What Should Be The Length Of An Ideal Blog Post ?

While writing a blog post the one important thing that comes to most bloggers mind is that how long should there blog post be. According to me Your blog post should be long enough to serve the main purpose of your post. If you feel that you shared what you intended to share with your audience you should stop. There is no such rule on the length of a blog post. You can share same idea in 300 words or 1000 words thats all matter of practice. Lets talk in more details about how long an ideal post should be.

Length of Blog Posts

So How Long Should Be Your Post ?

First thing to keep in mind for new bloggers is that not to fear long or short blog post since their is no rule of word count. Try to send your message in short and straight forward way. Do not write unwanted stuff in your post just to make it long. When you feel comfortable that you written what you have intended to share with your audience..Give it a Stop!

There is no word limit but try to write blog post of 500-600 words and if you blog is about technology or something that requires several post a day then your article should be short and straight forward of around 300 words each. Some time long posts are boring so its better to give your audience the main idea of your post in as simple way as possible. Also make sure that you don't write very short post as they might get ignored by your readers.

How To Organize You Blog Post ?

When writing your post make sure to organize it properly. Add relevant and eye catching graphics in your post and also separate different section of the article with suitable sub headings. Don't write your post in one single paragraph as no one likes to read such post. The more organized your article is the more readers you will attract. As you can see on our blog we always add main image for our blog post along with few other relevant images inside out post. More ever we separate our content with proper headings. Check out below tutorial to Style Subheading On your blog.

Guys if you want to know how much words you have in your blog post then use our online word counter tool from Below pink button.

Word Counter Tool

If you are still not sure about post length then check out others blog of your niche to get clear idea. Get inspired from others blog. Learn from the professionals ansd act like one.


So above is all about What Should Be The Length Of An Ideal Blog Post ? This post is just written for the blogging beginners for suggest him that how can you become famous. I hope you will like this post if yes then please don't forget to share it with others.
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