11 Best Blogging Platforms To Start A Successful Blog (2021)

Best Blogging Platforms To Start A Successful Blog – 

Helping someone is the best act of kindness that you do for unknown pupils.

Ahh, how can you help someone online? There are plenty of ways to guide, support, and teach them with your precious knowledge. All you need to do is putting your efforts into your work.

Do you know what I’m talking about here?


Okay, let me tell you…

best blogging platforms

I’m talking about Blogging, a way to share your experience and knowledge to your site visitors who visit your site for the sake of learning something unique, which they know before.

This article is going to help both professional and newbie bloggers. Newbie bloggers can get an idea of what platform they have to use for making a successful blog. And, professionals may not know about all the platforms which I’m going to share below.

Let me clear you that what the heck is a blog?

What Is A Blog?

best blogging platforms

The blog is adding the latest information regularly in a controversial style which is running by individually or handful group. They are updating their blog daily by adding the most recent data, which depends on your selected niche. Nowadays, everyone has a blog for an online business point of view.

That’s why we think about why not giving several choices to newbie bloggers that what they can choose one of them for grabbing their business online.

Here is the list of 11 best blogging platforms in 2021:

You will find below the number of top blogging platforms to choose from.

Have a look at this list of best blogging platforms where you can start a successful blog;

1. WordPress.org

best blogging platforms

WordPress.org is one of the most excellent blogging platforms among the numbers of platforms that can be download on your PC.

This is a bit different from WordPress.com. But believe me, self-hosted WordPress.org is better than WordPress.com because of owing all contents by yourself while WordPress.com doesn’t allow.

Here’s the quick view about WordPress.org below:

WordPress.org Information

PriceThe price is nothing than $0.
HostingThere is no such hosting included because it is a downloadable version. So, you just need to download this version for using it on your personal server.

Recommended: You can also buy hosting from Bluehost and Hostgator like best wordpress hosting providers.
DomainThere is no such domain included even subdomain. As it is a downloadable version so upload it on your domain after downloading it.
Skills RequiredIt is super easy blogging platform to customize it as per your requirements. There is no need of solid/pro skills for making a blog on this platform. You just need 20 to 40 minutes to go your blog live. Even a newbie user can quickly create a blog out there.
ThemesThere are a lot of custom themes are available free and paid on the official directory of WordPress.org. You can choose any of them for making your blog like a pro.
PluginsPlenty of plugins and extensions are available on the official website. You can add extra functionalities to your blog without any fear by using such useful plugins.
Visit WordPress.org

2. Blogger.com

Best Blogging Platforms

Blogger is one of the oldest platforms which is run by Google. It is the biggest blogging platform for all bloggers who just blogging to facilitate people and earn some handsome money out there. All the things you need to do is create a Gmail account (or sign in if you have one) to create a blog.

It is just like WordPress.com, who cares the most for your bog technical issues. It is super easy to use. Let us know much more about it below:

Blogger.com Information

PriceThe price of creating the blog is nothing. Just $0.
HostingIt provides free hosting with no additional charges.
DomainWhen you create a blog out there, they provide subdomain just like wordpress.com, i.e., exaple.blogspot.com. But if you have got your own domain then you may need blogger separately.
Skills RequiredIt is not much easy than wordpress.com, but you can do it if you have some technical knowledge of HTML & CSS. But it depends on your needs and requirements that if you need any extra functionality in your theme. It is not a modern solution as wordpress.com.
ThemesYou can use default BlogSpot themes or hire a professional web designer.
PluginsThere is nothing to do with plugins and plugins are not available for blogger platform.
NoteStill, people are using this platform if they don't have domain and self-hosting. It's worth to use if you want a free blogging platform to explore your skills.
Visit Blogger.com

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3. WordPress.com

best blogging platforms

WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) platform where you can host your blog or website. This software doesn’t need to install it on your system. All the things you need to do is create an account at WordPress.com, and you are ready to go.

Let me tell you some critical points that you must know before dig into:

WordPress.com Information

PriceThey offer three plans for your hosted blog. You can choose one of them;
1. Basic Plan: $0 price is great for starting a blog
2. Professional Plan: $99 per year hosting price for your professional blog
3. Advanced Plan: $299per year price for advanced business solutions
HostingWordPress.com gives you free hosting to host your site with no additional payments.
DomainBy default, you get a subdomain of wordpress.com, but you can add your custom domain as well. If you have selected the basic free plan, then you have to pay $18 per year. For paid (professional or advanced) plan, custom domain is included.
Skills RequiredThere is no need to be a professional or an expert on this platform because it is much easier than your expectations. It's a bit easy than self-hosted WordPress version. The visual builder is available on the front screen, you can drag and drop anything which you want to build you any page. You can use any free theme and start customizing it. After building your site completely, you can post articles/blog posts on a daily basis easily.
ThemesThere are plenty of themes are available for WordPress in both paid and free. Just grab any theme from the theme store and activate on your site to customize it as per your requirements. So, you don't need any designer. It superbly free of cost if you do hard work.
PluginsIf you need any extra functionality for your site then plugins are not available on this platform except poll, comments section, etc.
NoteYou can also work on self-hosted WordPress platform where you can find multiple free and paid themes, plugins, and extensions for adding extra functionalities to your site.
Visit WordPress.com

4. Ghost.org

best blogging platforms

Ghost is the simplest version of WordPress, except for advanced features of WordPress CMS. It is a downloadable blogging platform. You can make your blog in no minutes.

The ghost becomes outdated because of WordPress and blogger platforms, both are powerful with the most advanced features and popular among all generations.

Let us discuss it more below:

Ghost.org Information

PriceThe price is nothing. It's totally free to give a try if you are working on the downloadable version. It has basically three plans just like WordPress - the hosted and pro version has got some charges. The cost depends on numbers of blogs which you run on this platform. It may cost you between $8-$200.
HostingAs I mentioned above it has mainly two type versions, if you get a downloadable version then it's up to you that what hosting provider you will choose and host your website there. On the other hand, if you get pro version then hosting is included by the ghost team.
DomainUnfortunately, the ghost doesn't provide you a subdomain just like other blogging platforms. You may get an external domain.
Skills RequiredIf you get a downloadable version, then you may be required technical skills around hosting server and codings. On the other hand, if you get a pro version then it's super easy to make a blog.
ThemesIt has a very nice library of free and paid themes to choose from one of them. Otherwise, you can get numbers of ghost themes from here.
Visit Ghost.org

5. Tumbler.com

best blogging platforms

It’s kind of social Blogging where everyone can make a free blog and do branding themselves. It lies between Twitter and WordPress, I mean a halfway house of both, but it looks more trendy than former.

In short, it’s another name is microblogging, where you can share short-form contents, images, videos, animated GIFs, and especially quotes. It helps to promote content super fast because of everyone comments and shares content.

Let’s know more about it…

Tumbler.com Information

PriceThe price is nothing. It's totally free of cost. Just need to sign in to tumbler to make multiple blogs. There is no other paid plan.
HostingIt includes free hosting with no additional charges. You can freely host your numbers of blogs easily.
DomainAfter making your blog there, you will get a subdomain of the tumbler. On the other hand, you can hook your custom domain up easily.
Skills RequiredTo run a blog on tumbler, there is no need any prior skill. You can easily make your blog there. It's kind of CMS which is easy to use.
ThemesTumbler has many themes which you can choose from, free or paid. But it has most of the paid themes.
PluginsThere are no such plugins like WordPress.
Visit Tumbler.com

6. Wix.com

best blogging platforms

Wix is an online web builder where you can make your site for free with lots of themes. It has a different style than other blogging platforms. All you need to do is sign into this site then make your site by dragging and dropping.

It provides an HTML5 platform if HTML5 matters. It’s super easy to make a site there.

Wix.com Information

PriceIn the free account, you will get 500 MB storage and 1 GB bandwidth. For premium plans, you have to visit the site.
HostingHosting is included with your every plan.
DomainYou will get subdomain after hosting your site there. Otherwise, you can get your custom domain with your site.
Skills RequiredYou don't need any prior skill for making a site on Wix. If you are totally new to this field, then you must try this because it is super easy to use. The tricky part is just blog when you come to design it. Otherwise, it is also easy because Wix gives you step by step guide.
ThemesThere are more than 500 templates to choose from one of them.
PluginsNumbers of plugins are available out there to add some extra functionalities. Even you can extend the functionalities with Wix App Market of multiple built-in features.
Visit Wix.com

7. Yola.com

best blogging platforms

Yola is also one of the best blogging platforms. It takes number 6th position on our list. Yola is similar to Wix, which is an online web builder. It is super easy to use for making your site just like a pro if you are a newbie.

Let us know more about it…

Yola.com Information

PriceIn the free plan, you will get two sites and three web pages along with 1GB bandwidth and storage. On the other hand, it has three premium plans named as, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. You guys can check its official site for more detail.
HostingHosting is included in all offered plans.
DomainYou will get subdomain with free and paid account. Otherwise, you may get a custom domain.
Skills RequiredThere is no need of a special skill to run a blog on Yola.com.
ThemesThere are numbers of customizable templates to choose from. It is super easy to use with flexible layouts and widgets that can easily drag and drop. Even you can add CSS code if you are some sort of pro.
PluginsPlugins are not available in free plans but for some other premium plans.
Visit Yola.com
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8. Weebly.com

best blogging platforms

Weebly is also one of the best blogging platforms which are known as online web builder. You can easily customize the website as per your needs by dragging and dropping the layouts and widgets.

Basically, it offers two types of websites. The one is website plans, and another one is for online eCommerce stores. Let us know more about it…

Weebly.com Information

PriceThough it's free to use if you are a newbie. Otherwise, you may select other premium plans such as Starter, Pro, and Business for making websites. For online stores, they offer 4 plans named as, Starter, Pro, Business, and Performance.
HostingHosting is included for all types of plans.
DomainBy default, you will get subdomain otherwise you can add your custom domain.
Skills RequiredYou really don't need any pro skills for creating a website. There are multiple layouts which you can choose from numbers of available layouts.
ThemesIt has free and paid themes which are easy to use.
PluginsNo plugins are included in the free plan but for premium plans.
Visit Weebly

9. Squarespace.com

best blogging platforms

Squarespace is an online website builder platform, just like Wix and Yola. The best choice to start your startup. You can use this platform to make a blog, website, and an eCommerce store.

Let us know more about it.

Squarespace.com Information

PriceYou can create a free website for the test and premium subscription will cost you $8 to $24 per month.
HostingYes, hosting is included in all plans.
DomainYou may get a custom domain to make your blog or website look more cool and better.
Skills RequiredThere is no need any prior skills to make your blog. It is ultra easy to use this platform. Just don't worry about it. Go and grab this site to make your blog and explore the web in a new way.
ThemesThere are plenty of attractive and customizable theme which you can choose one of them. You can choose the most popular theme out there.
PluginsSquarespace allows you to get multi features plugins and external plugins as well. So, you can get any of them for adding some extra functionalities to your blog.
Visit SquareSpace.com

10. Medium.com

best blogging platforms

Medium is one of the best blogging platforms, especially for writers who can publish articles, stories, and lots of stuff out there. It gradually becomes the most popular platform for all writers and bloggers.

Let us know more about it…

Medium.com Information

PriceThe price is nothing on this platform.
HostingYes, hosting is included.
DomainThere is no concept of the domain on Medium. Pupils use their own profile to update anything.
Skills RequiredNo, there is no need any skill to make your account. All the things you need to do is sign up to your account, and you are ready to go using this account for publishing stories and articles.
ThemesThere is no theme. All the users get the same design.
PluginsNo, there is no need of using plugins. The medium has great built-in features of typography.
Visit Medium.com

11. Svbtle.com

best blogging platforms

It is similar to Medium.

Svbtle describing itself as a blogging platform to think that is a fantastic idea behind this creation. Usually, the focusing bold, italic, and stylish words get the massive attention of any person to think about it.

It is best for exploring yourself out there by publishing their writing. Let us know more about it.

Svbtle.com Information

PriceFree of cost.
HostingYes, hosting is included.
DomainNo need of domain. Just publishing your content by signing into the account.
Skills RequiredNo, there is no need. It super simple to use.
ThemesNo need of it. All of the users get the same design.
PluginsThere is no need for any external plugins.
Visit SVBTLE.com

The Bottom Line

Finally, the top 10+ best blogging platforms list going to end with useful information. From my point of view, all the blogging platforms are worth to use, but WordPress and Blogspot take their position in the first place in a row.

If you do not belong to any technical background, then you must have to use WordPress.org or WordPess.com for making your personal blog. It’s easy to use.

BlogSpot platform (a very popular blogging platform) is also worth to try, but for this platform, you need to learn HTML and CSS a little bit for hosting your blog on this platform for free.

Both options are in front of you, choose it as per your skills for creating a blog to publish articles and earning some handsome amount.

Honest Suggestion: Our reasonable suggestion is to use WordPress.org. It’s pretty much easy if you are a newbie to this world. Take a risk on your own.

Recommendation: Use WordPress.org with Bluehost or HostGator for better rankings in the Google search engine.


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Hi Paramjot

I have both a WordPress and a Tumblr blog, but WordPress is the number one for me for sure. Not just the CMS it self, but also the big community around it. There is so many you can ask about WordPress Tips and so many sharing tips and ideas. Also a lot of free plugins to make your WordPress blog more fun and useful.


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