How To Add Rainbow Color Hover Effect to Links in Blogger

In previous post we have shared How To Add Newly Launched Featured Post Widget to Blogger and now in this tutorial we are going to share How To Add Rainbow Color Hover Effect to Links in Blogger? In this post i have a neat effect for the links on your blog. Using some JavaScript you can make the links on your blog change through different colors when the cursor is hovered over them. Mouse Hover effect is important on every links because whenever someone move their mouse from any link the change in color will help users to understand that their is any link behind that text. so adding hover effect on links is important. But adding hover colors differently is difficult task not possible for every who do have deep knowledge in template editing. So here is an simple and easy for everyone by simple adding JavaScript on blog you can able to give mouse hover effect on links. This is know as Rainbow Color Hover Effect.

How To Add Rainbow Color Mouse Hover Effect to Links in Blogger Blog

How It Works?

This widget works based on simple JavaScript. If anyone hovers the mouse on any links then they will see a cool seven types of color. As soon as when he hover out from that link then it will stop showing the different colors. As we have mentioned above it works based on JavaScript, Once it’s applied, all links on the page exhibit a rainbow effect on mouse hover. Now follow below step by step guide if you want to add it on your Blogger Blog. Below is demo button for this widget check it.

Mouse Hover Effect Demo


Add Rainbow Color Hover Effect to Links in Blogger

Adding rainbow color hover effect to all blogger blog’s links is very easy but for newbies it is very hard task. So for newbies we are here for teach you how to add it on blogger. Read below guide and learn.
  • Go To Blogger >> Template >> Edit HTML.
  • By pressing CTRL+F search for </head> tag.
  • Now Paste below code just above of </head> tag.

<script src=’’ type=’text/javascript’/>

  • Now save your template.
  • That’s it. Now open your blog and enjoy.


So above guide is about How To Add  Rainbow Color Hover Effect to Links in Blogger? We hope you will like this post and have learn how to add it on blogger blog. If anyhow problem persist after following all steps which we have described above in this article then drop a comment below. We will help you out of sure. Now its your turn to share this on social networking sites and don’t forget to subscribe us for getting our new articles in direct to your mailbox. Thank You.
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