7 Top Writing Tips For Beginners To Be Like Professionals

Wanna take your blog to next level? Wanna increase traffic for your blog? The only key for all these questions is write like a professional (Like Us.) ;) . Today in this article we are going to share some useful writing tips which can take your blog to next level and definitely increase traffic for your blog too. :) Okay now article intro is over and now comes to the point.

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Actually writing a post is just like driving. :) Now you are thinking what we are saying, Right? Yes guys writing is just like driving who is driver? you are guys. ;) Okay let me explain briefly, As to drive a car you have to be skilled in driving just like that to drive a blog you have to be skilled in writing. Have we cleared it or not? ;)

Some of newbies know they can grow up their business online but they don't know how they can do it? So for those we are here to teach them how to write like a professional using our 9 great writing tips that newbies actually want to be read. Okay. Let's start the tutorial.

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Top Writing Tips For Beginners To Be Like Professional

Before we start we want to tell you there are billion tips or you can say infinite tips available on internet about writing content strategy but we are here with only 7 solid writing tips which a newbie actually want. So lets start understanding these 7 solid writing tips.

Writing Tip No - 1 | Intro The Post

writing tips, write intro

Whenever you start a new blog post you have to write a short intro in first paragraph about the post means you have to write what you are going to share with your blog readers on that post because every readers wants to know what about your post is and what they are going to read.

Writing Tip No - 2 | Use Short Paragraphs

Short Paragraphs, Writing Tips
Are you boring your readers with writing long paragraphs? Yes guys, Reading long paragraphs feels like boring stuff to your readers and they want to leave your blog and search for any other blog who has also same content like as you with short paragraphs. So always write short paragraphs instead of longs if you don't want to lose readers. :)

Writing Tip No - 3 | Don't Use Chatting Language

Beginners Writing Tips, Don't Use Shortcuts

Sometimes a newbie start writing chatting language within the post to save their time and for write quickly but do you know it is very harmful for SEO of your blog. Chatting language is only useful when you are chatting with someone by texting or on social networking sites but not for a blog.

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Writing Tip No - 4 | Don't Make Spelling Mistakes

Spelling Mistakes, Writing Tips for Beginners

Making mistakes in spelling can also effect your blog traffic. So be sensitive to spelling mistakes like to an too, from and form, he and she, there and their. Making mistakes occasionally is not going to lose your blog readers, but making the same mistakes repeatedly effect your blog traffic. So be aware and use right spellings. :)

Writing Tip No - 5 | Properly Use lowercase & UPPERCASE Letters

Use Lowercase letters, writing tips for beginners, use uppercase letters

I think all newbies well known to "UPPERCASE" and "lowercase" letters if they joined a school and sit in front of their English teacher and just like writing on your copy it is also very important to take care of letters properly if you are doing blogging. :)

We have seen many newbies, Who are not using upper and lower letters properly. These are also consider as grammatical mistakes and "God Google" :) never like grammatical mistakes and thus your can never increase search traffic to your blog if you are not aware of these things.

Writing Tip No - 6 | Use Ordered & Unordered Lists Properly

Do you know about Ordered and Unordered list? No? Okay we will tell you. The item list which is marked with bullets is known as  unordered and the item list which is marked with numbers or letters is known as ordered list.

Use ordered lists, Unordered Lists, Writing tips

Ordered and Unordered lists are very helpful to read content easily and step by step because these lists increase readability of your content. They are useful and if you have some knowledge about CSS coding then you can customize them for giving extra ordinary look and for impressing your blog readers too.

Are you thinking when and how you should use these lists style then read below for more understanding.
  1. When you want to write several things line-by-line.
  2. When you want to write a list.
  3. If you are techie guy and running a blog who serves technical tutorials then you can also use it in your step-by-step guides.
  4. When you want to write several thing from same world.
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Writing Tip No - 7 | Run a Spelling and Grammar Checker Tool

Grammar Checker Tool, Writing Tips for Beginners

Grammatical mistake are very harmful for your blog and we will recommend you Microsoft Word because in MS Word spellchecker tool is available and if you want to use an online tool with full commands which professional blogger are using now a days then you can use Grammarly because this tool is one of the best tool available on the internet.

7 tips is over but we have a bonus for you. ) Read writing tip no - 8 too.

Bonus - Writing Tip No - 8 | Use Some Attractive Visual Content

Use Visual Material, Use Images, Writing Tips

Visual Content (Images) with texts (Message to your readers) are very helpful and if you are using some attractive images within your blog post then a thumbs up to you from google and from me too because you are going very well. So always use some images in blog post and if can then use some attractive.


So above are "7 Top Writing Tips For Beginners To Be Like Professionals" and we hope you have liked these tips. There are infinite tips for writing like professional but we only mentioned top 7 and solid writing tips from them. Did you liked it? If you liked it then don't forget to share with your blogger friends by using atleast one social profile.

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