How To Invite All Friends To Like Facebook Page By One Click 2015

Now Days Billion of peoples use Facebook and also a awesome App Is Facebook Page to Show himself like as a brand and this trick is about How To invite all friends to like page by one click 2015. There are many method avialable on internet regarding this, but now due to random changes in facebook these method does not work in 2014. So, are you going to invite your friends by clicking onn individual friend ? what if you have 5000 friends ?
So, if you inviting everyone by clicking then it means you are going to click 5000 times. It will waste your time. Therefore, by using my method you can invite your all friends by single click.So, Lets start this :-

        How To invite all friends to like page by one click 2015.


  1. First of all open the Chrome Web browser. After it you have to download and enable a extension from chrome web store named Facebook Friend Inviter.
  2. Now log in to your facebook account. After that you have to open your page on which you want to invite your friends.
  3. Now you have to click on See all On right top corner as shown below.
  4. After that a pop up windows will open that showing your friends. Now you have to scroll down untill all your friend are loaded.
  5. Now you have to just run the extension by click on the icon on menu bar.
  6. After this you will see following message. That’s it you are done !
NOTE : If you are facing page unresponsive error then just click on Wait button.
Here are the best facebook tricks 2015 like How To invite all friends to like page by one click 2015. I hope this post helped you. If you are facing any problem just comment below. Feel free to sharewith your loved once.