Jul 22, 2015

Top 17 Best SEO Responsive Blogger Templates - 2015


Responsive Blogger Templates are merely used for media devices like mobile phones and tablets because simple blogger templates are not compatible or we can say that the template or blog design are not show properly on the mobile devices or not adjustable for media devices. So responsive designs are made for these devices, with the responsive templates or design we don't have to scroll left or right side, it will show properly fit on your mobile or tablet screen and you can see posts properly and you don't have to scroll any side. Responsive designs are fit according to the screen or can adjustable according to the devices. Suppose If the user use mobile phone to see your web site or blog then your blog design will adjust according to the mobile screen. Mostly users are uses internet on their mobile phones or tablets So if you have not a responsive design for your blog then may be it will effect on your AdSense earning or CTR (Click Through Rate). Sometimes it will difficult to find suchresponsive blogger templates, most of them are premium and So it will become more difficult to find free responsive blogger templates, but don't worry here we collect some free responsive blogger templates which are fully responsive , SEO friendly, neat and clean, fastest loading and well coded.

1. Brand Mag UX Responsive Blogger Template

Key Feautures: 
  • It has a two column and 1 slider and 4 footer column 
  • SEO friendly Template 
  • Fully responsive design 
  • 3D image slider 
  • Automatic summary and auto read more , Sticky navigation bar and Ad Friendly

2. Copyblogger v2 Responsive Blogger Template                                                  



                                        Live Demo      Download 

Key Features: 
  • Simple Design
  • Fully Responsive Template
  • SEO Optimized and Ad Friendly 
  • Fast loading Template
  • 2 Drop down Menus

3. Elice Responsive Blogger Template 

Key Features: 
  • Neat and Clean and well coded Design 
  • Fully Responsive  Blogger Template
  • Ad Friendly and well SEO optimized
  • Fast loading Template
  • Responsive  Menu Bar
  • Custom Forms

4. All Tech Buzz Responsive Blogger Template 


Live Demo      Download 

Key Features:
  • Fully Responsive Blogger Template
  • SEO Optimized and well coded 
  • Responsive 4 column stylish footer 
  • Sticky Post  Feature 
  • Conditionally Loaded Social Subscription buttons and scripts

5. Superhero Responsive Blogger Template 


Key Features:
  • Simple and Beautiful Layout 
  • 2 column Magazine style blogger template
  • Featured content slider 
  • Navigation menus 
  • Full responsive design 
  • Neat and well coded design 


6. Elite Minima Responsive Blogger Template 

Key Features:
  • 2 columns, right sidebar, 3 footer columns 
  • Navigation menu
  • Fixed read more with thumbnails
  • Well coded and SEO friendly Blogger template
  • Neat and clean 
  • Fully responsive Blogger Template 

7. Exelencia Responsive Blogger Template

Key Features:
  • Magazine Style blogger template
  • Fully responsive blogger template 
  • left sidebar and 2 columns 
  • Elegant look and slide sidebar 
  • Custom light box , well coded and SEO friendly

8. Sevida Responsive Blogger Template 


Key Features:
  • Fully Responsive Blogger Template
  • Featured Post with Image Slideshow
  • Two View Mode (List and Grid)
  • SEO optimized
  • Neat and clean and well coded design 
  • Uses Ajax features

9. Max Mag Responsive Blogger Template 


Live Demo      Download 

Key Features:
  • Adapted from WordPress
  • Magazine Style
  • Threaded commenting system, related posts, Ads Friendly
  • SEO Friendly and well coded 
  • Fully Responsive Blogger Template
  • Featured Posts 
  • Sticky drop down menu 

10. Sensational Responsive Blogger Template


Key Features:
  • 2 Column and 1 sidebar 
  • Adapted from WordPress
  • Magazine Style ,White, 4 Column footer
  • SEO Friendly and well coded design
  • 100% responsive design 
  • Sticky menu bar 
  • Social icon widgets 

11. Chronicle Responsive Blogger Template  


Key Features:
  • SEO Friendly and neat & clean template
  • Beautiful and smooth Layout
  • Stylish Social Sharing Widget
  • Fast Loading template
  • Adapted from Wordpress
  • stylish menu bar 

12. Awesome Mag Responsive Blogger Template 


Key Features:
  • 3 column template
  • SEO Optimized for both on-page and off-page SEO
  • Fully responsive blogger template 
  • Stylish and big drop down menu 
  • 4 column footer , elegant look 
  • Ads Friendly and smooth layout

13. Sorbet Responsive Blogger Template 


                                          Live Demo     Download

Key Features:
  • 1 sidebar , 2 columns 
  • Adapted from WordPress
  • Elegant look and Fixed width , magazine style 
  • Fully responsive blogger template
  • Navigation bar 
  • Stylish menu and beautiful social widgets 

14. Sight Responsive Blogger Template 


Key Features:
  • Fully Responsive blogger template
  • SEO Friendly and well coded
  • Ads Ready , wooden design 
  • Smooth and Clean Layout
  • 3 Columns design
  • 1 Right SideBar
  • Social Buttons
  • Social Sharing widgets

15. Real Mag Responsive Blogger Template


                                        Live Demo      Download

Key Features:
  • Built in widgets 
  • 100% responsive blogger template
  • Automatic Featured post
  • SEO optimized 
  • 4 column footer , drop down menu 
  • Email Subscription widget

16. Personal Mag Responsive Blogger Template 


                                         Live Demo      Download 
Key Features:
  • Clean responsive blogger template 
  • 4 columns footer 
  • Elegant look and smooth design 
  • Ad friendly and well coded design 
  • Fixed Layout 
  • SEO friendly , neat & clean design 

17. Metro Classic Responsive Blogger Template 


Live Demo      Download 

Key Features:
  • 100% responsive blogger template 
  • SEO friendly and well optimized on page and off page SEO 
  • Magazine Style , 2 column template
  • Threaded commenting 
  • Compatible with all browsers 
  • Well coded design 

I hope you like all the above listed templates and for any kind of credit removal and any other changes done on user side. We only provide template available publicly.

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