5 Best & Popular Posts Till 29 Feb 2016

Sorry guys these days i am too busy in my exams so i’ve not some fresh material for your blog but today we are going to Our 5 Best and Popular Posts Till 29 Feb 2015 for Blogger Blogs. These Posts are most seen in few last months.

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So as i have mentioned above in this post i am going to Giving you a quick look of the best and most  viewed posts till 29 Feb 2016 which had been posted or published on My Blogger Guides and When I think of the most helpful posts and most viewed posts that we have published so far in 2015 and till 29 Feb 2016, I get to know that I am thinking helpful posts of “all time” because My Blogger Guides was started or was created and being modified and controlled and have its existence on Blogspot since 2015.

Here, I am going to list 5 best and most popular posts of My Blogger Guides that you can browse to learn some more! Let’s move on our besties >>

No.1 5 Ways To Customize Blogger’s New Featured Post Widget!

Actually Blogger team have made another wonderful widget which they call “Featured Post” widget but don’t you think that blogger team should make it stylish? They have used CSS at only one place, e.g., on the image. To make its widget 100% (fit to the container). So in this situation what you can do or what you want. Are you want to using it. We are not. Because it has not stylished and a successful blogger always want to show pro looking widgets on their blog. So we have created 5 skins for this blogger official widget. Read and use it by clicking on below link.

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No.2 Add Stylish Contact Form To Separate Page On Blogger.

Blogger Platform Published Contact Form for their users in 2013 and many skilled blogger who has good knowledge of CSS and HTML programming gave it a new stylish look and offered their readers and other blogger users. So just like others we have designed a pro looking Contact form for Blogger users. You can use it on Separate page of blogger. Read and use it by clicking on below link.

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No.3 3 Types of Christmas Snow Falling Effect Widget for Blogger.

In this article i have shared 3 types of Snow Falling Effect With Bells widget. You can use to super charge your blog over the Christmas. With just a small piece of code you have Snow Flakes gently falling down your blog. Adding Snow Falling Effect With Bells is very simple and I’m sure it won’t disrupt the readers. You can use it anytime when you want to use but according to me you should use it on December month. If you want to use then Click on below link and read guide.

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No.4 Social Sharing Widget with Counter for Blogger.

In this article we have shared a social sharing widget which have auto counter. We all know that social sharing widget is a must have widget on our blog. As a blogger, webmaster, SEO enthusiast or ethical social network lover, we cannot forget or neglect social media. Social media play a role, sometimes as a traffic provider and other times as a factor to change the search engine rank position. Any website or blog even authority blogs like Mashable and Techcrunch can not increase the online presence without using social media properly. So if you want to use Social sharing widget on your blogger blog then read complete guide by clicking on below link.

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No.5 How To Host Self CSS and JavaScript (.Js) Files Using Google Drive.

Nowadays Hosting your file online isn’t much perfect by Free Online Hosting Sites. They usually ask for Signup and after hosting your file , they delete it after some days. Thus if you are a Blogger / Web Designer or Custom Designer then you must upload your .js [Java] files to run them on your sites or blogs or for your templates. Professional Web Designers always upload their files on such web services There are many sites which provide Free Java File Hosting but their services are a bit tough or risky. So In this article i have shared a trick by using which you can upload your files and use it totally free of cost. If you want to learn this trick then read complete article by clicking on below link.

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Our Recommended Blogger Widgets

  1. WordPress Like Floating Social Sharing Widget for Blogger with Counter.
  2. AllInOne Admin Box Widget with Social buttons and Subscription Box.
  3. Add Sticky Notification Bar To Blogger with Show/Hide Button.
  4. Stylish Contact Form For Blogger! Add to Static Page, Responsive & Pro Version.
  5. Cute & Stylish Email Popup Subscription Widget.


So above in this article i have shared our 5 best articles with all of you. Hope you like and enjoy this article. We will share more articles but you have to wait because my exams are coming very soon. so I’m busy in preparation for my exams. Thank you guys.


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