a doc or txt file.

9. Paper Rater

Grammar and punctuation checker tools always help us to beautify our writings, and in my opinion, it is a must-have tool for all content writers.

It does not matter you’re a blogger, student, or journalist.

Everyone wants a top-notch grammar and punctuation checker tool, and if you want a free to use tool, then Paper Rater is only for you.

It has many features like as; punctuation checker, spelling error detector, plagiarized text checker, and much more necessary functions.

So, all free things are not shit. You can use it without any cost, and it can quickly detect all errors and notify you to correct them.

If you hired someone to write your content, then you should check it before publishing; is it unique or not?

It is entirely free to use and very easy to use. This tool can fix all spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors.

It will also suggest you change words like; totally to entirely, easy to quickly, and much more.

10. Gregory’s Punctuation Checker Tool

This tool is especially dedicated to those who want to fix punctuation mistakes in their texts. So, it is the best and special punctuation checker tool for all of you, which is free to use.

To use it, you need to follow a few steps, which are given below;

  1. Open your text file in that editor, which you always use to write your content.
  2. Now, select the whole content and copy it.
  3. Open the site, and paste your copied content to the punctuation checker box, and after that, click on the Analyze button to check its errors.

So, it is one of the best punctuation checker tools that you can use without any doubt to rectify your punctuation errors.

However, it’s not that powerful like Grammarly or Ginger to write punctuation error-free content, but if you don’t have few bucks in your pocket, then you can use it. 🙂

Note: You can not check your content if it has more than 10000 words.

Over to You!

So, these are the best free online punctuation checker tools that you can use to write flawless content.

However, You can use these tools to write and proofread your content. Still, I’ll also recommend you always checking your content manually because robots and Robots are not as intelligent as humans. :p

If you want to write quality content and improve your writing skills, then these tools are worth using.

Did you know, most of us are making grammatical and punctuation mistakes, and because of these errors, they can never rank on search engines.

If you read any SEO guide, then you’ll find this point there.

So, to skyrocket your rankings and to impress your readers, you should always use a grammar and punctuation checker tool that can fix all errors instantly for you. 🙂

PS: You should not entirely depend on these tools. So, after using these tools, always check it manually, whether it is 100% accurate or not. 🙂

Don’t forget to share your thoughts using the below comment section.

Thank You. Stay Blessed! 🙂


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