19 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Blogger Post Editor

Bloggers always look for new tricks and tweaks related to blogging and we keep on helping you in that by sharing some of the awesome tricks and tweaks of Bloggers. Keeping the same trend on, we are sharing some useful keyboard shortcuts which not only save your time but would make the job lot easier. These keyboard shortcuts will help you out in easing your work and you can perform different sort of task in seconds with the help of these keyboard shortcuts. In this article, we will show you 19 useful keyboard shortcuts for Blogger post editor.

So, here are the list of these awesome keyboard shortcuts which you can use on Blogger and ease out your work. We all know that keyboard shortcuts let us to perform different task without wasting much time and that is the reason we are sharing this list here for you in order to save your time. And, we all know that in blogging, “Time is Money”.

ShortcutsFunction & How to Apply
Ctrl + CIt will copy the selected text. First select the text and then apply the shortcut.
Ctrl + VIt will paste the coped text.
Ctrl + ZIt will undo the deleted or erased text.
Ctrl + YIt will redo the undo text.
Ctrl + XIt will redo the undo text.
Crl + BIt will bold the selected text. Select the text and then apply this shortcut.
Crl + AIt will select the complete page.
Crl + SIt will auto-save your post and you can keep on editing at the same time.
Crl + UIt will underline the selected text. First select the specific text and then use this shortcut.
Crl + IIt will italicize the selected text. First select the text and then use this shortcut.
Crl + KIt will insert hyperlink to selected text. First select the text and then insert the link into it.
TabIt will change the bullets into sub-bullets.
Tab + ShiftIt will add levels between bullets and levels, (Use to remove the bullets or numbers). First select the text and then use this shortcut.
Ctrl + FIt will give you a search which you can use to find any phrase oe sentence in your post.
Ctrl + Shift + MIt will convert your Blogger Post Editor to Mobile View.
Ctrl ++ (Press + Twice)It will zoom in the blogger post editor.
Ctrl -- (Press - Twice)It will zoom out the blogger post editor.
Ctrl + 0It will change the screen to default size.
Ctrl+Shift+VIt will paste the copied item without formatting.

So, this was the list of 19 useful keyboard Shortcuts for blogger post editor, we are sure that this would have been proven helpful for you guys. We have updated this list by including some of the new shortcuts and we personally have checked all these shortcuts before sharing them with you.

If you have any other shortcut to share which we have not included then share them in the comment box. Your share would be helpful for our readers out there.

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