Add Emojis to Blogger Posts by Official “Insert Special Characters” Option

Add Emojis to Blogger Posts by Official “Insert Special Characters” Option. – A few days ago I published an article on this topic (How to Add Emoticons/Emoji in Blogger Posts?) to give a solution to all of you. But I’m very happy to tell you that Finally Blogger has released Insert Special Characters option to add Emoji and many other special characters in blog posts.
Emojis, Emoticons, Smileys for Blog Posts
Have you noticed this feature or not? If you’ve not found this feature till now, then today I’m here to tell you how you can use this function to add emoji and many other symbols inside your blog posts without adding any single script in your template code area. The process is very easy to follow, and this article is only to announce this excellent feature with all of you. But, if you think why you should use Emojis, then I’ll give you an answer for sure, read below. 😉

Why Should You Use Emoji in Blog Posts & What are the Advantages?

Do you know, in 2013, emoji were used over 1.7+ billion times on Twitter in just five moths of the period? Emojis make us feel good because it refers particularly to the representation of an expression that people use while they’re talking face to face.

Talking face to face involves the use of non-verbal tools like facial expression and body language. People use these tools to help each other to convey the message more accurately to receive by someone else.

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But when people talk online then, they lack all those tools that we used in face to face communication. 😊 So, When someone sends you this ‘😊’ then it’s too easy for receiver’s brain to understand that you’re smiling/happy.

So, What you think now, Emojis are good or not to use in articles to make your readers feel good? According to me, using emoticons in posts is an excellent writing technique to make your loyal readers enjoyable when they read your blog posts. Let’s learn how you can use emojis and other unlimited “special characters” inside blog posts.

How to Use Blogger’s Official “Insert Special Character” Tool to Add Emojis to Blogger Posts?

    1. Login to and select your blog if you’re running more than one.
    2. Now Click on New Post option to load post editor to write your new article.
    3. Look left side of “Insert a Video” option and click on that tool.
    4. Now click on “symbol” option and select there Emoji.
    5. Here you’ll see a lot of emojis that you can use in your blog posts. See screenshot below. 💗


add smileys to blogspot, add stickers to blog posts


  1. Click on any emoji to insert in your articles.
  2. That’s it. Enjoy.

In Conclusion of Add Emojis to Blogger Posts

So above I’ve shared a newly launched “Insert Special Characters” tool to add Emojis to blogger posts along with other special characters too. I hope now you guys will enjoy this tool to add unlimited stickers in your upcoming articles without adding any single script inside template code.
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