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Hoverwatch Review: – We don’t know what will happen in future with us and with our gadgets too. So, we should always care for ourselves and for gadgets. There are many things in the future which may be like losing our Android smartphone, and it can happen to anyone.

So, It’s our duty to protect our Android smartphone by using any phone tracker. The best tracking app I found for Android smartphones is Hoverwatch because it has many features that a user want. So, let’s start HoverWatch Review.

Hoverwatch Review

Here comes app which is known as best spy software for android smartphones. Let me introduce this app if you don’t know about it.

What is Hoverwatch?

Hoverwatch is a spy software which can record all activities which are going on your Android smartphone. It is also known as . Hoverwatch also can spy on Windows devices, and it is specially developed for those who want to save their child and loved ones from bad activities.

If your kids are using your Android smartphone or you want to spy on your wife, then this spy software is perfect for you. People are calling it digital spy software because it is capable of recording all activities like on which place he/she is and what he/she is doing.

It does not matter GPS is on or off because it can track the location even GPS is off. So, why don’t you want to give it a try? Just download it and try it yourself. 🙂

Supportable Devices to Hoverwatch

I called it world’s best spy software, right? Yes, it is because it is sustainable to almost every operating system and device. Below is the list of operating systems that are supportable to this phone tracking software. 🙂

  1. Android – Hoverwatch is supportable to each Android smartphone if it is above than 4.x version.
  2. Windows – If you want to use this spying software on your Windows device, then you can because it is also supportable with this operating system. You can use it from Windows Vista to 10 but don’t forget to give administrator permission while installing it on your device.
  3. Mac – Just like as Windows, in Mac you also have to give administrator permissions, and version should be OS X, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11, and 10.12.

Hoverwatch Features

Hoverwatch is the best spying app I have ever found that’s why I came up with this Hoverwatch Review. You can use this app to spy on anyone like your spouse or your girlfriend.

The user can use the surveillance software and then you can see what your victim is actually doing. You can get all data that will pass through your victims’ data easily, so it makes Hoverwatch the best spying software in its competition.

With this app, you can keep an eye on your kids and employees to check what they are doing, and this thing is not just for fun. If you are spying on your employees then you have to inform them about it, just don’t kill their privacy.

The main thing about this app is that it is multi-functional and a universal tracking application which makes it quite efficient for monitoring. This app performs better than other, and it provides all sophistic methods of all ranges.

1. Parental control

This app can help you to protect your kids, and this app can perform as an invisible phone tracker. This app just provides tracking on Android phones. Providing a right amount of access to things to your kids is a good idea, but you have to make sure that they don’t misuse it or take it in a wrong way.

This app will help you to cover that safety feature for you kid. With this app, you can get a track of your children and can check who is calling or texting them all time also can spy what they are doing. Using this app, you will find what your kids are doing while you are not at home.

Using this app, you will find what your children are doing while you are not at home. You can install this app you can monitor what they keep doing on their smartphone or on their computer, you will get an online panel which will allow you access to all these things.

“If you’re looking for a great alternative to Play store, do check out the , which is one of the best android app market out there.”

2. Track location of the device

The most important feature of this app is that you can locate your victim’s device with it. This is the most necessary and exciting thing for tracking someone.

You can quickly know where your child is or your girlfriend is with someone else. This will make your life tension free after getting the satisfaction of checking their location. Also, another great feature of this app is that it will automatically save the old visited location as history and it will be available for you anytime you need.

This can be the best thing because you can’t keep checking that where your kid is, so saving their location and checking it in your free time makes this app convenient. You can know where your child was few minute ago.

3. Monitoring your employees

Hoverwatch is not just useful for tracking your kids or girlfriend; it is also helpful for those who have a bunch of employees. This app is perfect to have an eye on your employees. As a business administrator or owner, you must know what your employees are doing. But make sure you don’t kill their privacy with this. This app is capable of tracking your employee’s phone calls and their text messages which will allow you to find how much time they actually work or what they do in your absence.

Sometimes this tool will be useful to find some threats in your company, and it will help you to reduce the expenses of your business because the devices you allotted to your employees are now just for office work. There won’t be any personal usage after this.

4. Spy media accounts

This app is fantastic because you can also track social media account with this. You can spy on apps or sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. to make sure they are not doing anything wrong. This is one of the best features for parents because these things are the only one who really needs to be monitored because a child can spoil its life if it gets on the wrong path due to social media and other things.

5. Start front camera

This app can turn on the front camera and can start taking pictures automatically without even informing the user about it also it can send to the user panel if needed. You can always see what your child is doing or with whom he is spending time.

6. Tracking web browser

With this tool, you can also check what your victim does on his web browser. You can find the list of URL and some information about it using this app quickly.

Hoverwatch Cost Price Details

I’m writing HoverWatch Review so, it’s my duty to share everything about this best Android smartphone tracking app. As this app is not totally free, you need to buy it before using it and cost of Hoverwatch is given below.

This app has three variants. The first one is free demo mode. You can use the demo version to check how it is and try some basic features of the app. Then further there are two paid versions which you can select for this.

The first one is for personal use which will cost you at $8.33 per month and help you to monitor a single device. This plan is useful for those who have children or if you want to spy on your girlfriend.

The second plan is like a family plan which will cost you lesser because you have to buy it for multiple devices. It costs around $3.33 per month for each device you connect to it.

The Price of Hoverwatch

“You can try Hoverwatch via a subscription that will cost you $8.33 USD per month for personal use and for the family it will cost you $3.33 USD per month for each device you connect.”

Hoverwatch Cost

In the family plan, you can cover five devices, and it will be the best plan for those who own or manage a company or those who have many kids or many persons to spy on them. Both the plans are worth buying and are feature loaded.

Over to You!

So, this is my honest Hoverwatch Review, and I hope you guys will like this Android smartphone tracking app. I’ve shared each and everything about it like as its cost pricing plans, features, and many other details about it.

If you have any query regarding this Smartphone tracking app, then do let me know, please. I’ll surely answer all of your queries. Don’t forget to share this Hoverwatch Review article with your friends and relatives so that they can also use it. Thank You. 🙂


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